Editorial: Water ethics and pharmacoethics

- Darryl Macer

Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 12 (2002), 81.
This issue of the journal introduces two recent fields in the area of bioethics, water ethics and pharmacoethics. The first two papers in the issue focus on environmental ethics, an integral part of bioethics. The concept of informed choice should be applied to environmental decisions at individual and societal levels.

The next few papers discuss bioethics with more focus on human aspects, and make some contrast in approaches. The European Bioethics Convention is introduced from the perspective of its development. Next there is a paper by Morioka looking at the origins of bioethics in Japan. While I argue bioethics is a pre-human concept, there was a new academic and social movement using the term bioethics in the 1970s and this paper argues that in the Japanese case the disability movement was an important mover.

Pharmacy and bioethics is a neglected area, and the following paper introduces the issues in the context of Russia which is facing a change of over the counter medicines. This means the pharmacist has greater responsibility. There ar then papers from Thailand and Brazil, which reflect on the global relevance of some concepts of bioethics in different circumstances. Azevedo asks how poor people can really exercise informed consent or choice.

The Mystical Bioethics Network returns with several papers, and a challenge for more global diversity in comments. Lastly, the Initial Signatories to the Eubios Declaration for International Bioethics are given. We invite many more. You can sign by sending an Email to the editor.

A reminder to those interested in Asian Bioethics, that the next Conference of the Asian Bioethics Association will be in Seoul, Korea, 22-25 November. Please send papers by the end of June. At that meeting elections for the President and Board members will be held, and we hope that many friends can attend. At present there are no definite plans for TRT8, but a possible date is 15-17 February, 2003. It will be decided later.
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