Editorial: Open access and working together

-Darryl Macer, Ph.D.
Director, Eubios Ethics Institute
Affiliated Professor, United Nations University
Email: asianbioethics@yahoo.co.nz

Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 205.
As we approach the end of 2003 we have seen a number of ethical issues discussed in EJAIB this year, and the length of issues was extended in order to deal with the increased submission of papers. The number of readers expands, taking advantage of the free on-line access to the journal. Sadly there are still few bioethics journals, or any journals, with such a policy. The policy works as more people turn to Internet as the source of information, and convenience, and economy. For those who wish to contribute to the journal contributions are welcome, as are renewals to the Asian Bioethics Association (ABA) for 2004 which include EJAIB. The prices are differential, basically people should have access to information on bioethics, which is the reason for placing bioethics online for open access. The rewards of cross-cultural debate of issues are shared for all.

From 13-16 February, 2004, the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference will convene in Tsukuba, together with TRT9. More papers are welcome, a draft program is taking shape, and can be downloaded from the website. The meeting will bring collaborators on three open bioethics projects together. These include the behaviourome; bioethics education materials and methods and the first meeting of an International Bioethics Education Network designed especially for teachers; and a UNU project on identifying priority areas in global bioethics. These projects are all open to those who wish to join, in the spirit of open access and working together.

We hope to many of the Eubios network or family together in February. Unfortunately there are clashes with 2 other meetings in different countries, a sign of the growing number of ethics meetings. In November I participated in bioethics meetings in Bangkok (UNESCO Asia-Pacific regional office), and in India, and the interactive process of bioethics dialogue continues to enrich but exhaust us.

This issue includes papers from a variety of perspectives presenting alternative views in international bioethics in EJAIB tradition. We welcome your comments on these. have a good festive season, and we hope for a more peaceful 2004.

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