Bioethics is Love of Life: An Alternative texbook

Darryl R. J. Macer, Ph.D.
Eubios Ethics Institute

Copyright 1998, Darryl R. J. Macer. All commercial rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced for limited educational or academic use, however please enquire with the author.


To those who give me love for a minute, a week, for eternity; and those whom I give love to, for a second, a day, a lifetime. Love gives and takes.


1-7: 1. Love as a common basis for life

1.1. Love of life
1.2. Bioethics
1.3. Outline for love

8-20: 2. What is love?

2.1. The ideal of love
2.2. Quotations on love
2.3. Love: a word in every language?

21-39: 3. Theories of bioethics and love

3.1. Theories of bioethics
3.2. Love in theories of bioethics
3.3. Academic snobbery
3.4. Love as a basis for bioethics

40-60: 4. Love of our own life

4.1. Autonomy and self-love
4.2. Love of our own life and selfishness
4.3. Eros and self-love
4.4. Self love and the quality of life
4.5. Love and conscience

61-84: 5. Love, culture and relationships

5.1. Culture as a system of loving individuals
5.2. Systems of bioethics in different cultures
5.3. Limits to freedom
5.4. Universal ethics and love

85-105: 6. No boundaries to love, and animals

6.1. What is a person and autonomy
6.2. Evolution of altruism and love
6.3. Ethical limits of animal use

106-130: 7. Love of nature and environmental ethics

7.1. Is there love of life?
7.2. Images of nature as a whole
7.3. What is the integrity of nature?
7.4. Human needs in nature and sustainability

131-149: 8. Universality of bioethics

8.1. Love is a universal goal
8.2. Global ethics starts at home
8.3. Love as a decision-guider

150-156: References

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Macer, Darryl R.J. (Darryl Raymund Johnson), 1962-
Bioethics is Love of Life: An Alternative Textbook / Darryl R.J. Macer.
Christchurch, N.Z. : Eubios Ethics Institute, 1998.
1 v.
Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
ISBN 0-908897-13-8
1. Bioethics. 2. Environmental ethics. 3. Love. 4. Justice. 5. Medical Ethics. I. Eubios Ethics Institute. II. Title.

Key Words: Animal Rights, Autonomy, Biodiversity, Bioethics, Biotechnology, Environmental Ethics, Eugenics, Justice, Life, Love, Medical Ethics, Nature, Sustainable.

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