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The Ethics Committee of the Japan Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology approved a revision to its guidelines to allow the use of fertilized eggs, left unused after fertility treatment, to obtain stem cells; and rejects surrogacy (18 December, 2001)
Japan is tagging its cows (18 December, 2001)
Government and pharmaceutical companies held partially liable for CJD from dura mater (16 November, 2001)
Japanese importer arrested over Viagra sale (16 November, 2001)
Japanese researchers allowed to create human-animal embryos, but not to implant (16 November, 2001)
Japanese beef will use traceability to cow of origin in the future (5 November, 2001)
Kyoto University Ethics Committee approves research to create human embryonic stem cells (5 November, 2001)
New Zealand is to establish a Bioethics Council, and reviews GM policy (5 November, 2001)
Human cell lines auctioned in Japan by court (26 October, 2001)
82% of Japanese worry about environment and 80% say they will change their lifestyle (3 October, 2001)
Japanese Ministry of Health discusses what body parts to include in a ban on using domestically raised cows and sheep as raw materials in medicines and cosmetics (3 October, 2001)
Baby born from semen of HIV patient in Japan (3 October, 2001)
Japanese BSE infected cow was killed and meat used for animal feed (17 September, 2001)
Coverup of patient's death leads to former Tokyo hospital director receiving suspended jail term (31 August, 2001)
Japan Human Cell Society proposes liberal guidelines on human embryo cloning (31 August, 2001)
Riken (Japan) denies organized part in industrial espionage case of stolen genetic material (2 August, 2001)
Japanese cow cloned from mammary-gland fluid gives birth, and calf is killed for anatomy 2 days later (2 August, 2001)
Japanese bioethics panel approved research guidelines for embryonic stem cells (2 August, 2001)
Japan has indicated it will ratify Kyoto Protocol without U.S. support (25 July, 2001)
30 billion Yen settlement from Japanese government as apology (25 July, 2001)
Japanese Government ready to sign settlement awarding lump sums of money to former Leprosy sufferers (18 July, 2001)
Pringles potato chips in GMO recall in Japan (18 July, 2001)
Three persons in Japan arrested to selling an unauthorized Chinese drug over the Internet (18 July, 2001)
Concerns in Japan over increasing cosmetic use by children (23 June, 2001)
Japanese company Calbee recalls GMO potato snacks (23 June, 2001)
Japanese shops caught selling mercury-contaminated dolphin meat as whale meat (23 June, 2001)
Riken researcher in Japan is reported to have sent genetic materials to Japan (11 June, 2001)
The Japanese Lower House apologises to former Leprosy patients (8 June, 2001)
40% of pregnant smokers in Japan don't quit (4 June, 2001)
Further suit filed over CJD in Japanese dura mater imports (25 May, 2001)
Kyushu University has approved guidelines for using animal cells in an artificial liver for humans (25 May, 2001)
The Japanese government announces intention to legally ban surrogacy (25 May, 2001)
First Japanese surrogate birth conducted in Japan (21 May, 2001)
Japanese hospice care in short supply (21 May, 2001)
Japanese government ordered to pay leprosy patients for suffering under forced isolation (14 May, 2001)
Lawyer says alleged stolen DNA from Industrial espionage case not in Japan (14 May, 2001)
Indian National Commission for Children (6 May, 2001)
Japanese study on working mothers finds no increase in delinquency (6 May, 2001)
Controversy over consent for gene therapy trial in India (27 April, 2001)
A full study on hereditary Atomic bomb effects in Japan (27 April, 2001)
Abe's acquittal in HIV case appealed (13 April, 2001)
In Delhi, India there are 60 vasectomies per 1000 tubectomies (12 April, 2001)
Japanese public are more concerned about pollution (11 April, 2001)
Japan may extend insurance coverage to gyms used for therapy (5 April, 2001)
DNA samples taken without consent in Japan (30 March, 2001)
Japanese official Dr. Abe acquitted of negligence in HIV blood-products scandal (30 March, 2001)
Japan set to enact a Privacy Protection Act
Law suit over breach of privacy in HIV case
Japanese laws will be changed to remove ban on blind and deaf people becoming doctors or nurses
Survey in Hiroshima on teaching of the bomb to children by grandparents
Official claims innocence in HIV scandal
Unlicensed nurses work in obstetrics in Japan
Japanese hemophilia expert awaits verdict on HIV-related death
Japanese Minister urges for amendment to Japanese Cloning Law to ban on human cloning abroad
Japanese nurse who attempted to murder daughter pleads child abuse syndrome
In Japan local governments have been reluctant to commit mental patients
Coroners report in Australia after forceps delivery-caused death
22 year long Minamata case and health liability in Japan
Allegations of Smokers Being Denied Liver Transplants in Australia
Ratio of HIV-positive blood donors increased in Japan
Babies born from donated gametes in Japan may become legitimate
Indian school teachers may have ethics code

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