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Topical list of News in Bioethics and Biotechnology
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1 Editorial - Darryl Macer

2-9 Towards the Bioethics of Individual's Health: Introduction of the Cosmist Philosophical Fundamentals - Konstantin S. Khroutski

9-11 Prescription for Life in the Universe - R. N. Sharma

11-15 Corporations and the Cause of Environmental Protection - Napoleon M. Mabaquiao, Jr.

15 Commentary on Mabaquiao - Masahiro Morioka

15-18 Tradition and Conservation in Northeastern India: An Ethical Analysis - Abhik Gupta and Kamalesh Guha

19-21 Cancer Disclosure from Recent Medical Malpractice Cases in Japan-Sumiko Takanami

21-25 Clinical Ethics Discussion: Should a physician be allowed to prescribe psychotropic drugs for a delusional patient without explicit explanation regarding diagnosis and treatments? Commentary by Koichiro Itai; Commentary by Atsushi Asai; The Need For Due Process in Psychiatric Ethics: Commentary on Itai and Asai - Frank (Yeruham) Leavitt

26-30 Stories from the Bioscience Ethics Classroom: Under- graduate students' perceptions of their learning - Wilhelmina Van Rooy and Irina Pollard

30 Legal Aspects of Human Cloning - A Reaction to Spranger - Verma

30-31 Erratum: (references)

The UNESCO Declaration as a tool to bring together the Biology and the Law departments at the University of Cergy-Pontoise
- F. Hardy*, C. Bourdon# and G. Kutukdjian#
* (to whom correspondence should be addressed.)
University of Cergy-Pontoise
departement de Biologie, E.R.M.E.C.E.
U.F.R. Sciences et Techniques - site de St Martin
2, rue Adolphe Chauvin, BP 222 Pontoise
95 302 Cergy-Pontoise Cedex, FRANCE
#University Jean Moulin LYON III
#Bioethics Unit, UNESCO, Paris
Paper appeared in EJAIB 10 (2000), 154-157.
The authors would like to add the following references. They apologize for the delay, and thank the editor for accepting this belated erratum.
(References have been added to the on-line version Ed.)
- Birth of the universal declaration for the human genome and the human rights (1999), Ed. UNESCO.
- Declaration for the human genome and the human rights (UNESCO) .
Adopted, unanimously and by acclamation, on November 11th 1997 by the UNESCO General Conference (October 21st - November 12th 1997).
Adopted, on December 9th 1998 by The United Nations, at its 53rd session, through the Resolution 53/152.
- Drano, G. (1994) - Drano, G. (1994) Salut TalusSalut Talu Ed. Rougerie.
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- One question asked by an anthropologist to Dr Montagnier in the UNESCO - One question asked by an anthropologist to Dr Montagnier in the UNESCO 21st Century Talks Century Talk series, on December 16th 1998. The theme was was What will we suffer from in the 21th centuryWhat will we suffer from in the 21th century? Science and the Challenge of Emerging and Re-emerging diseases.
- Singer M. and Berg P. (1991) - Singer M. and Berg P. (1991) Genes & GenomesGenes & Genome Ed. University Sciences Books.
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Dr. G. Hugh Browton
Sun House, Saxmundham Road
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Aldeburgh IP15 5DD

Dr. Ana Borovecki
Stampar School of Public Health
School of Medicine
University of Zagreb
Rockellerova 4,
10 000 Zagreb,

Dr Richard Evanoff
1933-8 Hazama-Cho
Hachioji-Shi, Tokyo 193, Japan
Environmental ethics, intercultural ethics

Dr. Abhik Gupta
Dept. of Ecology
Assam University
Silchar 788011
Assam, INDIA

Dr. Nicole M. Johnson
1110 South East Ave
Baltimore, Maryland 21224-5010,

Mr. Prem Kaidi
Journalist/Dept. Chief of the Journalism
< Advance Academy College
Pulchowk, Lalitpur

Dr. Bede N. Okigbo
P.O. Box 1685
Awka, Anambra State,

Prof. Maria Cristina R. Pinto
Faculdade medicina de Lisboa
Rua Amilcar Cabral No. 21-R/C gHh
1750-018 Lisbon,

Dr. Tade Matthias Spranger
Institute fur Offentliches Recht der Universitat Bonn
Adenaueralle 24-42
D-53113, Bonn, GERMANY
Biotechnology law, patent law

Dr Sandra Thomas
Nuffield Council on Bioethics
Nuffield Foundation
28 Bedford Square

Dr K.K. Verma2001C
HIG 1/327, Housing Board Colony
Borsi, Durg (M.P.) 491001,
Human behaviour and religion

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