Eubios Ethics Institute, University of Tsukuba, IUBS welcome you to the:

Bioethics and Informed Choice:
Seventh International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable (TRT7) 15-18 February, 2002

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TRT7 will continue in the tradition of TRTs as a cross-cultural looking at current issues of Asian and International Bioethics. This meeting will try to examine the applicability of informed choice as a relationship between the public and professionals (e.g. health professionals, scientists). This is an interesting question, espeically in Asian cultures. As in recent TRT meeting we expect to have about 50 foreign scholars with 40 Japanese scholars in an informal atmosphere. Please note that the talks will be for ten minutes followed by lengthy discussion.

Please let me know your intentions by checking the following boxes and returning by Email, fax or airmail. Following that the details will be updated on this www site at the Eubios home page, and in coming issues of EJAIB.

Hope to welcome you again,

Darryl Macer (August, 2001)

Please submit an abstract and suggest a session that is most appropriate:

15 February
am. Bioethics and Informed Choice
pm. Ethical Dilemmas of Biotechnology and Genetics

16 February
am. Cross-Cultural Global Bioethics and Informed Choice
pm. Ethical Dilemmas of Medical Genetics and Reproduction

17 February
am. How to apply informed choice in the clinic across cultures
pm. Bioethics Education and Informed Choice

18 February
am. Environmental Ethics
pm. Preparing a TRT Statement on Bioethics in Asia

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