Editorial and Invitations
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 6 (1996), 57.
There are numerous invitations given to all. First, invitation to reply, making comment or critique, and in this issue we can see the continuation of several themes, ethico-drama (which may also continue into the next issue), and whether philosophers are immune from ethics, and academic ethics. There is also an invitation for papers in AJMG, the ethics section of which I edit together with 3 colleagues listed on p.71.

A warm invitation is also extended to those who would like to join in the Second International Bioethics Roundtable in Tsukuba Science City, to be held in the second half of October, here. This is part of a three year Ministry of Education International Research Grant that I have just received, to develop Asian bioethics in collaboration with two of the associate editors of EJAIB, Frank Leavitt, and Jayapaul Azariah. We intend to have the first of annual workshops in each other's countries in June, in Israel and in the Palestinian Autonomous Region, and then Tsukuba in October, and at the beginning of next year in Madras, India. This is an invitation to come, unfortunately there is no money to cover airfares, but please make inquiries if you want to join in this endeavour.

Another invitation is to use the Internet site to obtain further books, conference proceedings and material that has been placed on it recently. I am still working on expanding the Japanese language site, but the English language site contains almost all of the Eubios publications. Included in this issue on Internet is a 19 page supplement, > N. Fujiki, "A biography and bibliography of recent trends in bioethics and medical genetics in Japan".

This is the 33rd issue of EJAIB (and EEIN). A further expansion to 32 pages per issue has been made, because of several reasons - the number of submissions of papers and the size of print means an extra 4 pages should be some respite for those with sore eyes. However, the major reason is that the postal costs have been altered, so that it will not cost any extra to send out the extra 4 pages, so they are included with only a little extra work and cost. Therefore the invitation to write is even warmer!

The first two papers are major Declarations on genetics and ethics, one by UNESCO and one by HUGO, and on behalf of the two international bioethics committees that drafted them, I hope we can see more discussion of genetics and ethics in these pages. Next issue will include a report on attitudes to genetic screening by persons with Muscular dystrophy, and papers on assisted reproduction.

- Darryl Macer

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