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- - Darryl Macer, Ph.D.
Affiliated Professor, United Nations University
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Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 14 (2004), 193.

This issue of EJAIB includes only papers, with the news review being printed in the September 2004 issue which was printed at the same time. As introduced by Soraj Hongladarom, the first 7 papers are from a conference to promote Asian-European dialogue and develop bioethics education. The following papers from Hagelin, Chen and Yang and Fait are regular EJAIB papers that may also relate to the theme. The lessons from the AUM cult in Japan as a response to technology in society are also explored, revealing the social dangers of extreme and violent elitist views. Inter-cultural dialogue is one way to prevent such arrogance on the part of any cult or group.
The volume of about 500 pages that I am editing, Challenges for Bioethics from Asia, is under final preparation and will include many papers on the behaviourome project, bioethics education, and other papers from the ABC5/TRT9 conference held in February 2004 in Tsukuba. This issue is printed earlier than normal to allow the editor to focus on finishing that volume. I encourage readers to renew their subscriptions to EJAIB and membership of ABA. This support is essential to continue EJAIB, which continues to have an open access online policy of distribution for all.

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