Chinese Oath of a Medical Student

- Liu Qing, (7th year class, Grade 96, Harbin Medical University, 54#, Harbin, China 150086) Translator
[with proof reader Ruth Asselstine, Reviser Xu Weilian]
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 9 (1999), 81.

Being a doctor is a profession that demands great learning and caring. To cultivate doctors that are competent to the requirements of the 2lst century, the Education Department of the People's Republic of China issued "The Oath of a Medical Student" in 1991.

At present, more than 120 Chinese medical academies are implementing this vow. In the annual openning ceremonies, medical freshmen will solumnly pledge to carry out the Vow. "The Oath of a Medical Student' has absorbed the spirit of the well-known "Hippocratic Oath" and "Declaration of Geneva". It is in accordance with the fine tradition of China's medical ethics, integrated with China's present medical conditions. Consequently, its appearance was immediately welcomed.

When one of the main draftsmen, Professor Xu Weilian of Harbin Medcial University expounded to me its deep connotations. I vas deeply moved. The image of a doctor with caring and sympathetic spirit and superb skill rose before my eyes. I was stimulated to translate the vow and present it to my peers abroad, hoping that we can advance hand in hand on the road of medical achievements.

Oath for Medical Students

(Quoted from Appendix 4 of No. 106 Document, issued by High Education Dept. of Nation's Education Committee)

Health related, life entrusted.

The moment I step into the hallowed medical institution, I pledge solumnly-

I will volunteer myself to medicine with love for my motherland and loyalty to the people.

I will scrupulously abide by medical ethics, respect my teachers and discipline myself.

I will strive diligently for the perfection of technology and for all-round development of myself.

I'm determined to strive diligently to eliminate human suffering, enhance human health conditions and uphold the chasteness and honor of medicine.

I will heal the wounded and rescue the dying, regardless of the hardships.

I will always be in earnest pursuit of better achievement. I will work all my life for the development of the nation's medical enterprise as well as humankind's physical and mental health.

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