Religion Obviously Teaches Tolerance, Humbleness and Respect For Fellow Beings

- Raghwesh Ranjan
Anarde Foundation, 1087, Sector - 15/Ii,
Gurgaon122001, India
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 11 (2001), 159-60.

It was really mind churning going through the commentary on my paper entitled 'Religion, Education and Bioethical Maturity' by Frank Leavitt in July 2001 issue of EJAIB. I must thank him for his comments. No doubt, whatever he unfolds is prevailing fact and everybody might be aware of it.

Frank writes: "Think about the hatred which religions have encouraged, not only towards believers in other religions but also towards members of other sects within the same religion, or towards individuals who don't happen to perform the ceremonies as one would wish them to do". I staunchly advocate that 'religious practices' and 'religious thoughts' are very different. I hope one will agree with me. Frank is talking of 'practices' but my essay is all about 'religious values, thoughts and ethics'. Practice is upon man's will, prejudices, thoughts. But religion is beyond criticism. No religion talks about hatred and immorality. The religious war all man made.

Because of all inhuman, anti - natural and anti - moral activities on Earth, we talk about Bioethics, values and value system. Religion endorses respect of value and value system. Let's criticise the undisciplined and fanatic followers, not the religion, as religion is all about love - love for nature, love for fellow beings, love for all the basic five elements, which constitute human body. The word 'Secularism' came into existence as a result of anti - religious practices. Why secularism, if religious values would have been followed as they should be? I don't think any religion teaches or preaches violence against practitioners of other faiths, religion or sects. If it does, it cannot be religion.

I ask all the Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, followers of any sect, faith or religion, "Do you think your religion teaches violence, hatred, deception etc.?" I hope the answer will obviously endorse 'RELIGION OBVIOUSLY TEACHES TOLERANCE, HUMBLENESS AND RESPECT FOR FELLOW BEINGS'.
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