Editorial: Eubios Ethics Institute as ABA secretariat

- Darryl Macer
E-mail: asianbioethics@yahoo.co.nz
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 12 (2002), 45.

This issue comes after the successful completion of TRT7 meeting in Tsukuba, held from 15-18 February, 2002. 46 foreign researchers combined with a similar number of Japanese participants to discuss informed choice in Asia. One of the results of the conference was the agreement with the Eubios Declaration, which is open for comment and enclosed in the following pages (pp. 46-48). It is is a living declaration, and open to improvement. We welcome your signature, and the next issue will include some of the discussion, and a list of signatories to it.

The abstract book for TRT7 is on-line, and papers will appear in coming issues of EJAIB. One of the results of the meeting was that the secretariat for the Asian Bioethics Association shifted to Eubios Ethics Institute, and researchers were encouraged to work together in developing bioethics in Asia, and beyond. In this context it is important to call for participants to the IVth Asian Bioethics Conference to be held 21-26 November, 2002, in Seoul Korea. Details are in the conference announcements section. Next year a meeting in China is expected. In this way we would like to encourage development of bioethics in the region, in the spirit of cross cultural dialogue.

This issue includes a number of papers on issues relating to bioethics and biotechnology, including topics of patenting, plant and animal biotechnology. There is also the issue of Mana and genotype. There are also two papers on medical ethics, one looking at the theoretical background of trust, and the other from a survey of Indian medical student's reasons to study medicine.

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