Attitudes of the Public and Scientists to Biotechnology in Japan at the start of 2000


Main paper - Mary Ann Chen Ng, Chika Takeda, Tomoyuki Watanabe

& Darryl Macer*

*Contact: Institute of Biological Sciences, University of Tsukuba,

Tsukuba Science City 305-8572, Japan


Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 10 (2000), 106-113.
List of Open Comments on Images of Biotechnology (Q3)
Q3. You've just indicated to what degree you think various new technologies will change the way we live. What comes to mind when you think about modern biotechnology in a broad sense, that is, including genetic engineering?

Q3 Public Sample
P1 Genetic engineering includes the technology of manipulating genes and manufacturing new products from it.
P2 Genetic modification of plants and animals
P3 Technology involving animal bodies
P4 Not stated
P5 Don't know
P6 Genetic modification
P7 Currently, in one word "clone"
P8 The image of "borrowing" the ability /power of living organisms to make useful objects for humans
P9 Not just scientific technology, but on a wider scale; the chance to make human beings think about life
P10 Cloning, gene therapy, hybrid varieties, gene modification etc.
P11 Not stated
P12 To secure the quantity of food in the future and increase the collection of food in areas that are not agriculturally productive.
P13 Genetic engineering both have benefits and risks. In the future, biotechnology will be able to make humans?
P14 Human clone, pre-natal diagnosis of disabled fetus.
P15 zzzz
P16 Dolly, clone, GM food
P17 zzzz
P18 Disease resistant crops and animals
P19 Food and medicine
P20 Food, Chemically altering food products
P21 Cloned sheep. genetic modification
P22 Genetic modification (cloned sheep and GM food)
P23 zzzz
P24 GM crops, treatment of infertility and cancer
P25 Medicine
P26 A bad image of making "whatever" in an artificial manner
P27 Technology related to life, living organisms? I really don't know ?
P28 Genetic modification, gene therapy, cloning, biochips, human genome project
P29 zzzz
P30 I don't really know the official definition of biotechnology, but based from last year's news , it gives me the impression of cloned sheep, dolly etc...
P31 Gene modification, gene therapy
P32 I think that it is like destroying the earth's natural environment
P33 zzzz
P34 zzzz
P35 Giant tomatoes
P36 GM food, gene therapy
P37 Unnatural, artificial, cloned humans
P38 Improving product varieties
P39 Policy for treatment of difficult diseases, increased food production
P40 Insect resistant vegetables
P41 Improvement and development of agriculture and medical technology
P42 Not stated
P43 Crop
P44 zzzzz
P45 Yes, it is included.
P46 Research of bacteria, bioweapons, medicine against cancer, biotechnology is study and technology which has the key of many living things.
P47 Not stated
P48 Genetically modified animals, gene therapy
P49 Worry about how we use this technology, and what it is applied for.
P50 Genetic modification
P51 Food
P52 GM products
P53 Genetically modified food, animals, gene therapy, clone
P54 Clone
P55 Analyzing natural things and life systems, which are proper until now, by scientific technology, and opening the potential of thinking these things which are natural and life the same as any material.
P56 Producing medicines by bacteria, embryo culture which is old biotechnology, etc.
P57 Fermentation
P58 Cancer treatment, improvement of varieties
P59 Analyzing life phenomenon by DNA, and applications of these results for human society.
P60 Approach by bioengineering for human beings is a luxury of science, and it brings ruin.
P61 new organisms fear?
P62 Gene modification
P63 Gene manipulation represented by clone, and gene modification.
P64 Technology which has the purpose of progress in plants and animals for food. Progress of gene therapy.
P65 We can keep vegetables and flowers which are stable in quality, and it is necessary for agrotechnology.
P66 I don't have an idea.
P67 Not stated
P69 Drug development, food development (improvement of nutrition and taste)
P70 New crops, improved varieties
P71 When human beings cannot control this technology, a present Frankenstein will come back.
P72 GM products
P73 Genetic modification, clone
P74 Fruits, vegetables, rice.
P75 I worry about the word "engineering", I wonder whether bioscience can be placed as "engineering"?
P76 GM food, medicine
P77 Although it could be dangerous if used in military terrorism, generally it's a technology that brings happiness to man
P78 To bring different things together to make a different thing
P79 Human clones, living organisms that do not exist in nature
P80 Medical use of gene therapy, and agricultural use of plant factory.
P81 Development of new medicines, and plant factory.
P82 About plants, cultivation of vegetables, producing delicious things, and good for human body.
P83 Not stated
P84 Not stated
P85 Improved varieties, gene therapy
P86 Gene modification
P87 Artificial manipulation of life system from molecular level to ecosystem level, and changing these life systems.
P88 High technology and heal the earth and people living on the earth. These technology are beneficial to particular companies. Consumers are against these technologies and development of biotechnology so there will be bad effects.
P89 Genetic modification
P90 Changing of nature of living things, which includes good and bad, to some degree. If the good side comes to the surface it is good, however, if the bad side comes, for example side effects of medicine, it has a bad effect.
P91 A new academic field
P92 Clone, GM crops
P93 Human clones, genetically modified vegetables, gene therapy
P94 Gene modification (cloned sheep) (vegetables) etc.
P95 Producing vegetables without land, highly nutritious. Treatment of shortage of food.
P96 Cannot stop research, when I hear the word Bio.
P97 Miso, I make miso so I think of soybeans.
P98 Contefeit of vegetables appear.
P99 Cloned cows, and producing sheep by gene manipulation.
P100 GM crops (soya, corn, potato etc.), cloned organisms.
P101 Not stated
P102 In many fields it brings good results...
P103 Research on genes, moreover, modification - no image
P104 Both good and bad results and switching between them.
P105 zzz use animals for humans OK?
P106 If there are mistakes when using this technology I expect a good result.
P107 Making animals and improving vegetables.
P108 GM food.
P109 Genetic modification, understanding human genes, possibility of cancer treatment
P110 Seedless loquat, blue rose, GM food, cloned sheep.
P111 Genetic manipulation.
P112 I think biotechnology is studied at micro level, in cells, vursuses. Genetic manipulation is published and we do not understand this word. I suffer from knowing which direction this research should have.
P113 GM crops, improved varieties, treatment of difficult diseases
P114 It's difficult to explain, I'm not quite sure myself, it feels bad.
P115 Biotechnology=genetic engineering, fermentation technology, molecular genetics, cell technology etc...
P116 GMOs.
P117 Gene therapy, food improvement, organ transplants.
P118 GM food, technology of manipulating life. Genetic diagnosis. Birth choices, surrogate birth.
P119 Food, cloned sheep(pig).
P120 Change the form of man and nature
P121 Genetically modified clone, vegetables and animals
P122 It can be thought of as ego, testing human limits and going against nature.
P123 Technology of cloning brings good and bad results depending on human thought.
P124 Genetic modification, clone.
P125 Mass production of food, gene therapy, these are good results. I worry about human beings manipulating at the level of genes.
P126 Clone technology, cell culture, production of medicine from microbes, GM food
P127 Not stated
P128 Law of the jungle. Man should think deeply about invading God's territory
P129 Manipulating DNA, improving and developing new breeds, vaccines, new medicines, gene therapy, etc.
P130 GM food, cloned organisms, copied plants with not-original fruit.
P131 Clone, GM food.
P132 Gene manipulation (but there is a matter, man himself does not know what is good or bad.)
P133 Genetic modification, cell fusion.
P134 Not stated
P135 Entering a mysterious field. This technology has potential of destroying nature. Value and life and harmony of ethics is important.
P136 Increased crop productivity, gene therapy, artificial organs.
P137 Only biotechnology is developing. On the other hand humanism is fading out. I agree with the development of technology but now humankind loses many things.
P138 Clone, high school biology.
P139 In the past I had a good image, but recently genetically modified food similar to the original one, and I cannot distinguish them, so general public are confused.
P140 GM crops.
P141 Genetic diagnosis. Gene therapy. Development of crops and medicines. Patents on genes.
P142 Birth of new organisms, production of new materials, medical treatment.
P143 It works good for solving food problem, particularly Africa.
P144 Development of biotechnology is similar to using oils and underground materials. Opening Pandora's box.
P145 Making useful materials for humankind, and manipulation of DNA and cells, etc.
P146 Culture of living organisms
P147 Not stated
P148 Gene modification technology.
P149 Monsters.
P150 DNA, soybeans, corn, worry, What? What? How will it go?
P151 Artificial evolution of humans.
P152 Improved varieties of plants.
P153 Highly nutritious GM food.
P154 I think that it's technologically wonderful.
P155 Genetic modification . Buying and selling of sperms and eggs etc...
P156 Curing illness by gene therapy
P157 Human clone, genetically modified plants, gene therapy of cancer etc.
P158 GM food.
P159 This technology is related with ecosystem of animals and plants. I expect the system so not to give bad effect on ecosystem.
P160 Creation of new crops by genetic modification, curing diseases by gene therapy.
P161 Fruit plants resistant to disease.
P162 New technology for the 21st century, improvement of technology.
P163 Genetic modification, cloning technology, challenges for God. Discrimination by genetic information (conscious of discrimination of handicapped people). Unexpected bad effects (eating of BT corn).
P164 Cloned cows, cloned humans, bacteria, new varieties of plants, rebirth of mammoth.
P165 Research that shouldn't be carried out on humans
P166 Destruction of nature
P167 Artificially changing living organisms by humans. I wonder if it can be excused since it is for the improvement of man's condition.
P168 Not stated
P169 Production of new varieties as well as increased food production.
P170 Agriculture. Genes of human descendents.
P171 Science of living things.
P172 By genetic manipulation the relation of life and anti-ethics and against human.
P173 Development in cancer treatment.
P174 Generally gene modified foods are safe but I worry over the long term scale viewpoint (20-30 years after) what effect will they have?
P175 Genetic modification, gene therapy.
P176 Improvement of agriculture and food, and good use in the medical field. On the other hand, the progress of gene modification and cloning technology may bring about human unhappiness or destruction.
P177 Genetic modification and manipulation.
P178 Curing of disease by gene therapy. Many many diseases can be improved.
P179 Improved varieties.
P180 Improvement of crops, fish, treatment of disease.
P181 This technology has good points and bad points.
P182 Creation of genetically modified animals and plants by gene engineering technology.
P183 Gene modification. Mendel's law. Sequencing.
P184 Genetic modification.
P185 GM food, development of drugs, clone.
P186 Mass production of crops. Seeds, and small plants resistant to disease and change of climate.
P187 Gene therapy, new drugs, improved varieties.
P188 Genetic modification.
P189 I do not know the idea of how human beings are changing for the future.
P190 Improvement of variety of foods and agriculture, mass production, gene therapy.
P191 Mysterious food.
P192 It is good but many vegetables and fruits are improved to delicious, but I am afraid of clone technology for human beings.
P193 Microbiology, DNA, technology of using them.
P194 GM food, cloned cow, gene therapy.
P195 It is expected that research of genes brings progress of life. Progress of life is living long by progress of medical field, and improvement of food production.
P196 Looking carefully at the ethical judgement of changing genes, from cows, world-wide food problem.
P197 The progress of life science technology and ethical attitudes to them.
P198 Cloned sheep. Tomatoes. Soyabeans. Test-tube baby.
P199 There is not enough discussion.
P200 Not stated
P201 Technique in making progress in the field of agriculture, fishery, medical care. Care is necessary I think.
P202 Cloned cow, gene modification of plants.
P203 Cultivation of vegetables.
P204 Not stated
P205 Development of new breeds.
P206 Bad effect by gene modification.
P207 Gene therapy, clones, gene modification of crops, DNA.
P208 Careful operation of using electron microscope.
P209 Afraid of creation of new humankind.
P210 Improvement of variety, gene modification, culture.
P211 Not stated.
P212 Manipulate of life by human power, agriculture, medical technique, sterility, prenatal diagnosis, ethics.
P213 Improvement of variety. Mass production of animals and plants by clone technology. Medical (gene therapy, development of new medicines).
P214 Not stated.
P215 GM food, clone.
P216 Genetically recombinant foods and plants, artificial internal organs, gene therapy.
P217 I don't know.
P218 Cloned human.
P219 Chemistry.
P220 Clone.
P221 Clone.
P222 Cloned cow.
P223 Not stated.
P224 Beans.
P225 Cloned sheep.
P226? Life disaster.
P227 Clone.
P228 Cloned human.
P229 Cloned sheep, cloned cows, improvement of variety.
P230 Clone.
P231 Clone.
P232 GM food.
P234 Improvement of the breed.
P235 Tomatoes may become melon.
P236 Clone technology on animals and plants. Enzymes. Cell fusion.
P237 Cloned animals. Soybeans.
P238 Gene therapy.
P239 Not stated.
P240 Gene manipulation.
P241 Creation of new plants and animals with a purpose.
P242 I don't have an idea.
P243 Clones, and improvement of the variety of plants.
P244 Creation of new life, which did not exist on the earth by human hand. Its brings good or bad depending on how it is used.
P245 Not stated
P246 Improvement of life standards. Human life.
P247 I don't understand the difference of the meaning between ' biotechnology' and 'genetic engineering'
P248 Not stated
P249 Artificial babies.
P250 Improvement of variety, fermentation, development of new breeds.
P251 [env risks zzz] The way of thinking that biotechnology can do everything is nonsense.
P252 Disaster of living things, and worry about life and creatures for the future.
P253 Cloned sheep, artifical organs. From TV program information.
P254 Reform of life.
P255 It changes social environment largely. Depending on way of use it changes natural environment, as a result it influences human society.
P256 I want researchers not to forget public thinking.
P257 To bear other creature by manipulating the mode of life artificially.
P258 Genetic recombination, cloned human, DNA, development of ultramodern medical techniques.
P259 Genetic modification.
P260 Improvement of crops, and mass production. Cloned humans, medical cures.
P261 Gene modification, stop expression of disease, the improvement of crops, improve the categorization of living things, DNA bank
P262 Creation of cloned humans.
P263 It can change the way of existance of living things.
P264 GM food. Artificial food. Vegetables and fruits not having seasonal feeling. The development of HIV vaccine. Cloned sheep.
P265 Cloned cow, crops.
P266 New vegetables, new medical technologies.
P267 Improvement of variety leads to improvement that we cannot repair.
P268 Gene therapy. Cloned sheep. GM food, bioreactor, cell fusion.
P269 Vector therapy. Living body transfer. Clones.
P270 Medicine. Human genome.
P271 Gene therapy, lengthening life.
P272 Increase of food production, medical care, (aqua, agri)culture, appearance of bigger animals and plants, war and peace.
273 Genetically recombinant plants and animal, gene therapy, mass production of useful proteins.
274 Genetically recombinant food, cloned animals.
275 Gene therapy, clones.
276 Genetically recombinant food, clones.
277 Gene therapy, gene diagnosis, improvement of varieties.
278 Mass production, improvement of life, improvement of varieties.
279 God's area, the area human beings shouldn't touch.
280 Genetic recombination.
281 Not stated.
282 Genetically recombinant food, biological weapons, chimera.
283 Gene therapy, gene diagnosis, genetically recombinant plants and animals.
284 Manipulation of DNA, technology of cloning.
285 Not stated.
286 Gene recombination, clone.
287 Putting the living thing to practical use by engineering.
288 Genetically recombinant food, development of medicine.
289 Human genome project, change of the concept of life, discrimination caused by gene, desire of designed children.
290 New plants and animals, improvement of the breed.
P291 Genetically recombinant foods, medical supplies, multinational corporation, Monsanto, Professor Puszhtai.
P292 I don't want to invade God's territory!
P293 GM food, bioremediation, artificial organs.
P294 Mass production of food.
P295 Production of food for increasing population, needs biotechnology. The production of medicine needs gene modification technology.
P296 Gene therapy (Don't know with a 20 year period)
P297 Good side is treatment for disease. Bad side is to make cloned humans.
* Q3 Forum respondents
F1 Food, medicine, it's a technology that has great possibilities in other broad fields.
F2 Problems related to genes.
F3 Applications in the medical field, environment, crops, meat.
F4 Solution to the food shortage problem. Confusion in man's bioethics (goes beyond the rule of nature.
F5 Modify the ability of living organisms, research on how to utilize benefits from it.
F6 Pomato.
F7 Improved varieties of crops.
F8 Genetically modified food, genetic therapy of cancer, protein composition, organic chemical. Brightens man's future, it also seems to bring about a worrisome future.
F9 Treatment of difficult diseases by genetic engineering.
F10 Includes genetic modification and creation of new organisms.
F11 Genetic modification, biosensors, Improved crop varieties.
F12 Work (I am a venture capitalist investing in Life Science companies.)
F13 Tomapi and other crops.
F14 To make superior transformations for the sake of humankind (animal breeding).
F15 Evolution carried out in the laboratory (Dolly etc).
F16 Giant stem tomatoes (Tsukuba Expo), various food products.
F17 Changes occurring beyond nature's power.
F18 Improving quality of life.
F19 Genetic modification.
F20 Unknown possibilities, broadening life, high risk high return.
F21 Effects on present ecosystem/mode of life and future unknown possibilities. Restoration of extinct species.
F22 Scientific progress.
F23 Genetically modified crops, organ transplants, anti-cancer and other gene therapies.
F24 Abundant harvest.
F25 Genetic modification technology, clone technology and others.
F26 Plants, future.
F27 In the laboratory, I have dealt a little bit with biotechnology. I think it is only an accumulation of simple procedures. However, many people in this field are passionate about their work. And it is the passion that people bring to biotechnology that brings about many benefits to it.
F28 Genetic modification
F29 New technology that improves lifestyle and environment.
F30 Research dealing with organisms, technological development.
F31 Control, materialization and mechanization of living organisms.
F32 Medicine to cure disease, technology and others.
F33 Cancer treatment, seeds.
F34 Stable supply of crops, improved varieties.
F35 Gene therapy, genetically modified food.
F36 Utilization of life functions, understanding the phenomenon of life.
F37 I understand everything.
F38 Methods of improving agriculture, breeding and marine products.
F39 Societal progress.
F40 Food processing, breeding in agriculture, improvement in foliage plants.
F41 Information disclosure and evaluation systems are important.
F42 Producing genetically modified crops.
F43 Environmental destruction, destruction of nature's providence.
F44 Pharmaceuticals.
F46 Genetically modified plants.
F47 New technology that changes present agriculture and medicine from its base. Cloned sheep, use of embryos to clone sheep, fetal genetic diagnosis, scientific investigation, genetically modified plants.
F48 Field of science that elucidates life phenomenon up to the molecular level.
F49 Frightful. Entering god's territory.
F50 If used properly, it is a technology that will bring abundance to people's lives. Therefore, observation and information disclosure is important.
F51 Basic for development. But it brings about various ethical problems for man. It also serves as an opportunity for man to bring solutions to these problems. Man may be able to solve these problems one step at a time.
F52 Artificial change of organisms. Or production of useful materials using organisms as raw materials.
F53 Genome sequencing, genetically modified food.
F54 Scientific technology that can produce better crops.
F55 Using the original ecosystem and life functions as an opportunity to improve human life.
F56 Genetic modification, clone. I think that old practices such as cultivation and grafting and others are also biotechnology.
F58 Expected to contribute to the field of medicine, environment protection and others. But if there is misuse, the results are frightful. It is important to have checks and brakes.
F59 Gene therapy ( congenital gene defects, diabetes , cancer etc..), new plants (flowers, vegetables, crops).
F60 A double edged sword. Depending on the person using it, it can be bad or good. Fixed rules and observation is important.
F61 This field includes genetic engineering; and within biotechnology cultures and fermentation. Also, I think that this includes great developments in organisms' XXX, within the field of genetic engineering which is based on amino acids.
F62 Genetic modification of useful crops for man. Cloned animals.
F63 Genetic modification technology. Production use of life functions(physiology). It does not present an image of a technology that would serve all mankind. Rather, it has an image of competitive strategies in industry and among developed countries.
F64 All matters related to genes. Genetically modified food and gene therapy.
F65 Medical treatment, quantity of food, environment.
F66 Biotechnology stemming from traditional Japanese fermentation technology. (microorganisms to animals).
F67 Technology related to the cell. From identifying parentage based on DNA up to choosing the gender of the offspring (gender can be chosen based on type of nutrition given),
F68 What will happen to respect for life and relations?
F69 Global solution to the food shortage problem, revolution. Solution to disease (man, animals, plants, crops). Benefits to all living organisms.
F70 Seeds. Resistance. Medicine, agricultural chemicals, genome. Bioremediation.
F71 Methods in biology, technology.
F72 Brings to mind genetically modification in crops and domestic breeding etc.
F73 Reformation of plants, animals etc. All organisms.
F74 Genetically modified food, gene therapy.
Q3 scientists (S and R refer to the same sample)
S1 Disease resistant plants. Bt plants.
S2 Cloned humans. Improved varieties.
S3 Applied technology in biological sciences.
S4 Genetic change in cells. On a wider range, includes biological sensors, clone technology.
S5 GM food, gene therapy.
S6 Brings about progress in technology however care must be taken in its use.
S7 Treatment of disease, improved varieties.
S8 My present field of research.
S9 Drug development, agriculture, medicine.
S10 Fashionable.
S11 Methods of biology and applications of the results.
S12 Improvement in treating diseases, breeding, use of natural energy sources, etc...
S13 Traditionally began with cultivation and improving varieties. Now it uses modification in genes to make chimeras and clones.
S14 Improving varieties by genetic modification. Artificial production of genetic products.
S15 Brings about worries in bioethics.
S16 Has both good and bad sides.
S17 Technology used in biological systems. It started as an academic field but has branched out to many applications. Cloning, Gene analysis, genome project, cloned sheep, GM crops, gene therapy and diagnosis.
S18 Increased production of crops. Shorter cultivation periods of plants. Increased production of meat by clone technology.
S19 Improved varieties of crops. Clone.
S20 Agricultural technology for the 21st century.
S21 Improvement of quality of life.
S22 New Varieties, disease resistant crops.
S23 Genetic modification.
S24 I don't know.
S25 Life process technology carried out on the molecular level.
S26 I'm not certain whether it is really technology of the future. This new technology is said to be beneficial to the environment, society and man. However, I wonder whether in the future this will be thought of as "dynamite" or "bombs".
S28 Production of drugs by GM microorganisms. Improved varieties.
S29 Technology that changes the characteristics of organisms by genetic modification.
S30 Improved varieties, gene therapy.
S31 Technology using living organisms. Specifically utilizing genes, cells and organs.
S32 Technology that has both good and bad points, changing living organisms for human purpose.
S33 Technology that changes the form and function of living organisms for human purpose.
S34 Genetic modification.
S35 Technology that uses living organisms for the benefit of human life.
S36 Life, food, medicine.
S37 Changing life and deeper understanding of it.
S38 I can't remember quickly.
S39 Changing living organisms.
S40 Applied technology of biological functions.
S41 Includes methods such as transplant, genetic modification, MNR, chromatography, and sensing techniques.
S42 Cultivation of plants and animals.
S43 Besides gene technology,includes improvement of varieties, improving crops.
S44 Application in medicine, borderless, life related science.
S45 Understanding the information found in DNA of living organisms, inserting useful genes into higher organisms.
S46 Change in living organisms found in nature for human purpose.
S48 Cloned animals.
S49 Improvement in agriculture, animal breeding and production.
S50 Technology modifying genes to create new functions.
S51 Biotechnology is one type of current revolutionary technology, improving animal and plant varieties.
S52 Increasing useful substances like protein by genetic engineering.
S53 Genetic modification.
S54 Pandora's box, exciting, confusing.
S55 Cloned animals, GM plants.
R56 High technology of science.
S57 Gene therapy and diagnosis.
S58 Development in prevention and treatment of disease.
S60 Applied technology using living organisms.
S61 Changing genes for human use.
S62 Clone, Dolly.
S63 Human Genome Sequencing, food technology.
S64 Field that includes life sciences.
S66 Organ transplants, new living organisms, cloned sheep, biohazard.
S67 Gene therapy, new organisms.
S68 Solution to food problems.
S69 Methods in biology and chemistry. Useful biological products for society.
S70 To learn the mechanisms of life.
S71 New varieties, disease treatment. might cause harm, humanity of scientists.
S72 Useful organisms, development of new varieties.
S73 Pomato, cloned sheep.
R74 Producing the rice that cannot exist in nature by gene manipulation.
R75 Biotechnology means we must decide the concept of study separately. If we confuse both confusion is caused, general changes in modality. Modality is individual having forms and functions. I hope the change caused is to the good side.
S77 Effective use of natural resources.
S79 Goes with the times.
S81 Applied technology for human use.
S82 Clone, GM, PCR, genome.
S83 Development of new varieties.
S84 Artificial improvement of living organisms.
S85 GM food, gene therapy and diagnosis, cloned animals.
S86 Gene cloning, transgenic animals and plants.
S87 Used in economic activities.
S88 Learning nature, physical and chemical technology.
S89 Cancer eradication.
S90 Gene therapy, transgenic plants.
S91 Improved varieties, gene therapy.
S92 Gene therapy.
S94 Production of useful substances.
S95 Biological substances, Useful products.
S96 Genetic modification.
S97 Possibilities are worrisome.
S98 New living organisms, Development of new drugs.
S99 Life sciences.
S100 Improvement of crops.
S101 Rice seeds, next era of physics, chemistry and electronics.
S102 Improvement of crops, gene therapy.
S103 Life.
S104 New drugs, clone technology.
S105 Crops, food.
R106 I think reconstructional human being will appear by genetically. Photos for arranging marriage will disappear, gene maps for arranging marriage will appear. I am afraid of spreading DNA of genetic disease for the future.
S107 Elucidating the structure and function of life at the basic level.
S108 GM.
S109 Biological functions.
S110 Biochemistry research, gene therapy.
S112 Analysis of personal genetic sequence, changing organisms.
S113 Use of unique genes.
S114 Disease and food.
S115 GM products, drugs.
S116 Understanding life by genetic information.
S117 Proteins, drugs, clone technology.
S118 GM, clone.
S119 Technology using living organisms.
S120 Molecular biology.
S121 Improved varieties, disease resistance.
S122 Can be evaluated in many ways.
S124 Gene sequencing and analysis, new drugs,GM.
S125 Understanding the mechanisms underlying life.
S126 Progress.
S127 Improved varieties, gene analysis.
S128 Includes all activities of man when using organisms.
S129 Using gene technology for human purpose, includes harmful effects.
S130 GM, new organisms, drugs.
S131 GM, improved varieties.
S132 Treatment, diagnosis, improved varieties, xenotransplantation.
S133 Gene therapy, cloned organisms.
S134 Replacement organs, tissues and cells.
S135 GM, clone, Dolly.
S136 Progress in medicine, drugs, transgenic organisms.
S137 GM. Has good and bad points.
S138 Changing genes.
S139 GM crops, gene therapy.
S140 Forestry, agriculture, breeding, aquatic production.
S141 Changing life artificially.
S142 Improving ecological systems.
S144 GM crops, manufacturing drugs and proteins, improved varieties.
S145 Creation of new products not existing in nature.
S147 GM, gene therapy, bioproduction.
S148 Transgenic organisms.
S149 GM.
S150 Breeding. Using organisms for production.
R151 I am engaged in biotechnology so I think of biotechnology itself.
S152 GM.
S153 GM plants and animals. New proteins for production, improved varieties.
S154 Solution to the food problem caused by population explosion.
S155 Food, Jurassic park.
S156 Gene therapy, GM.
S158 Changing the characteristics of organisms by GM.
S159 Improved varieties, treatment of disease.
S160 Science fiction, cloned sheep.
S161 Cell culture, medicine.
S162 Construction of new characteristics of living organisms.
S163 Cell engineering and gene engineering.
S164 Medicine, agricultural revolution.
R165 Chemical synthesis of chemical materials and intermediates by living things.
S167 Artificial life.
S168 Gene therapy, agriculture, drugs, genetic diagnosis.
S169 Agricultural revolution.
S170 Improved varieties of crops.
S171 New biological systems using GM.
S172 Development of novel drugs.
S173 Modification of life.
S174 My research.
S175 Using life properties.
S176 Improved varieties.
S177 Gene therapy, GM crops.
S178 Improved varieties.
S179 New organisms made by GM.
S180 GM crops, agricultural drugs, transgenic sheep.
S181 Development of new drugs.
S182 Development in medical treatment.
S183 DNA.
S185 Cancer treatment, genetic diseases.
S186 Use in agriculture, medical applications.
S187 There is a wide gap in the understanding of the public and researchers. Basic knowledge about biology should be made known through education and the mass media.
S188 Artificial technology, GM.
S189 Bioreactor.
S191 Using biological substances for bioproduction.
S192 Technology utilizing biological resources.
S193 Improvement of agricultural, dairy and marine products.
S194 GM food, organ transplants, cloned animals, cloned humans, gene sequence.
S195 Food, regenerative organs.
S197 GM, improved varieties.
S199 Food production, drug manufacturing.
S200 Clone.
S201 Genetic modification.
S202 Life science technology that deals with applications in medicine, animal breeding and agriculture.
S203 To understand the molecular structure of exudates of living organisms. Development in agriculture.
S204 Agriculture, medicine.
S205 Genetically modified crops, gene therapy.
S206 Using genetic engineering technology to make useful organisms.
S207 A troublesome technology.
S208 Development in pharmaceuticals, new crops.
S209 Applications of genetic engineering technology such as "white apple".
S210 Useful science.
S211 Biotechnology using genetic engineering methods.
S212 Changing natural products by genetic modification.
S213 Gene therapy, diagnosis, GM food.
R214 From agriculture to high technology.
S215 Progress in genetic engineering, making better animals, plants and improvements in the environment.
S216 Applications in animal breeding, plants, treatment of disease.
S217 Revolutionary techniques in understanding the mechanisms of life at the molecular level.
S218 Cultivated varieties, genes.
S219 Production of useful products by genetic modification.
S221 Technology that utilizes genes found in living organisms for human purpose.
S222 Production of future products for humans.
S223 Clone technology. Genetic modification.
S224 Increasing the production system of objects used in daily life by using fermentation technology of microorganisms.
S225 Increased food production, clone.
S226 Modification of genes but I think that biotechnology includes use of plant substances; with genes being the center of new biotechnology and production of plant substances being the center of old biotechnology.
S227 Dangerous.
S228 Creation of new properties in animals and plants.
S229 Gene therapy, Biofoods.
S230 Methods of research, Development of new drugs.
S231 Making chimeras by genetic engineering, production of useful substances.
S232 Methods in biological research.
S233 Research and technology of utilizing living organisms and their functions.
S234 Includes modification of living organisms.
S235 Genetic modification.
S236 Disturbance of ecological balance by developing organisms with new genes.
S237 To understand life and human beings at the molecular level.
S238 Treatment of disease.
S239 Food supply problem, medical treatment, pharmaceuticals.
S240 Isolation of new genes.
S241 Genetic modification, cloned organisms.
S242 Developments in vaccines.
S243 Health
S244 Creation of cloned animals.
R245 If we use this technology under market principles, ethics is destroyed.
S246 The selfishness of scientists should not be acknowledged beyond limits.
S247 New food products, medicine, and treatment.
S248 Use, discovery and development of the functions of living organisms.
S249 Birth of new living organisms.
S250 Related to methods of artificial life.
S251 Obviously.
S253 Artificially altering life.
S254 Gene therapy.
S255 Pharmaceuticals, food products, gene analysis.
S256 " Too vague questions that cannot be answered in any clear way!"
S257 Applications in technology.
S258 Improved varieties, factories of living organisms, gene therapy.
S259 GM products, pharmaceutical developments.
S260 Clone.
S261 Production of biomolecules. Change brought about by genetic revolution.
S262 Gene therapy.
S263 Genetic modification.
S264 Genetic modification, fertility treatment.
S265 Gene therapy, GM food.
S266 Research dealing with understanding life processes. Applied research in medicine, pharmacy, physics and agriculture.
S267 Improvement of plant varieties, increased production of useful substances, gene therapy.
S268 Changing life.
S269 Making new types of living organisms.
S270 GM food, gene therapy, cloned organisms.
S271 If not used properly, then it shouldn't be done.
S272 Genome.
S273 Genetic modification.
S274 Research developments in medicine, pharmaceuticals and agriculture.
S275 Knock-out genes, transgenic.
S277 Genetic modification and agricultural products.
S278 Creation of new organisms.
S279 Gene therapy, Bio food products.
S280 Genetically modified products, Medical Treatment, Genetic engineering.
S281 To insert good genes and delete bad genes in humans.
S282 Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases, making better organisms.
S283 The meaning of the question is vague.
S284 Developments in technology of medical treatment, food varieties and the environment.
S285 Food production, medical treatment.
S286 Genetically modified animals and plants, cloned animals.
S287 Technology related to understanding developments in life and its applications.
S289 Changes in animals, treatment, food and living organisms on earth.
S290 Technology that deals with using and changing natural properties of living organisms for man's use.
S291 Gene therapy.
S292 The word "technology" gives one the impression of "coldness". However, "biotechnology" gives one the impression of "warmth" and "kindness".
S293 New way of treatment, new technologies in agriculture, robot, space exploration.
S294 Improvement in animal and plant varieties, cloned humans, etc_c
S295 Technology and methods of making new combinations of genes.
S296 Genetically modified plants, gene therapy.
S297 Modifying life. S&T deals with modifying properties. Biotechnology also deals with modifying properties of molecules and using the properties of life.
S298 S&T that deals with life, particularly the gene. It also includes applications of this technology.
S300 Improvements in agricultural products, cloned sheep, organ transplants, orchids.
S301 Gene therapy.
S302 Genetic and tissue engineering.
S303 Production of substances by microorganisms.
S304 PCR, Western blot, Northern blot.
S305 Developments in medical treatment, health, production, environment.
S306 Cloned sheep, cows, giant insects.
S307 Genetic modification. Impressions of "fear" and "bounty".
S308 Gene therapy, Improvements in production.
S310 Pest and herbicide- resistant soya, corn and tomato. Cloned sheep and cows.
S311 Technology that artificially modifies life.
S312 Dangerous research. Don't know what kind of bad effects will occur. Until these effects are known this kind of research shouldn't be carried out.
S313 Modification of the genetic program of living organisms for man's use.
R314 We should use this technology only for treatment of disease. There are some problems in economic effects, for example, people engaging in old technology and using the results equally. We need to take care of the widening difference between poor and rich, and difference of ability.
S315 Genetic modification. Analysis of gene function.
S316 Developments in food products and pharmaceuticals.
S317 Developments in molecular biology.
S320 Genetically modified products, gene therapy, new drugs.
S321 Medicine, genes, chromosomes.
S322 One type of technology. I don't know whether one accepts or rejects it.
S324 Man's victory. But it is also useful for scientists.
S325 Understanding life.
S326 GM food.
S327 Biotechnology.
S328 Applications in medical treatment and animal breeding.
S329 Modification of defective genes, cloned organisms.
S330 GM food.
S331 Utilization of DNA information coded in living organisms, protein production.
S332 Progress in the biological sciences. Applications in medicine, food, drugs.
S333 Agriculture.
S334 Increased food production.
S335 Analysis and sequencing of human genome, gene therapy, food supply and environmental problems.
S336 Increased food production, pharmaceuticals.
S338 Improvement of new varieties by genetic modification. Development of new drugs by understanding the genome.
S339 Effective utilization of genes of organisms.
S340 Understanding genes.
S341 Application in medicine, food.
R342 I don't think I imagine more than a definition of biotechnology.
R343 Creation of artificial life which doesn't exist in the natural world.
S344 Development of biology for human purposes.
S345 Change of properties and increased varieties of plants and animals.
S346 GMOs.
R347 Technology that changes the living things into different living things.
R348 Transgenic organisms, insertion of genes, not by cross-breeding.
R349 Improvement of the breed, medicines, breeding.
R350 GM plants, genetic diagnosis, DNA judgement
R351 Technology that has an affect on life phenomenon.
R352 Mass production of food, development of medicine for difficult diseases.
R353 I hope this technology is applied for good use. But it takes time for biotechnology to be established as technology.
R354 Matsuzaka beef.
R355 In the wide sense the breeding of old plants. The breeding of domestic animals should be included but as the way of using this word we use this word for the technology of genetic manipulation and the production of material by organisms which is carried out at the end of the 20th century.
R356 Research of new life and industry.
R357 When genome analysis of human being is advanced, we must make clear how genetic engineering is related with DNA, we must establish ethical policy at the country level.
R358 Cloned human, gene therapy.
R359 Gene modification, protein engineering, genome analysis.
R360 Gene modification ,gene therapy, GM food.
R361 Creation of new life by gene engineering by other organisms genes.
R362 Manipulation of life.
R363 Gene therapy to treat disease.
R364 GM plants and animals.
R365 Simply bioengineering.
R366 Present human knowledge and wisdom.
R367 Producing new organisms by insertion of gene and production of useful materials.
R368 The creation of new breeds that human beings need. Human needs by using modern biotechnology, and disturbance of nature.
R369 Manipulation of life.
R370 Technology of production by using organisms.
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