A Brief Report on the Bioethical Events associated with the Korean Bioethics Association (KBA) since ABC4 in Seoul (Nov. 2002)

- Sang-yong Song, Ph.D.,
303 Kungion Villa, 134-9 Kugi-dong, Chongno-gu,
Seoul 110-011, KOREA

Email: songsy63@hotmail.com

Vice-President for Korea, Asian Bioethics Association

Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 14 (2004), 10.

In Korea the legislation of bioethics is the biggest news in the past year. The Bioethics and Biosafety Law passed the National Assembly on 29 December 2003 after long debates for four years. According to the law human cloning is banned. However, embryonic cloning using nuclear transfer can be allowed through the National Bioethics Review Committee. It means a victory of Ministry of Science and Technology over the Ministry of Health and Welfare. The formation of Review Committee became crucial.

There have been a number of lectures, conferences and activities in bioethics since ABC4 conference November 2002, involving Korean members of ABA and the KBA. Some include:

1. Dialogue and Promotion of Bioethics (Ida Project) Seoul, Dec. 2002 ; Kyoto, Sep.2003; Pak Un Jong, Kim Ock Joo
2. A Study on the Charter for Scientists and Engineers (Project for Ministry of Science and Technology); Feb. 2003; Song Sang-yong et al.
3. Bioethics Forum : Workshops for Congressmen and Journalists, Seoul; Jun., Jul. 2003
4. Seoul Internatonal Conference on Bioethics 2003; Jun. 2003; Hamano Kenzo, Hwang Kyungsig, Daniel Fu-Chang Tsai, John Mcguire
5. Research Project on Cultural Issues in Bioethics, Bochum; Jun, Dec. 2003; Yoon Jeong- Ro, Chin Kyo Hun
6. IAB Board Meeting, Ethics in Biomedical Research, Helsinki; Aug. 2003; Song Sang-yong
7. KBA Annual Conference; Problems of Organ Transplantation, Seoul; Sep. 2003 Chin Kyo Hun et al.
8. Ad Hoc Committee on Bioethics, Korean Philosophical Association; Sep. 2003; new Chairperson Koo Young-Mo
9. ECO Conference 2003, Chennai; Nov. 2003; Song Sang-yong, Lee Sung Kyu, Kim Kiyoon, Hwang Sang-Ik
10. Ethical Issues in Brain Death & Organ Transplantation, Tsukuba; Nov. 2003 Kim Joong-Ho
11. Ethics of Stem Cell Research, Seoul; Nov. 2003; Pak Un Jong, Kim Ock Joo
12. Interdisciplinary Dialogue on Cloning, Taejon; Nov. 2003; Yang Hae-Rim et al.
13. WHO/FERCAP Conference, Bangkok; Dec. 2003; Koo Young-Mo
14. Bioethics and Biosafety Law Passed the National Assembly; 29 Dec. 2003
15. Beijing International Conference on Bioethics; Jan. 2004 Song Sang-yong, Pak Un Jong, Kwon Bok Kyu, Lee Eun Jung
16. Invited Lecture; Daniel Wikler,The Logic of Brain Death and Its Relation to Public Health, Seoul

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