Editorial - Welcome to Japan '99

- Darryl Macer, Ph.D.
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 9 (1999), 97.

Coming together with this issue of EJAIB is the second flier of TRT5, to be held 20-23 November, 1999 here in Tsukuba Science City again. A steady stream of people is registering, and more are welcome. Please see updates on the Internet site. I very much look forward to the influx of friendly faces to join together in bioethics debate.

Due to delays in the arrival of a "CD writer" the issuing of the Eubios CD will be delayed, and it will only available after September. Until the next issue I will be working on bioethical issues at FAO in Rome*, so I suggest using only the Email below if you wish to have a regular contact. If anyone experiences delays in correspondence of other forms please understand, as several of the team will be there. If any of the readers have material you feel like sharing to others on a CD-ROM form, then I am open to including some further resources on the CD, space available.

This issue includes several more papers from TRT4, and some additional submissions. The review of Simon and Jansen looks at the laws governing human and animal cloning, which are evolving. Then we have 3 papers on human reproduction, firstly from the East, Yu Shi Ang reviews the treatment of the subject in Taiwan. Interestingly it appears that the global communication may now mean advances in science and technology are discussed in each country at similar times. A media analysis from Japan by Hayashi and Macer also reveals how various news comes in waves. Silverman and Clark examine the issue of surrogacy from a West Asian perspective, namely Judaism - and Leavitt explains why the subject is interesting in the context of Asian bioethics debate.

Watanabe contributes two brief papers, one reporting on the biosafety discussions - which continue to "drag on", and reveal how scientific assessment may be mixed with politics. Then environmental education is reviewed in japan, from results of a high school student survey conducted in 1998. There are then 3 papers on medical ethics, and a further letter for the Mystical Bioethics Network. We hope that these papers make for greater debate in Asia and Internationally.

Darryl Macer
Email: asianbioethics@yahoo.co.nz

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