Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN)

In 1995 EJAIB replaced the Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter.
For access to the newsletter contents and papers in each newsletter please click the paper name in the appropriate issue, they are all listed chronologically below:

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 1 (1991)

1-2, 15, 29: 1991 Editorials including Letter of Explanation and Invitation - Darryl Macer
56, 57: Academic Freedom in German-speaking Countries - Alex Mauron
71-73: Genetic Engineering in Japan: Preliminary Results of Public Opinion Surveys - Darryl Macer
83-84: General Comment On A Review of Shaping Genes - Darryl Macer
84: Bioethics and its Limit - Masahiro Morioka

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 2 (1992)

1, 15-16: Editorial, The Impact of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Food in Developing Countries, Conference Report - Darryl Macer
29-30: Genetics, Religion and Ethics: Conference Review - Giovanni Monte
30-31: Second International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui: on Ethical, Legal and Social Issues raised by human genome research - Darryl Macer
43, 46: Editorial, Kyoto Conference on Environmental Ethics and Bioethics - Darryl Macer
44-45: Summary Reflection Statement of the Genetics, Religion and Ethics Project - Houston, USA
54-55: Why Rio failed - Helmar Krupp
57: Cross-Cultural Bioethics, Conference Reports from Toronto '92 and Budapest - Darryl Macer
58-59: What is an "Integrated Cross-Cultural approach to bioethics"? - Frank J. Leavitt
59: Ethics in Clinical Pharmacology - Giovanni Monte
71: Editorial - Darryl Macer

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 3 (1993)

1-3: Editorial - New Year Greetings; Anouncement - Third International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui; Conference Reviews: US-Japan Biotechnology in Agriculture; One Future World. Long-term Policies of Energy and Environment - The Role of Japan and Germany - Darryl Macer
3: Female Infanticide in India - K.J. Kurian
3: What Future for Surrogacy in Japan? -Yasuko Shirai
3: An Israeli approach to Cross-Cultural Ethics: Correction and Elucidation? - Frank J. Leavitt
15: Editorial - Darryl Macer
29: Editorial - Darryl Macer
32: Letter from Switzerland on Animal Experimentation -- Alex Mauron
3: Bioethics Centres list
43-44: Editorial: How (bio)ethical are bioethicists? - Darryl Macer
44: Letter: Bioethics in Israeli High Schools - Frank J. Leavitt
57-60: Re: How (bio)ethical are bioethicists? Responses to the July Editorial - Darryl Macer; replies from 12 people and journals.
60-61: The Physician's Oath Considered Critically - Dr. Yaman Ors
61: Bioethics: A Synopsis- Michael W.Fox
71: Editorial: UNESCO Bioethics Committee and Bioethical issues of Genetics - Darryl Macer
72-76: High Acceptance of Genetic Screening and Gene Therapy in Japan and Australasia - Darryl Macer

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 4(1) (January 1994)

1 Editorial - Darryl Macer
2 Trends in International and Asian Bioethics - Masahiro Morioka
3 Formulating global posthippocratic health care virtues- Hans Martin Sass
3 Bioethics, Culture and Pluralism in the Mediterranean - Yaman Ors
4 Nursing ethics in Israel: Dilemmas in Neonate Intensive Care - Orit Navot
4 Use of prenatal diagnosis for subsequent pregnancies by parents of children with Down's Syndrome - Kazuso Iinuma
14 Fukui Statement on International Bioethics
News was on pp. 4-14.

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 4(2) (March 1994)

15 Editorial - Darryl Macer
16 International Bioethics and the North-South Problem - Masahiro Morioka
16 Formulating global posthippocratic health care virtues, part 2 - Hans Martin Sass
News was on pp. 17-27.

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 4(3) (May 1994)

29 Editorial - Darryl Macer
30 Bioethics in an aging society - Masahiro Morioka
16 Ethics and the Israeli University lectures' strike; International program in Jewish Bioethics - F. Leavitt
News was on pp. 31-42.

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 4(4) (July 1994)

43 Editorial: Universal Bioethics: Old or New? - Darryl Macer
44 News from the NCHGR-NIH ELSI Program - Eric Juensgt
44 Two layers of international bioethics - Masahiro Morioka
45 Progress of the IAB Network on corruption - Bela Blasszauer
45 The symbol OM - Jayapaul Azariah
45 Fetal med./surgery as alternatives to abortion - Frank Leavitt
News was on pp. 45-56.

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 4(5) (September 1994)

57 Editorial - Darryl Macer
58 US-Japan Bioethics Congress - Masahiro Morioka
58 New Zealand Assisted Human Reproduction - Ken Daniels
News was on pp. 59-70.

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter (EEIN) 4(6) (November 1994)

71 Editorial: New Journal - Darryl Macer
72 The Idea of the Senpo Sugihara Asian Bioethics Centre - Frank J. Leavitt
73 Virtual or physical bioethics centers - Masahiro Morioka
74 GELS International Databank and Reporter on Genetics, Ethics, Law and Society
74 Music, Physics, and Biopolitics - Yaman Ors
75 A Legal Victory against Noise Pollution in Israel- Frank J. Leavitt
80 California Genetics Law - Paul Billings
News was on pp. 75-84.
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