Editorial - Welcome to Japan

Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 8 (1998), 69.

This issue sees a series of papers on human reproduction, including a second installment of papers from the Third International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable, that I hosted 30 Oct. - 2 Nov., 1997. There is also a paper on nursing ethics in Turkey, looking at the values expressed by carers. In addition a paper on constructivist ethics. There are still more to come, and also some papers waiting for review.

We will be revisiting some of these themes in the Fourth Tsukuba Roundtable (TRT4), 31 Oct. - 3 Nov. 1998. For those readers submitting abstracts to TRT4 and IAB4 please note the deadline for abstracts of 30 April has been passed, but still further submissions may be considered. Please read the notes in this issue carefully, and we welcome many more to join in the Global Bioethics Conferences. There will be many new faces and some familiar ones.

Since the past issue I have spent some time in New Zealand, at the Dept. of Social Work, University of Canterbury a guest of Ken Daniels. In addition Eubios Ethics Institute made a press release on the results of the 1997 telephone survey on biotechnology, that was conducted with the support of groups including Crop and Food Institute (see EJAIB 1997). This year, 1998, some more general surveys are planned and those who would like to collaborate are invited to contact me. Here in Tsukuba a number of research projects are continuing with a growing band of enthusiastic students. We look forward to greeting you here in Tsukuba for TRT4, with my colleagues Profs. Yutaka Tejima and Shinichi Shoji.

In April I had several days invited to Taiwan, and saw the progress on bioethics education there. My visit coincided with a supposed third tooth of Buddha, which made it more interesting. The Eubios network is growing, and we welcome more. This past week Alastair Campbell, President of IAB has been here helping in the plans for IAB4 this November...

Personally, I am planning to finish my latest book, called Bioethics is Love of Life in the coming month, which is an alternative textbook on cross-cultural ethics - and argues for the title theme. That theme will be taken up by a number of persons for comment in TRT4. In addition the English proceedings of ABC should be finished also, called Bioethics in Asia. That would also be good background for those coming to Japan. For special advance order discounts see the back page. Have a peaceful May!

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