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- Darryl Macer, Ph.D.
Email: asianbioethics@yahoo.co.nz
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 11 (2001), 177.

As can be seen on the accompanying form to this journal, together with the renewal for EJAIB in the year 2002, will be an application for associate membership in Eubios Ethics Institute. All associate members will receive the journal EJAIB. It is still intended to keep the on-line resources of Eubios Ethics Institute free for all who can access the Internet, but for hard copies, an application for membership should be returned as the way to request receiving a hard copy of EJAIB in the future.

The program for TRT7 is clearer as also seen in the accompanying flier that is being sent with this issue. The title of TRT7 is Bioethics and Informed Choice in Asia. It will discuss in the usual range of topics the question of whether the system of informed choice can be used to describe the relationship between persons in Asia, and whether it is a useful direction in the movement from paternalism and informed consent. The participants who have said they will come to date already guarantee a good spirit for the coming meeting. TRT7 will also release a statement from all TRT meetings, that may be useful for the development of bioethics in a cross-cultural manner.

This issue of the Journal is the first following the terrorist attack on New York City, and the subsequent global war on terrorism. How can bioethics as love of life deal with the moral dilemma of fighting a war against those who break moral codes of respect of life, and love of life and others? The first point is that any response based on hate towards a group of persons will only generate further hate. The terrorist acts were a product of hate, and developed in places where hate dominates love. The second point is to ask how we can love those who do horrid things to others? I am reminded of the words of martin Luther King Jr. to those who bombed his house, that we may not like them but still we should love them. Perhaps the answer is there. Love is more basic to recognition of human dignity.

Of course we cannot have open and frank bioethics debates in cultures of terror, but it is tragic that so much pain is being caused in a war now being fought. The ideas of a just war have developed over the past century, and let us hope they continue to develop before many persons starve and die in the coming winter. This issue focuses on issues that will stay with us for the coming century, cyborgs, death, education, environment and religion. We look forward to commentaries for future issues, and continued debate in an open spirit of dialogue.

- Darryl Macer

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