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Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 7 (1997), 161.

This issue is finishing just before the Tsukuba and Kobe Bioethics meetings, where many readers will gather to talk in the flesh. We expect 60 foreign participants in Kobe, and half of these in Tsukuba, it should be an exciting time for Japanese and Asian bioethics.

This issue contains a mixture of medical and environmental ethics papers. The paper by Asai and colleagues looks at some of the real ethical dilemmas that Japanese doctors are faced with. It awaits corresponding data from other countries. There is also a case commentary by Alora from the Philippines, in response to previous issues. The paper by Ersoy and colleagues looks at nursing ethics in Turkey, with commentaries by Morioka and Leavitt.

Environmental ethics is the subject of the paper by Jacob and Azariah. A view of how religion and state are mixed in Indonesia is given by Ludjito. Then we have a paper by Becker on cloning, a contentious issue as I recently found in a presentation on the topic at the Freiburg Project meeting in Germany.

This issues editorial is rather short given pressures of time to get it to press before people come for the meetings. The past month has been interesting, preparing for conference, and also speaking at a meeting on Public Understanding of Science in Chicago, and one on genes the World Over in Loccum, Germany. The cross-cultural discussion of bioethics is still something unusual for many, and we hope that many will join the 4th World Congress of Bioethics (see back pages), which will soon be announced formally. Let us know if you intend to come.

This is the last issue of 1997, and a call for renewal of subscriptions is made. We need you help, and are unable to support sending copies of the journal to people without it. Look forward to hearing from you.

- Darryl Macer

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