East Asian Association for Bioethics

EACB'95 Conference Program (3-5 Nov. 1995)

Ed.-The abstracts and/or papers will be published, however, whether they will be published by Eubios Ethics Institute or elsewhere is not yet decided. The paper list is below:

Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 5 (1995), 142.
Opening Session - Chen Yunquan
Welcoming Remarks - Ru Xin, Yoshio Sezai, Peng Ruicong
Welcome Address - Michio Okamoto
Ethical Universalism vs. Ethical Relativism - Dan Wikler
The Foundation of East Asian Bioethics - Hyakudai Sakamoto

1. Bioethics: Universalism vs. Relativism
Bioethics: Descriptive or Prescriptive - Darryl Macer
What are We to Do with Caring and Compassion - Alvin Bowles
What Japanese Bioethics May Learn from Western Bioethics and Political Philosophy - Kenzo Hamano
Towards a Global Ethics and Bioethics - Fausto Gomez

2. Rights, Autonomy and Informed Consent
Patient's Autonomy vs. Doctor' Professional Integrity - Yasushi Tsukamoto
Right of Self-Decision vs. Professional Responsibility in Informed Consent - Toshiaki Takasu
The Limitation on the Value of Rights Approach to the Problem of Abortion - Yu Kam-por
Ethical Sentiments of Public Health Workers in Asian-Pacific Countries - Gen Ohi et al.
Right Issues of the Patients in Primary Care - Gu Yuan

3. Country Reports (1)
Bioethics in the Philippines - Angeles Alora
Bioethics in Japan - Kiyoshi Aoki
Japanese Death Factories and the American Cover-up - Chen Yuanfang

4. Genetics and Ethics
Medical Genetic Services and Its Bioethics - Norio Fujiki et al.
Drawing the Line in Genetic Engineering: the Argument for Human Dignity - Gerhold Becker
Biological and Ethical-Legal Issues of Patenting Human Genes - Miyako Okada-Takagi

5. Death, Euthanasia and Advance Directives
Concept of Brain Death - Kazuo Takeuchi
Ethical, Medical, Legal and Economic Issues in the Terminal Care of the Hopelessly III Patients in ICU - Liu Xiuwen et al.
Cross-Cultural Value Judgement in Terminal Care Ethics - Edwin Hui
Have a Good Birth as Well as a Good Death - Shen Minyxian

6. Death, Euthanasia and Advance Directives (2)
Advance Directives for Medical Treatment and Surrogate Decision Making in Cross-Cultural Perspective - Hans-Martin Sass
Euthanasia and the Principle of Justice - Alastair Campbell
Euthanasia: Legal and Ethical Perspective - Zhu Wei et al.
A Survey on the Practice of Euthanasia in Wuhan Urban Area - Liu Xinhui
Brain Death: Legal Perspective - Nobuhiko Takase
The UK Tony Bland case - Athena Liu

7. Cultural Dimensions of Bioethics (1)
Confucian Personhood and Bioethics - Po- keung
Towards a Confucian Bioethics: Its Structures, Perspectives and Implications for Current China - Fan Ruiping
I-Ching as a Source of Wisdom for East Asian Bioethics - Lo Ping-cheung
Bioethics and Confucianism - He Lun et al.

8. Country Reports (2)
Bioethics in China - Jin Dajie
Bioethics in India - Kusum Kumar

9. Cultural Dimensions of Bioethics (2)
An Approach to Bioethics from the Perspective of Buddhist Philosophy - Masahiko Sato
Nursing Ethics and Dialogue between Philosophical and Religious Bioethics - Frank Leavitt
Creasing Meaning in Care Work: Caring Scholars in China - Pang Mei-che
The Chinese Theology of Life and Modern Christian Ethical Spirit - Sun Muyi
The Analysis of Concepts of Right, Including New Rights - Setsuko Sato

10. Bioethics: International Perspective
Is "Western" Bioethics Incompatible with "Eastern" Bioethics? - Raanan Gillon
Genetics, Ethics and Society: Process and Policy - Michael Yesley
How Do We Understand the Characteristics of Bioethics in East Asia - Koichi Emi
Voluntary Euthanasia: Darwin's Law - An evolutionary win for human rights - Helga Huhse

11. Goals of Medicine
The Goals of Medicine and Public Health - Peng Ruicong
Traditional Chinese Medicine and Goals of Medicine - Lu Weibo
On an Activist Attitude towards Death - Qiu Renzong
Family Terminal Care in Rural Areas of China - Shi rong

12. Country Report (3)
Bioethics in Korea - Song Sang-Yong
Genetic screening in Germany - Rita Kielstein
Survey of euthanasia in China - Yu Lin

13. Bioethics Education
Ethics Education in Medical Schools in 15 Asian countries; An Overview Questionnaire Survey - Michio Miyasaka et al.
Democracy, Education and Bioethics - James Dwyer
The Bioethics Education at Saga Medical School - Mashashi Shirahama

14. Closing Session
Reflections and Conclusions - Qiu Renzong
Closing Remark: Cao Zeyi

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