Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics

EJAIB Vol 5 (1) January 1995

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News in Bioethics and Biotechnology

List is updated 1994-1995, in 31 topics. News was pp.11-23 of January issue.

Page, and titles of papers

1 Editorial: Why a New Journal?-Darryl Macer

2 New Initiatives in East Asian Bioethics - Hyakudai Sakamoto

3 Asian Bioethics: A Philippine View - Angeles T. Alora

3 Cultural Responses to the Taming of Nature - Margaret Lock

4 Asian Bioethics is My Concern- Judge C. Byk

5 Ethics, Bioethics, and Morals- Yaman Ors

5 Update on the Senpo Sugihara Asian Bioethics Centre- Frank J. Leavitt

6 The Book of Genesis and Environmental Ethics, Biodiversity and the Food Deficit- Jayapaul Azariah

9 Commentaries - Masahiro, Frank J. Leavitt

10 Briefs - Abby Lippman, Biosafety and genetics news from Brazil - M.B. Marques

10 IAB News and Genetics Network

Updated Conference list

Updated IAB Bioethics & Genetics Network - 1995 Addresslist

This contains the names and interests of the persons who had confirmed that they wanted to be in the Bioethics & Genetics Network and receive the EJAIB by January 1995. Research interests follow the address, and the phrase "Ethics of" is dropped.

New members announced separately as well as in updated list.

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