pp. 186-187 in Bioethics for the People by the People, Darryl R. J. Macer, Ph.D., Eubios Ethics Institute 1994.

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International Bioethics Survey Data Tables


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187 1. International Bioethics Survey Team

2. Occupation of samples

188 3. Sample Characteristics

190 4. General science and technology attitudes (Q1)

192 5. Awareness of developments in science and technology (Q5)

193 6. Perceptions of benefit (Q6) or risk (Q7), and open comments about S & T

199 7. Concerns about consuming foods made from GMOs (Q13,14)

200 8. Reasons given for feelings about foodstuffs made from GMOs (Q14)

202 9. Acceptance of gene therapy for specific cases (Q28)

204 10. Approval of environmental release of GMOs (Q31)

205 11. Reasons cited in open questions for gene therapy (Q26, 27)

206 12. Reasons cited in open questions for genetic screening (Q16, 17)

207 13. Privacy of Genetic Information and HIV status (Q21)

14. Risk perception (Q18)

208 15. Feelings towards people with genetic and mental diseases, and AIDS

(Q20, Q22, Q25).

210 16. Do you know anyone who has a genetic disease? (Q19)

17. Do you know anyone who has, or has had, a mental disease? (Q24)

211 18. Interest in science and technology (Q3)

19. Benefit/risk of science and technology (Q4)

20. Support for patenting (Q30)

212 21. Trust in authorities (Q29)

22. Genetic engineering and cross species gene transfer (Q9-12)

213 23. Reasoning about genetic engineering examples (Q9-12)

214 24. Attitude sources (Q8)

25. Environmental attitudes (Q2)

215 26. Nature is? (Q15)

27. Life is? (Q32)

The data presented here was obtained with the contributions of many people. The principle persons are listed in Table 1, with additional persons listed in individual country chapters. The categorisation of responses was made by Darryl Macer (D.M.), with the exception of Japanese samples which were assigned by Yuko Kato, and teachers by Yukiko Asada (Y.A.), Shiro Akiyama (S.A.), Miho Tsuzuki (M.T.); the Russian public by Vijay Kaushik; and Thai samples by Peerasak Srivines and Prasert Chatwachirawong. The Japanese comments from the International Bioethics Survey were translated by Yuko Kato, and the comments on bioethics from the high school survey in Japan were translated by Yukiko Asada and Nobuko Macer. Additional people who helped distribute the surveys are included in the acknowledgements in each country.

187-205: Statistical Results Data Tables 1-10

206-215: Statistical Results Data Tables 11-27

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