Ethical Challenges as we approach the end of the Human Genome Project

Editor: Darryl R.J. Macer, Ph.D.
Eubios Ethics Institute 1998.

Copyright 2000, Eubios Ethics Institute
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2-8 Introduction to the genome projects - Darryl Macer, Director IUBS Bioethics Program, Japan

9-19 Genetics and the common good- Ann Lewis Boyd, Hood College, USA and Ole Doering, Institute of Asian Affairs, Germany

20-33 Genes, diversities and Peoples of India - Partha Majumder, Indian Statistical Institute, India

34-47 The genome project from the view of South America -Genoveva Keyeux, Member, IUBS Bioethics Committee, Columbia

47-63 The Catholic moral tradition and the genome project and diversity project - John Fleming, Southern Cross Bioethics Institute, Australia

64-68 A Confucian perspective on ELSI: Genetic determinism, eugenics and gene therapy - Lee Shui Chuen, National Central University, Taiwan

68-77The human genome project and health policy - Robert H. Blank, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

78-85 Protecting genetic difference - Michael S. Yesley, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA

85-92 Great leaps forward? The Human Genome Project and sustainable agriculture - Brewster Kneen, Ram's Horn, Canada

93-106 The genome project and public education - Marcus Longley & Rachel Iredale, Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care, UK

107-121 What the genome project means for society (conclusion) - Darryl Macer

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