Editorial: Turkish Bioethics Roundtables
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 8 (1998), 165.
This issue of EJAIB comes soon after the completion of the biggest International Bioethics Meetings ever held in Asia, the Fourth International Association of Bioethics World Congress (IAB4) and the Fourth International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable (TRT4). In Tsukuba over 150 foreign researchers and in Tokyo 300 researchers, attended 8 days of intensive meetings. Those who gave papers in Tsukuba should send electronic copies of their papers for the proceedings of the TRT4. The meetings were considered successful by participants, and were held in a good atmosphere. We were very busy here in the University of Tsukuba Bioethics Research Group, with all my research students making it possible to offer a good welcome.

See the enclosed announcement for those who wish to come back to TRT5, tentatively to be held 20-23 November, 1999. It is intended to have a smaller group, up to 60, to have more discussion style as in TRT1,2,3. Please tell us if you may come, noting financial assistance will very limited if at all. The theme is not decided yet, it depends on who will come. We welcome cooperation of networks to have satellite meetings or focused days of discussion.

In this issue about half of the papers from the Turkish Bioethics Roundtables held 26-29 August in Ankara are included. These meetings were the joint project of the Graduate Institute of Social Sciences, and the Center for Environmental Studies at Ankara University with cooperation from Eubios Ethics Institute. These meetings were from the West of Asia. In later issues of EJAIB further papers may be included, as well as papers from parallel meetings held in Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel. Many of the papers are on environmental issues, with several papers on genetics.

Please note the next meetings of Eubios Ethics Institute and the developing network will be in India from 4-17 January, 1999, basically in the South of India.

Thanks to all who blessed us with your presence in person or pen in 1998, and please renew your subscriptions...

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