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Topical list of News in Bioethics and Biotechnology
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Page, and titles of papers

177 Editorial: Membership of Eubios Ethics Institute - Darryl Macer

178-183 Cybofree - Cyborgs, Fantasy, Reality, Ethics and Education (FREE) - V.R. Manoj and Jayapaul Azariah

183, 10 pages On-line appendix on technical issues of cyborgs

184-9 Teaching Bioethics in Two Cultures, Thailand and USA - Ann Lewis Boyd and Ole Doering

189-191 Education of Medical Ethics at Istanbul and Uludag Universities, Turkey - A.D.Erdemir and O.Oncel

191-5 Re-Creation of Nature as an Appropriate Means for Biosecurity - Baby Joseph and M. Selvanayagam

195-6 Children Competency and donor's prior declaration: Commentary on Morioka - Alireza Bagheri

196 Reply to Alireza Bagheri - Masahiro Morioka

Mystical Bioethics Network
196-197 The Monotheism-Polytheism Discussion: Commentary on Verma, Saxena, Gold, Morioka and Azariah - Frank J. Leavitt

IAB Genetics & Bioethics Network: On-line

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Methods in genetic epidemiology, international bioethics initiatives, and ELSI implications of genetic testing

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