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- Hyakudai Sakamoto
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Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 7 (1997), 99.

One and a half years has already elapsed since we congratulated the new establishment of our East Asian Association for Bioethics in 1995 in Beijing, China. We now finally come to the stage to send you our first Newsletter including the list of all members of our Association as of June 1997, though the number of members is still rapidly increasing. In this issue we make EJAIB formally the official voice of the East Asian Association of Bioethics.

I hope you will help us to still enlarge the circle of our movement of Asian Bioethics to all Asian scholars as well as practitioners. Also, we hope that you all members will come to know each other and exchange ideas and also organize local societies and/or committees on Bioethics in each country.

We also remind readers of the Second Conference of our East Asian Association for Bioethics to be held 4-8 November, 1997 in Kobe City, Japan, as a part of the UNESCO Asian Bioethics Conference (UNESCO ABC'97). There have been calls for papers in previous issues of EJAIB, and in this issue there is also a draft of the papers submitted to the conference. During this Conference we will have the General Meeting of the Association and we will consider changing the name of our Association from the "East Asian Association" to the "Asian Association" in accordance with the previous consensus on the occasion of the last Beijing Conference, and some of the papers and debate that we have seen in various conferences, including the International Association of Bioethics Third World Congress and in EJAIB.

All members of our EAAB are invited to participate in the Conference. We, together with the general secretary of the ABC, Prof. Norio Fujiki, will be very pleased if you could join the Conference with your own funds. However, travel is expensive, and we are offering some extra fellowships for our members to assist them to come over to Japan to cover either the hotel expense, airfare, or both, if you definitely need it. Please return the forms immediately (deadline 6 August, 1997) with abstract applications to the abstract office, which is the editorial office of EJAIB, Prof. Darryl Macer.

Especially, fellowship applicants are invited to read a paper in the Conference. The deadline has been especially extended to receive further abstracts, for several sessions, please see the list of papers that appears in this issue. On 30 October, 1997 to 2 November, 1997, the Third International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable will be held in Tsukuba Science City, Japan, in conjunction with UNESCO ABC. On the 1-2 November the 9th Annual Meeting of the Japan Association of Bioethics will be held together, and as President of the society, and with Darryl Macer who is hosting this years meeting, warmly welcome you all to this chance to interact with each other and develop friendships and possible collaborations. The three meetings are all coordinated, and so far over 20 of the foreign guests coming to Kobe are also coming to Tsukuba, as you can see from the draft list of papers which also appears in this issue of the journal. You are also invited to participate in it, however, shortage of funds means we cannot guarantee anything more than a stimulating and friendly atmosphere.

Thank you to those who have sent in payments for the membership fees for EAAB, and we will talk

with you in the Conference when we meet. Please note background information on the EAAB can also be found on the Internet, as can previous abstracts of the First Congress in Beijing, <http://eubios.info/eaab.html> I hope for your good health, and I am looking forward to seeing you very soon. Greetings from the board of the EAAB as well.

Note EAAB Membership list appears in this issue of EJAIB.

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