Human Genome Research and Society
Proceedings of the Second International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui, 20-21 March, 1992.

Editors: Norio Fujiki, M.D. & Darryl R.J. Macer, Ph.D.

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Lists of Committee Members and Co-sponsoring Organisations

The Second International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui: Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of Human Genome Research, was held in the Phoenix Plaza, Fukui, March 20-21, 1992. It was organised by the Organising Committee listed below under the auspices of the:

Working Group on ELSI, Study Group of Human Genome Research, Ministry of Education, Japan
Fukui Medical School, Japan
International Association of Human Biologists

Supported by:
United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation
World Health Organisation
Council for International Organisations of Medical Sciences
Ministry of Education, Japan
Fukui Prefectural Government
Fukui International Association
Fukui Municipal Government
Fukui Convention Bureau


Department of Internal Medicine and Medical Genetics, Fukui Medical School, Shimoaizuki, Matsuokacho, Fukui 910-11, JAPAN.
Tel: 0776-61-3111 Ext. 2300, FAX 0776-67-8110

Honorary Members
Dr. Federico Mayor, Director-General, UNESCO
Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, Director-General, WHO
Dr. Zbigniew Bankowski, Executive Secretary, CIOMS
Dr. James B. Wyngaarden, Foreign Secretary, US National Academy of Sciences
Prof. Victor A. McKusick, Former Director, HUGO
Prof. Jean Dauseet, President, MURS France
Professor D. Charleton Gajdusek, Director, Laboratory of Nervous Disease Studies, NIH, USA
Professor Itaru Watanabe, Emeritus Professor, Keio University Medical School
Professor Michio Okamoto, President, MURS Japan,
Director, International Institute for Advanced Studies
Professor Kenichi Fukui, Director, Institute of Fundamental Chemistry
Dr Wataru Mori, Member, Cabinet Council of Science and Technology

Organising Committee Members
Professor Kanji Torizuka, President, Fukui Medical School
Professor Kenichi Matsubara, Chairman, Ministry of Education Study Group of Human Genome Research
Director, Center for Molecular & Cellular Biology, Osaka University
Vice President, Human Genome Organisation
Professor Norio Fujiki, Chairman, ELSI Working Group of the Study Group of Human Genome Research, the Ministry of Education
President, International Association of Human Biologists
Professor, Fukui Medical School
Dr. Victor Bulyzhenkov, Hereditary Diseases Program, World Health Organisation
Professor Kazumasa Hoshino, President, Japan Society of Bioethics
Director, International Bioethics Research Center, Kyoto Women's University
Professor Fumimaro Takaku, Director, National Medical Center
Professor Keiko Nakamura, Professor, Faculty of Human Sciences, Waseda University
Professor Ei Matsunaga, Emeritus Professor, National Institute of Genetics
Professor Hiraku Takebe, Director, Institute of Radiation Biology, Kyoto University

Professor Koichiro Kishi, Vice Chairman and Professor of Legal Medicine, Fukui Medical School
Professor Tatsu Yamamoto, Vice Chairman and Professor of Ethics, Fukui Medical School
Treasurer: Dr. Yoshihiro Kohli, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Fukui Medical School
Secretary: Dr Mikio Hirayama, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Fukui Medical School

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