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Topical list of News in Bioethics and Biotechnology
List is complete since 1991 in 35 topics. News from 1991-1993 are in the OLD news files, and from 1994 in the NEW files.

Page, and titles of papers

193 Editorial: Asian-Europe Dialogue -Darryl Macer

193-194 Introduction: the ASEAN-EU LEMLIFE Project - Soraj Hongladarom

194-197 Asian Bioethics Revisited: What is it?, and is there such a Thing? - Soraj Hongladarom

197-199 Human Cloning & Embryonic Stem Cell Research: A View from Theravada Buddhist Morality - Somparn Promta

199-203 Access & benefit sharing in population based research: Indirect benefit sharing as a model of regulation - Jrgen Simon & Cristina Blohm-Seewald

203-208 IPR and the Controversy between Developed and Developing Countries: Is It Ethical to Take Care for Animals' Suffering but to Forget the Needs of Humans for Survival? - Carlos Mara Romeo-Casabona

208-211 Global Institutionalization of Governance of Biotechnology and Universality of Ethical Principles - Minakshi Bhardwaj

211-213 Organ donation as an ethical imperative - Nikolaus Knoepffler

213-214 The German Stem Cell Law: Contents and Criticism - Brigitte Jansen / Jrgen Simon

214-216 Religion and opinion about reproductive human cloning - Joakim Hagelin

216-218 Ethical Issues of Clinical Teaching in Chinese Hospitals: Informed consent is of great significance to clinical teaching - Xiaoyang Chen and Tongwei Yang

218-222 Challenge of Technocracy: Lessons from AUM - Stefano Fait

Proceedings of the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference newly published.

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ABA Membership List updates (2004)
ABA Membership

Results of the 2004 ABA Board elections (Not in printed version, to appear in January 2005 printed edition).

Following the call for candidates in September issue of EJAIB, and in Email to all registered ABA members, There was only one candidate for each available Board position so no election was necessary. The Board positions from mid-November 2004 are:
President elect: Sang-yong Song (South Korea)
Vice President for China: Xiaomei Zhai
Vice President for India: Jayapaul Azariah
Vice President for Japan: Noritoshi Tanida
Vice President for Korea: Un-Jong Pak
Vice President for West Asia (West of India): Sahin Aksoy (Turkey)
Vice-President for South Asia (East of India, excluding other named regions): Leonardo de Castro (Philippines)
Vice President for Asian Ethnic and Religious Minorities (e.g. Jews, Kurds, other ethnic groups or religious minorities): Frank Leavitt (Israel)
Secretary: Darryl Macer (New Zealand/Thailand/Japan)

In addition Hyakudai Sakamoto (Japan) is an honorary Board member as Founding President, and the current President until mid-November 2004 is Qiu Renzong (China).

For those attending the IAB7 World Congress of Bioethics in Australia please look for an announcement of an ABA meeting during that Congress, time and location yet to be decided. Note that the Australiasian Bioethics Association also uses the abbreviation ABA, so please do not confuse the two! All Board members, new and old, and members and observers will be welcome.

Change of dates of Sixth Asian Bioethics Conference, 14-18 November, 2005, Sanliurfa, Turkey. Contact:

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Please attend the network meeting at the IAB7 meeting in Sydney.

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