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This was a special issue, principally with papers from TRT4 discussing Bioethics is Love of Life An alternative textbook on cross-cultural ethics by Darryl Macer

Page, and titles of papers

33 Editorial - Darryl Macer

34-35 Bioethics and Global Love - Darryl Macer

35-38 Theories of Bioethics - Robert M. Veatch

38-39 Commentary on Macer - Masahiro Morioka

39-40 Kagandahang loob: Love in Philippine bioethics - Leonardo D. de Castro

40-42 Love in Medical Ethics in South Asia - V. Manickavel

42-43 The importance of love in ancient Indian biomedical ethics - Sunil K. Pandya

43-45 Love and medical ethics in Iran - Alizhera Bagheri

45-46 Love in Buddhist Bioethics - Pinit Ratanakul

46-47 Can love be a language of bio-ethics? - Ole Doering

47-49 Love and the History of Chinese Bioethics - Zhang Daqing

49 Love in Bioethics for Patient Care in Developing Countries - A.K.Tharien

50-54 Warfare Fitness Enhancement or Losing Strategy? A Bioscience Ethics Perspective - Irina Pollard

54 Commentary on Pollard - A.K.Tharien

55 Building religious/cultural bridges between Israeli and Palestinian university students - Ben Mollov, Musa Isa Barhoum

56 Pacifism and Reality: Commentary - Yeruham Frank Leavitt

56-59 A comparison of bioethics in school text books in India and Japan - Minakshi Bhardwaj and Darryl Macer

60-62 A Bioregional Perspective on Global Ethics - Richard Evanoff

63 Mystical Bioethics Network: A Humble Approach -Erin Williams

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Central and East European Association of Bioethics (CEEAB) Founded
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A noticable event in the history of Bioethics was the establishment of the Central and East Europian Association of Bioethics, February 6, 1999 in Pecs, Hungary. The meeting was founded by the Open Society Institute of New York.The objective of this society is to facilitate contacts and exchange information betwen participating countries concerning human rights, patients rights, ethical issues, and to review the present situation in these areas. The CEEAB values and plans to encourage free, open and reasoned discussion of bioethical issues, to initiate collaboration with participants, other societies and organisations. The president is Prof. Bela Blasszauer. CEEAB will provide moral support and practical guidence on patients rights legislation, movements, and organisations. It will stimulate the development of research, teaching in bioethics, and plans to organise scholarships, and exchange programs for the future. Membership will extend to ethicists, lawyers, physicians, nurses, philosophers, theologians, sociologists,etc. working in the field of bioethics. They will be primarily fom Central and Eastern Europe. However,those outside this area will also be able to join the association. The flow of information will be ensured through annual meetings, conferences, continous journal publications, newslwtters and internet. The first conference of CEEAB is planned for August 2000, Crakow, to coincide with the conference staged by the European Society For Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care.

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