Persons using or consulting this list are invited to communicate to the above-mentioned Office (attention: Mr S. S. Fluss, Programme Manager for Human Rights, Office of the Executive Administrator for Health Policy in Development: Tel: +41 (22) 791.22.02: Fax: +41 (22) 791.48.68) any additional information that may contribute to its improvement.


EIDE, A. et al., Eds. Food as a Human Right. United Nations University, Tokyo, 1984. xi, 289 pp. Price: $12.00. ISBN 92-808-0503-7.

This book addresses approaches to the hunger problem and the lack of food in different countries. The topics discussed include the causes of hunger and poverty, international responsibility, and the right to food, as well as the legal framework.

MUSCARI, M. & BELLELI, V., Eds. Il Medico e i Diritti dell'Uomo: Seconda Sessione di Studio e Formazione sui Diritti dell'Uomo. Proceedings of a Meeting held in Messina, Italy, on 6-11 April 1981. A. GiuffrË Editore, Milan, 1984. xxviii, 470 pp. Price: Lit. 30 000. ISBN 88-14-00155-3.

This volume contains papers and discussions from the Second Session for the Study of and Training on Human Rights, organized by the Messina-based International Centre of Sociological, Penal and Penitentiary Research in cooperation with UNESCO. The papers and discussions are introduced by a summary of the First Session, which was held in 1980. The purpose of these Sessions was to start "a dialogue between the medical profession and... the legal profession, with the aim of encouraging medical schools to create courses on medical ethics and human rights", and to focus on the interface between medical ethics and human rights. Both the First and the Second Sessions combined medical and legal approaches in dealing with each topic; hence, two papers were presented on each issue, one dealing with medical aspects and the other with legal and human rights aspects.

ROCHE, L., MALICIER, D. & MAISONNEUVE, P., Eds. Droits de l'Homme et MÈdecine: Son Enseignement. Vol. II. Masson, Paris, 1984. 364 pp. Collection de MÈdecine LÈgale et de Toxicologie MÈdicale, No. 128. ISBN 2-225-80407-9.

This book offers a valuable collection of articles, for direct use in teaching human rights and medical law in medical schools.


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This was the author's thesis for a State Doctorate in Law presented to

the Faculty of Law, Political Science, and Social Sciences of the

University of Strasbourg.

L‹CKER-BABEL, M.-F. L'Organisation Mondiale de la SantÈ et les Droits de l'Homme Relative ‡ la SantÈ. UniversitÈ des Sciences Juridiques, Politiques, Sociales et de Technologie de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, 1985. xxi, 607 pp.

This thesis considers in particular "whether WHO has made a contribution to the general theory of human rights, not only these rights in relation to health, but other fundamental or newly developed rights and whether it has means of implementing these rights that are on a par with those of other international organizations".

ROTH, M. & BLUGRASS, R., Eds. Psychiatry, Human Rights and the Law. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1985. x, 241 pp. Price: £27.50; $47.50. ISBN 0-521-26194-5.

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An extensive report on the procedures and legal guarantees necessary for the protection of the mentally ill with emphasis on the status quo. Questions relating to arbitrary deprivation of the freedoms and human rights of an individual on grounds of his mental health condition are given, as are the reasons for voluntary and involuntary hospitalization of persons, their right to treatment and the types of psychiatric institutions. The analysis of these and other important and complex interrelated issues and a comparative study of the replies of governments and other agencies form the basis of this report.


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Papers given by D. Von B¸low and P. Fritsche at the meeting of the German branch of the International Commission of Jurists held at Kiel on 13-15 June 1986. The respective presentations are entitled "Human Rights in relation to development in science and technology: legal questions concerning medicine" and "Human rights in relation to developments in science and technology from a medical standpoint".

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KREMALIS, K. D. [The Right to Health Protection -- From the Health Insurance Schemes of Social Security to the Unified Health Service System ] (in Greek). Athens, 1987. 234 pp.

This book comprises, in addition to a lengthy Introduction, the following Parts: I. Definitions and legal foundation of the right to health protection (the concepts of "health" and "right to health protection" are defined, as well as the legal basis of this right); and II. The binding character of the right to health protection (the responsibility of the State to provide health services and the actionable right for citizens are examined). A bibliography of publications in Greek and other languages is included, as is a series of Conclusions in English.

AMBROSELLI, C., MELOT, M., & SPIRE, A., Eds. Ethique MÈdicale et Droits de l'Homme. Actes Sud and INSERM, Paris, 1988. 351 pp. Price: FF 120. ISBN 2-86869-209-5.

This contribution to the fundamental debate on bioethics is the product of five meetings held between 12 March and 9 April 1987 on the topic of "The new 'factory' represented by the human body and human rights".

The book comprises the following five Parts: I. The new "factory" represented by the human body -- embryo research and ethical committees; II. Scientific experimentation and research -- ethics and knowledge; III. Neurology and systems of thought -- medicine and philosophy; IV. Biological life and "medicalized" death -- medicine, science, techniques, and institutions; and V. Information, ethics, human rights, and the citizen. A brief bibliography is provided.

ILIOPOULOS-STRANGAS, J., Ed. ExpÈrimentation BiomÈdicale et Droits de l'Homme. Presses Universitaires de France, Paris, 1988. 300 pp. ISBN 2-13-0422721.

This is a collection of papers from a Colloquium on Biomedical Experimentation and Human Rights, an international gathering of scientists, physicians, jurists, economists, and philosophers which met in Crete in May 1988 to seek ways to increase the benefits and prevent harm in biomedical research with human subjects.

The publication is divided into four Parts. The First Part is entitled "Facts in research and in law". The Second Part deals with the legitimacy of human experimentation. In the Third Part, there is a discussion on standards and institutions for the protection of human rights in biomedical research. The Fourth Part, "Philosophical and moral foundations for biomedical research in relation to human rights", consisting of two papers by a philosopher and a physician respectively, illustrates the divergence in disciplinary approaches to such issues as the significance of the body.

KLUG, U. & KRIELE, M., Eds. Menschen und B¸rgerrechte (Human Rights and Civil Rights). Franz Steiner Verlag Wiesbaden GmbH, Stuttgart, 1988. 152 pp.

This work contains papers presented at the meeting of the German Section of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy held in Cologne on 9-12 October 1986. It includes articles by G. Struck on "Human dignity: an argument and a taboo in the debate on fertilization techniques and gene technology"; W. Graf Vitzhum on "Genetic Manipulation and arguments based on human dignity"; and U. Neumann on "'Human dignity' in the debate on gene technology and fertilization techniques".

LEENEN, H.J.J. Handboek Gezondheidsrecht. Rechten van Mensen in de Gezondheidszorg. 2nd edition. Samsom Uitgeverij, Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, 1988.

This publication consists of the following chapters: I. Health law; II. Basic

Principles of health law; III. The patient's rights to autonomy in health care;

IV. The concept of man in health care; V. Genetic manipulation, genetic counselling, and genetic screening; VI. Decision-making with regard to procreation; VII. Legal problems relating to the beginning of life. VIII. Minors and health care law; IX. Patient's rights; X. Mental patients' rights; and XI. The end of life, euthanasia, and assistance in committing suicide.

UNITED NATIONS. Compendium of International Conventions Concerning the Status of Women. United Nations, New York, 1988. 186 pp. Price: $20.00. United Nations Publications Sales No. E.88.IV.3. ISBN 92-1-130128-9.

A compendium of international conventions adopted by the General Assembly and specialized agencies of the United Nations dealing with specific rights of women or provisions affecting the status of women. It is useful for governments, international and national organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and women's groups for improving and enforcing legislation to promote equality by law and in practice.


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UNITED NATIONS. Right to Adequate Food as a Human Right. United Nations, New York, 1989. 73 pp. Price: $9.00. Human Rights Study Series, No. 1. United Nations Publications Sales No. E.89.XIV.2.

ISBN 92-1-154075-5.

Focusing on the basic premise that everyone has a right to food, this book presents the views of an international group of scholars on the economic, social and legal implications of this vitally important world problem.


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ISBN 0398 9119.

Cahiers de Droit et d'Ethique de la SantÈ, 1990, Vol. 1, No. 2.

This issue includes the papers (all in French) presented at a meeting held in Lyon on 4 March 1989 on the subject "Human Rights, Ethics, and Medicine", organized by the European Association of Centres of Medical Ethics. Many of the papers deal with issues of current concern, while others deal with more philosophical and conceptual issues.

COHEN, R. & WISEBERG, L. S. Double Jeopardy - Threat to Life and Human Rights: Discrimination against Persons with AIDS. Human Rights Internet, Cambridge, MA, 1990. 47 pp. Price: $3.00 (USA); $5.00 (other countries).

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS AND THE LEAGUE OF RED CROSS AND RED CRESCENT SOCIETIES. Compendium of Reference Texts on the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. ICRC and IFRCRCS, Geneva, 1990. 178 pp. Price: Sw. fr. 17.-.

INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS STUDIES. Le MÈdecin Face aux Droits de l'Homme. Casa Editrice Dott. Antonio Milani, Padua, 1990. xxxvii, 1485 pp. Price: Lit. 140 000. ISBN 88-13-17072-6.

The First Part of this book consists of an inventory of the existing legal texts concerned with human rights in Europe (i.e. the Member States of the Council of Europe), that may be used as reference material by the physician to help him to take a decision when faced with problems of this type. Of particular interest in Chapter I (devoted to international legal texts) is the study by M. Spadea-Scalabrino (Catholic University of Milan) on the right to health. This 200-page study presents an orderly classification of the texts dealing with this basic human right, both from the point of view of the individual and that of society. In Chapter II, reference is made to the national legal texts of 11 Member States (Belgium, Spain, Finland France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the Federal Republic of Germany, Sweden, and Turkey). These reports, all of which adopt the classification already used in international law studies, constitute an analysis of comparative health law in Europe, and are presented in the form of data sheets.

SUTHERLAND, E. & McCALL SMITH, A., Eds. Family Rights: Family Law and Medical Advance. Edinburgh University Press, Edinburgh, 1990. vi, 135 pp. Price: £25. ISBN 07486 0204 6.

This book examines the growing legal and ethical issues of family rights in the making of treatment decisions and in the use of the latest human reproduction techniques. Medico-legal experts from Britain and North America deal with all aspects of family law, including surrogacy and its implications for the family, new reproduction techniques (IVF, womb leasing, etc.), and life and death decisions concerning children and old people. There are chapters on fetal abuse and the control of pregnant women; sterilization and other forms of contraception; the rights of children in medical treatment decisions; and the psychological and family consequences of genetic diseases.

WILLIAMS, P. Treatment of Detainees: Examination of Issues Relevant to Detention by the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Henry Dunant Institute, Geneva, 1990. 150 pp. Price: Sw. fr. 28.-.

The study includes two complementary debates, the first one on the role and the functioning of the United Nations Human Rights Committee; the second one on the problems and procedures relating to rights and to the treatment of detainees. The book examines systematically the activities of the Committee on norms and conditions of detention in some 80 countries. Through specific cases of torture and ill-treatment, summary executions, labour, health, social rehabilitation and treatment of special categories, it highlights the goals of States in the ways they treat their prisoners, and raises ideas for improvement.


ANONYMOUS. Global Compilation of National Legislation Against Racial Discrimination. Center for Human Rights, United Nations, Geneva. United Nations, New York, 1991. 201 pp. Serial No. HR/PUB/90/8.

Some of the legislative texts reproduced in this compilation include provisions

dealing with discrimination on the grounds of disability.

CARLE, P., HENDRIKS, A. & ZEEGERS, D. AIDS and Human Rights in the European Communities. Danish Centre of Human Rights, Copenhagen, and Netherlands Institute of Human Rights, Utrecht, 1991. 71 pp.

UNITED NATIONS CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Report of an International Consultation on AIDS and Human Rights, Geneva, 26-28 July 1989. United Nations, New York, 1991. iii, 57 pp.

UNITED NATIONS CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS & UNITED NATIONS INSTITUTE FOR TRAINING AND RESEARCH. Manual on Human Rights Reporting Under Six Major International Human Rights Instruments. United Nations, New York, 1991. 203 pp. Price: $42.00. United Nations Publications Sales No. E.91.XIV.1. ISBN 92-1-154082-8.

This Manual addresses in a comprehensive manner all elements of relevance in the reporting process. It should provide valuable assistance to government officials in the preparation and submission of reports under international human rights instruments.


ANONYMOUS. Report on a Pan- European Consultation on HIV/AIDS in the Context of Public health and Human Rights, Prague, 26-27 November 1991. Rights and Humanity, London, 1992. 63 pp. ISBN 1 874680 00 0.

ANNAS, G. J. & GRODIN, M. A., Eds. The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code: Human Rights in Human Experimentation. Oxford University Press, New York and Oxford, 1992. xxii, 371 pp. Price: $29.95.

ISBN  0-19-507042-9.

The book sheds light on keenly debated issues of both science and jurisprudence, including the ethics of human experimentation; the doctrine of informed consent; and the Code's impact on today's international human rights agenda. The historical setting of the Code's creation, some modern parallels, and the current attitude of German physicians toward the crimes of the Nazi era are discussed in early chapters. The book progresses to a powerful account of the Doctors' Trial at Nuremberg, its resulting verdict, and the Code's development.

The Code's contemporary influence on both American and international law is examined in its historical context and discussed in terms of its universality: Are the foundational ethics of the Code as valid today as when it was originally penned? The editors conclude with a chapter on foreseeable future developments and a proposal for an international covenant on human experimentation enforced by an international court. A major work in medical law and ethics, this volume provides stimulating, provocative reading for physicians, legal professionals, bioethicists, historians, biomedical researchers, and concerned laypersons.

ANONYMOUS. Final Report of the Second International Conference on Street Youth: Health Rights and Actions, Rio de Janeiro, 3-5 September 1992.

This report will be of substantial interest to those interested in health, welfare, and human rights of street children.

ANONYMOUS. HIV/AIDS in the Context of Public Health and Human Rights. Report of a Pan-European Consultation (Prague, 26-27 November 1991). Rights and Humanity, London, 1992. 65 pp. ISBN 1-874680-00-0.

"At the Pan-European Consultation on HIV/AIDS in the context of Public health and Human Rights, held in Prague from 26 to 27 November 1991, participatns from 22 Member States in the European Region of the World Health Organization met to discuss the principles of human rights, ethics and humanity applicable in the context of HIV/AIDS preventiona and care. On the eve of World AIDS Day, the theme of which was Sharing the Challenge, the participants undertook to develop a short set of pratical, action-oriented guidelines for neccessary and urgent action which would be appropriate to each Memeber State's economical and epidemiological situation. The participants recognized the obligations imposed by international human rights declarations and legal texts, and ethical guidelines ( the application of which, in the context of AIDS, is outlined in The Rights and Humanity Declaration and Charter on HIV and AIDS), and adopted the Prague Statement on the implementation of these principles in the light of the social policy and public health strategies outlined in the WHO Global Strategy on AIDS."

BROWNLIE, I., Ed. Basic Documents on Human Rights. 3rd edition. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1992. 631 pp. Price: £20.00. ISBN 0-19-825712-0.

This is an indispensable reference work for international and regional instruments.

BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. Medicine Betrayed: The Participation of Doctors in Human Rights Abuses. Zed Books Ltd., London, 1992. 234 pp. ISBN 1 85649 104 8.

According to one reviewer, this book is "without doubt the most authoritative and informative resource available on the responsibilities of physicians in the protection of human rights. Its thoughtful ethical commentary surpasses everything else in the literature. Practical guidance is provided throughout for the practitioner and medical policy maker alike. The Working Party which prepared this document took great pains to meet controversy and dilemmas head on. Some recommendations are provocative but this too is in their favour as the standards suggested will, where not uniformly accepted, stimulate necessary debate. It is to the immense credit of the British Medical Association that this volume has been produced. All physicians and all victims of abuse will be the beneficiaries."

CENTRE FOR SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT AND HUMANITARIAN AFFAIRS, UNITED NATIONS OFFICE AT VIENNA. Compendium of United Nations Standards and Norms in Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice. United Nations, New York, 1992. viii, 278 pp. Price: $37.00. United Nations Publications Sales No. E.92.IV.1. ISBN 92-1-130148-3.

This publication will be of significant interest to all those concerned with, inter alia, the protection of human rights in the health sector in the prison environment.

CENTER FOR THE STUDY OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Twenty-four Human Rights Documents. Columbia University, New York, 1992. 198 pp. Price: $00.00. ISBN 1-881482-00-6.

This book includes certain international instruments (such as the 1990 Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam) that do not appear in other such compilations.

COUNCIL OF EUROPE PRESS. Human Rights in International Law: Basic Texts. Council of Europe Press, Strasbourg, 1992. 465 pp. ISBN 92-871-2039-0.

COUNCIL OF EUROPE PRESS. Short Guide to the European Convention on Human Rights. Council of Europe Press, Strasbourg, 1992. 156 pp. ISBN 92-871-1981-3.

DETRICK, S., Ed. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child: A Guide to the Travaux PrÈparatoires. Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1992. 724 pp. Price: Dfl. 387.00; $236.00; £154.95. ISBN 0-7923-1671.

This book provides a complete overview of the drafting process of the Convention, which was unanimously adopted by the General Assembly on 20 November 1989. It will aid those concerned to achieve a better understanding of the provisions of the Convention. The exhaustive Appendix lists all relevant UN documents.

DUBE, G. & SMAILES, A. AIDS and Human Rights: Sharing the Challenge. Vancouver World AIDS Group, Vancouver, 1992. iv, 48 pp. (Also available in French).

DORKENOO, E. & ELWORTHY, S. Female Genital Mutilation: Proposals for Change. 4th edition. Minority Rights Group International, London, 1992. 32 pp. Price: £3.95; $5.95. ISBN 0-946690-90-1.

This is stated by the publisher to be a "balanced study of female genital mutilation (FGM): its extent, historical antecedents, contemporary practice, and medical and social consequences. Includes a survey of campaigns against FGM worldwide."

HUNTER, N. D. & RUBENSTEIN, W. B., Eds. AIDS Agenda: Emerging Issues in Human Rights. The New Press, New York, 1992. xv, 301 pp. Price: $27.95. ISBN 1-56584-001-1.

This book has three main themes. The first three chapters are devoted to the shift in the impact of HIV infection and AIDS from a disease that initially affected primarily gay men, to one spreading rapidly among self-injecting drug users and their sex partners. These chapters, about women, adolescents, and parents with HIV infection and AIDS, emphasize the need to refocus and reformulate many public policy initiatives. The next three chapters examine the varied aspects of access to health care for people with HIV infection or AIDS in the United States. As a consequence of the availability of new treatments, people with HIV infection or AIDS can now lead longer and more productive lives, provided they have access to these treatments. This has made the issues related to health care, and in particular its accessibility, quality and financing, increasingly important. The last two chapters of the book deal with what the editors call "the new issues in civil rights": criminalization of HIV transmission and its consequences; and discrimination in employment.

LA LAGUNA UNIVERSITY. La Laguna Declaration. The Reform of International Institutions for the Protection of Human Rights. Proceedings of the First International Colloquium on Human Rights in La Laguna, 1-4 November 1992. La Laguna University, Tenerife, Spain, 1992. 103 pp. ISBN 84-7756-361-6.

PICHLER, J. W. Internationale Entwicklungen in den Patientenrechten. Bˆhlau Verlag, Vienna, Cologne, and Weimar, 1992. 1033 pp. Price: DM 198.00; 1386 Austrian schillings. ISBN 3-205-05488-1.

This is an indispensable compilation for all persons and institutions concerned with patients' rights. The book has abundant citations (there are no less than 2762 references) and also has a 42-page bibliography. There is no index.

SERUSCLAT, F. Rapport sur les Sciences de la Vie et les Droits de l'Homme: Bouleversement sans ContrÙle ou LÈgislation ‡ la FranÁaise. Vol. 1. Questions-clefs et RÈponses Contradictoires. Office Parlementaire d'Evaluation des Choix Scientifiques et Technologiques, Paris, 1992. 428 pp.

This Report studies the problems raised by the preliminary draft Law on "The life sciences and human rights" formulated by the Conseil d'Etat. Its principal purpose is to facilitate the participation of French Parliamentarians in the debates on the subject by providing them with information other than that supplied by the Government and the Administration. Vol. 1 comprises the following Parts: 1. Preparatory elements for ethical refection; 2. Medically assisted procreation; 3. The search for definitions of the first stages of the procreative process and a statute governing research; 4. Prenatal diagnosis and its consequences; 5. Evaluation of the consequences of advances in genetics; 6. The status of the human body and the human person; 7. The frontier between life and death: how should one respect a person whose death is imminent?; and 8. Conclusions. The volume describes the choices that Parliamentarians may have to make, and presents the range of available alternatives in terms of the existing or foreseeable scientific and technical possibilities in the short or medium term. Long-term prospects are described, and their consequences for society's options and individual freedoms are evaluated. Solutions are presented, some of the proposed courses of action involving legislation.

TOMASEVSKI, K. Prison Health: International Standards and National Practices in Europe. Helsinki Institute for Crime Prevention and Control, Helsinki, 1992. xxx, 228 pp. Publication Series No. 21. ISBN 951-47-6436-6; ISSN 0780-3656.

Aspects addressed in this book include: prisoners' access to health care; research involving prisoners; standard-setting in prison health; and international codification in prison health. The author suggests, in a rubric entitled "Goals, standards and ethics in prison health: towards a European Prison Health Code", that "The elaboration of a code of prison health ethics could supplement human rights standards by summarizing the experiences in addressing and solving pertinent problems that reach far beyond the recognized -- or emerging -- human rights".

UNITED NATIONS. Human Rights Bibliography: United Nations Documents and Publications. 5 vols. United Nations, New York, 1992. 2048 pp. Price: $95.00. United Nations Publications Sales No. E.GV.92.0.16. ISBN 92-1-100377-6.

This bibliography is an essential reference for those involved in the analysis and study of the various dimensions of human rights. It covers the years 1980-1989 with over 9000 entries of publications issued by the United Nations. Issued as a five-volume set, Vol. 1 gives a list by category, Vol. 2 the author index, and Vols. 3-5 the alphabetical subject index. Annual supplements are planned.

WACHENFELD, M. G. The Human Rights of the Mentally Ill in Europe. Danish Centre for Human Rights, Copenhagen, 1992. 23 pp. Publication No. 31. ISBN 87-89040-30-9; ISSN 0903-9961.

Following a brief description of the concepts of "mentally ill" and "human rights", this book outlines the historical background to and content of the European Convention on Human Rights, and discusses its implications for the mentally ill, with particular reference to: deprivation of liberty; conditions and treatment in hospital; and the private lives of the mentally ill. In her Conclusion, the author draws attention to the fact that, although the Convention does explicitly permit the continuation of the practice of detention, it has introduced new and objective criteria on procedural standards that seek to ensure that there is always a valid, verifiable medical basis for the commitment of the mentally ill.


ANONYMOUS. SIDA, SantÈ et Droit de L'Homme. Proceedings of a Conference held at the Foundation Marcel MÈrieux, Veyrier-du-Lac, Annecy, France, 18-20 June 1993. 284 pp. ISBN 2-84039-022-1.

ANONYMOUS. Medical Ethics and Human Rights: The Commonwealth Medical Association Project on the Role of Medical Ethics in the Protection of Human Rights. Part One. Report of a Working Group held in London on 20-24 July 1993, including the Guiding Principles on Medical Ethics. CMA, London, 1994. 43 pp. Price: £5.95. CMA Project Series, No. 3.

This publication contains materials relevant to the CMA's Guiding Principles on Medical Ethics and Human Rights. It includes a series of Annexes containing valuable, and not readily accessible, information, including:

relevant extracts from the Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action, adopted by the World Conference on Human Rights (Vienna, 14-25 June 1993); WHO's Guiding Principles on Human Organ Transplantation; and the 1989 version of the Declaration of Helsinki (Recommendations Guiding Physicians in Biomedical Research Involving Human Subjects).

ANONYMOUS. Medical Ethics and Human Rights: Report of the Commonwealth Medical Association Project on the Role of Medical Ethics in the Protection of Human Rights. Part Two. Briefing papers prepared for the Meeting of the Working Group held in London on 20-24 July 1993. CMA, London, 1994. 56 pp. Price: £5.95. CMA Project Series, No. 3.

This publication contains a series of papers that were prepared in the development of the CMA's Guiding Principles on Medical Ethics and Human Rights. Included are a contribution by Helena Nygren entitled "Health and medical ethics: a survey of international and regional human rights instruments" and a paper by Rebecca J. Cook entitled "Human rights, ethics and reproductive health".

BRODY, E. B. Biomedical Technology and Human Rights. UNESCO, Paris, and Dartmouth Publishing Company, Aldershot, England, and Brookfield, VT, USA, 1993. xiii, 312 pp. Price: $46.95. ISBN 92-3-102806-5 (UNESCO); 1 885521 373 7 (Dartmouth).

This book is stated by the publisher to present "a humane approach to the issue of health rights, recognizing that they are imbedded in an interpersonal web of privileges and obligations understandable in particular socio-economic and cultural contexts. As such it reflects the author's long experience as a clinician, a scholar and an international health consultant. It is aimed not only at policy makers and those concerned with human rights and biomedical ethics in general, but at scientists, practitioners and students of medicine, public health officers and the other health professionals, especially those whose interests cross national and cultural boundaries".

CHAPMAN, A. R. Exploring a Human Rights Approach to Health Care Reform. American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC, 1993. xi, 74 pp. Price: $00.00. ISBN 0-87168-525-6.

DESPOUY, L. Human Rights and Disabled Persons. United Nations, New York, 1993. iv, 43 pp. Price: $20.00. Human Rights Study Series, No. 6. ISBN 92-1-154090-9.

This booklet addresses issues related to disabled persons. These issues include basic legal concepts, factors causing disability, prejudices, and discrimination against disabled persons, and national and international policies and measures designed to eliminate discriminatory practices.

MANN, J. M. & DUPUY, C., Eds. AIDS, Health and Human Rights. Proceedings of a Meeting held in Veyrier-du-Lac, Annecy, on 18-20 June 1993. Fondation Marcel MÈrieux, Lyons, 1993. 284 pp.

ISBN 2-84039-0221-1.

TOMASEVSKI, K. Women and Human Rights. Zed Books Ltd, London and Atlantic Highlands, NJ, USA, 1993. xiv, 162 pp. Price: $49.95 (cloth); $17.50 (paper). ISBN 1 85649 119 6 (cloth); 1 85649 120 X (paper).

Health and health-related issues are discussed in several chapters of this book (there is a section entitled "Women and AIDS" at pp. 65-69).

UNITED NATIONS. United Nations Reference Guide in the Field of Human Rights. United Nations, New York, 1993. 124 pp. Price: $25.00. United Nations Publications Sales No. 93.XIV.4. ISBN 92-1-154097-6.

Human rights remains a basic yet globally challenging subject. This reference guide is a simple and practical research tool issued to guide users through the reports, documents, and procedures published by the United Nations on the subject of human rights. It is divided into chapters with subheadings under which the relevant entries have been listed by title or subject.


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, INTERNATIONAL SECRETARIAT. Ethical Codes and Declarations Relevant to the Health Professions: An Amnesty International Compilation of Selected Ethical Texts. 3rd revised edition. Amnesty International, London, 1994. ii, 124 pp. No price stated.

ISBN 0 86210 233 2

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COMITE INTERNATIONAL DE LA CROIX-ROUGE & FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DES SOCIETES DE LA CROIX-ROUGE ET DU CROISSANT-ROUGE. Manuel du Mouvement International de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge. 13Ëme Edition. ComitÈ International de la Croix-Rouge & FÈdÈration Internationale des SociÈtÈs de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge, GenËve, 1994. 959 pp. Price: Sw. fr. 39.-.

COOK, R. J., Ed. Human Rights and Women: National and International Perspectives. University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1994. xiv, 634 pp. Price: $54.95. ISBN 0-8122-3261-5 (cloth); 0-8122-1538-9 (paper).

This book is the outcome of a Consultation on Women's International Human Rights, held at the University of Toronto from 31 August to 2 September 1992. In her Introduction, the Editor (who directs the International Human Rights Law Programme at the University) affirms that "the gathering of experts at the Consultation was perhaps unique in its concentration of experience in advancing human rights domestically, regionally and internationally". Those interested in the human rights aspects of women's health will find much of interest in this well-presented and beautifully produced volume.

COOK, R. J. Women's Health and Human Rights: The Promotion and Protection of Women's Health through International Human Rights Law. WHO, Geneva, 1994. vii, 62 pp. Price: Sw. fr. 14.- (Sw. fr. 9.80 in developing countries). ISBN 92 4 1561661.

Women's right to health is protected by international human rights law, yet States often fail to fulfil the obligations of the treaties they have signed. As a result, many women suffer "health disadvantages" compared with men. Human rights lawyer Professor Rebecca Cook argues that these disadvantages

represent injustice in terms of human rights agreements.

Professor Cook explains what international human rights treaties say about

women, health and equity. She describes in what ways women are more liable to ill- health than are men. And she draws conclusions on how human rights treaties could be used as a lever to improve the health of women in the countries that have signed them. This book challenges States and Governments to do what they have legally bound themselves to do - take all steps necessary to ensure that women are fully enabled to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

FAMILY CARE INTERNATIONAL. Action for the 21st Century: Reproductive Health & and Rights for All. FCI, New York, 1994. 45 pp. Price not stated.

This report "synthesizes the fundamental reproductive health recommendations contained in the ICPD Programme of Action, endorsed at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), held in Cairo, Egypt, in September of 1994. It outlines the who, what, and how of achieving universal reproductive health and rights within the next two decades".

Health and Human Rights, 1994 VOL. 1, NO. 1.

The first issue of their journal includes the following articles: "Health and human rights" J. Mann et al.); "The right to health in international human rights law" (V. Leary); and "Towards the development of human rights impact assessment for the formulation and evaluation of health policies (L. Gostin and J. Mann) . Also included is a Commentary entitled "The World Development Report 1993 and human rights" (T. Klouda) and an 11-page bibliography on human rights and the right to health (Compiled by L. Bernier).

Health Matrix: Journal of Law-Medicine, 1994, Vol. 4, No. 2.

This issue is devoted to a Symposium on "Justice and Health Care: An International Perspective ". Included is a contribution by Dieter Giesen on "A right to health care? a comparative perspective" (pp. 277-295).

INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS & INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF RED CROSS AND RED CRESCENT SOCIETIES. Handbook of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. 13th edition. ICRC and IFRCRCS, Geneva, 1994. 937 pp. Price: Sw. fr. 39.-. ISBN 2-88145-074-1.

This is an essential reference work to international humanitarian law and other related matters (including blood safety).
KASTELEIN, W. R. Van Klagen naar Klachtrecht: Het Klachtrecht van de PatlÎnt in de Gezondheidszorg (From Complaining to the Right to Complain: The Patient's Right of Complaint in Health Care). 2nd edition. Gouda Quint, Arnhem, the Netherlands, 1994. xix, 381 pp.

SHOJI, K. [Legal Problems Relating to Individual Rights in the Context of Medically Assisted Procreation] (in Japanese). 1994. v, 163 pp.

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Information on WHO-generated documents and publications is included.

TOMASEVSKI, K. Human Rights in Population Policies: A Study for SIDA. Swedish International Development Authority, Stockholm, 1994. 127 pp. Price: $00.00. ISBN 91-586-6047-X.

LA LAGUNA UNIVERSITY. Human Rights for Future Generations. Proceedings of a UNESCO - Cousteau Society Meeting of Experts, 25-26 February 1994. La Laguna University, Tenerife, Spain, 1994. 256 pp. ISBN 84-7756-363-2.

UNITED NATIONS CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. United Nations Action in the Field of Human Rights. United Nations, New York and Geneva, 1994. xi, 417 pp. Price: $80.00. ISBN 92-1-154107-7; ISSN 1014-5621.

This volume is an invaluable source of information on the work of the agencies and bodies within the United Nations system (as well as other international organizations and entities) on all aspects of human rights. Readers interested in health and environmental aspects of human rights will find much of interest; relevant paragraphs can be readily retrieved thanks to the detailed table of contents and the extensive index. There are abundant footnotes.
YOTOPOULOS-MARANGOPOULOS, A., Ed. Women's Rights: Human Rights. "Hestia" Publications, Athens, 1994. 359 pp. Price: $00.00. ISBN 960-05-0592-6.
Certain chapters in this book address health and health-related issues.

ZIELINSKI, H. L. Health and Humanitarian Concerns: Principles and Ethics. Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1994. xix, 117 pp. Price: $56.00; Dfl. 95.00. ISBN 0-7923-2963-5.

Written from the perspective of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, this book seeks to provide knowledge as to the key documents and principles relevant to the human rights and ethical aspects of those facets of medicine and health care in which members of the Movement are likely to be active. It seeks to at least partially fill a gap identified by the author (himself a physician who has devoted much of his career to the Movement) in his Introduction, viz. "[u]ntil now, however, no single text has been written which has offered guidance concerning the relationship between the conduct of [Red Cross/Red Crescent] health professionals, humanitarian issues, the Fundamental Principles [of the Movement] and various codes of professional ethics."


ALFREDSSON, G. & TOMASEVSKI, K., Eds. A Thematic Guide to Documents on the Human Rights of Women: Global and Regional Standards Adopted by Intergovernmental Organizations, International Non-governmental Organizations and Professional Associations. Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1995. 448 pp. Price: Dfl. 250.00; $182.50; £112.50. The Raoul Wallenberg Institute Human Rights Guides, Vol. 1. ISBN 90-411-0094-6.

According to the publisher, this "unique collection provides a systematic guide to international human rights standards relating to women. The publication of this volume coincided with the Fourth World Conference (Beijing) on Women. This volume establishes the structure to be followed by future Guides, namely to map out the entire range of human rights and fundamental freedoms as they relate to women. Its size well illustrates the reach of human rights standards and if nothing else, this Guide, will save the reader many months of looking for pertinent documents."

American University Law Review, 1995, Vol. 44, No. 4.

This massive issue (which runs to more than 500 pages) is devoted to the proceedings of a Conference on the International Protection of Reproductive Rights (held at the American University, Washington, DC, on 10-11 November 1994).

ANGEL, W. D., Ed. The International Law of Youth Rights. Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1995. 1164 pp. Price: Dfl. 450.00; $290.00; £189.00. ISBN 0-7923-3321-7.

This unique, pioneering study traces the origin, growth, and basic features of the international law of youth rights. It consists of both source documents and commentary on the historical trends to elaborate and codify international instruments and standards in this field (especially by the League of Nations system, 1919-1940, and the United Nations system, 1946-1994), as well as action taken by governmental, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental organizations to promote and protect youth rights.

It concludes with a call for a new international instrument and monitoring machinery to better promote and protect the rights of youth on a global basis. For ease of reference, the book contains a comprehensive bibliography and index of instruments, ratifications, correspondents, subjects, and countries.

ANONYMOUS. AIDS, Health and Human Rights: An Explanatory Manual. International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and FranÁois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights (Harvard School of Public Health), Geneva, 1995. 162 pp. ISBN 92-9139-014-3.

COLIVER, S., Ed. The Right to Know: Human Rights and Access to Reproductive Health Information. ARTICLE 19, London, and University of Pennsylvania Press, Philadelphia, 1995. xiv, 391 pp. Price: £00.00; $19.95. ISBN 1-870798-42-2.

This book is stated by the publishers to be "at the forefront of a new approach to women's reproductive health and choice, one that applies a human rights analysis to public health realities. It sets out the kinds of information women need to make informed decisions about their reproductive health and identifies how international human rights law can be used to challenge government practices that impede access to it. This book provides a valuable framework that can be used to improve public health programmes and hold governments accountable for their policies."

COPELON, R., HERNANDEZ, B.E. & FACIO, A. The Human Rights Framework of the Beijing Platform for Action: Selected Sources from International Instruments. International Women's Human Rights Law Clinic, School of Law, City University of New York, New York, 1995. 138 pp.

This is an invaluable reference source, prepared for the Beijing Conference (4 - 15 September 1995).

DEGENER, T. & KOSTER-DREESE, Y., Eds. Human Rights and Disabled Persons: Essays and Relevant Human Rights Instruments. Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1995. xiv, 757 pp. Price: $00.00; £00.00; Dfl. 00.00. ISBN 0-7923-3298-9.

This volume is stated by the publisher to offer "a collection of in-depth essays on the subject of human rights and disability, and an extensive compilation of international and regional human rights instruments, guidelines and principles which are of special relevance to disabled people. Its purpose is to serve organizations of disabled people as well as governments throughout the world as a resource and as an introduction to human rights and disability. No comprehensive compilation of this kind exists, and so far commentaries on the meaning of the International Bill of Human Rights or other human rights treaties have not made reference to disabled people. This shortcoming may be one reason for the widely prevailing notion that disability is a welfare issue rather than a human rights issue."

DORKENOO, E. Cutting the Rose: Female Genital Mutilation-The Practice and the Prevention. 2nd edition. Minority Rights Group International, London, 1995. 196 pp. Price: £8.95; $18.95. ISBN 1-873194-95-1.

The publisher states that this "sensitive study provides new information and clarifies misconceptions about FGM. The author concludes: Rather than righteous indignation, what is urgently needed is understanding of the problem and the practical support to change it'."

EIDE, A., KRAUSE, C. & ROSAS, A., Eds. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: A Textbook. Martinus Nijhoff and Åbo Akademi University Institute for Human Rights, The Hague, 1995. 508 pp. Price: $129.00; £81.95;

Dfl. 205.00. ISBN 0-7923-3277-6.

This book is stated by the publisher to be the "first comprehensive textbook on internationally recognized economic, social and cultural rights". It includes chapters on "Health rights", "Environmental rights", and "Women's rights", all authored by K. Tomasevski.

HARVARD LAW SCHOOL. Economic and Social Rights and the Right to Health: An Interdisciplinary Discussion Held at Harvard Law School in September 1993. Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School, and the FranÁois-Xavier Bagnoud Center for Health and Human Rights, Harvard School of Public Health. Human Rights Program, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, 1995. vi, 56 pp. ISBN 1-879875-04-7.

The topics addressed by the participants at this meeting included the following principal themes: the power and the failures of rights rhetoric and argument, relative to other modes of argument (distributive fairness, utilitarianism, and so on) about governmental provision of welfare; the revision and transformation of rights rhetoric to accommodate complex economic-social rights like health or health care; narrow-to-broad conceptions of and different frameworks for realizing a right to health and health care; types of legal and political processes essential to the realization of rights like health or health care; and the influence of the international human rights movement on national reforms, and the failures of that movement and its related institutions.

Health and Human Rights, 1995, Vol. 1, No. 2.

This issue includes a number of contributions relating to the treatment and the human rights of disabled persons. Included is a select bibliography on "Human Rights and Disability".

Health and Human Rights, 1995, Vol. 1, No. 4.

This issue has a special focus on "Women's Health and Human Rights", and includes a select bibliography on the subject.

HIMES, J. R., Ed. Implementing the Convention on the Rights of the Child: Resource Mobilization in Low-income Countries. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, The Hague, 1995. 288 pp. Price: $35.00; £24.75; Dfl. 55.00. ISBN 90-411­0090­3.

INTERNATIONAL SERVICE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. Women's Rights in the UN: A Manual on how the UN Human Rights Mechanisms can Protect Women's Rights. International Service for Human Rights, Geneva, 1995. 69 pp.

JAYASURIYA, D. C., Ed., HIV Law, Ethics and Human Rights: Text and Materials. UNDP Regional Project on HIV and Development, New Delhi, 1995. 420 pp.

RAOUL WALLENBERG INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RIGHTS AND HUMANITARIAN LAW. UN Centre for Human Rights: Fact Sheets 1-22. 2nd edition. Raoul Wallenberg Institute, Lund, Sweden, 1995. 422 pp.

REICH, W. T., Ed. Encyclopedia of Bioethics. Revised edition. 5 vols. Simon & Schuster Macmillan, New York, 1995. xi, 2950 pp. Price: $425.00. ISBN 0-02-897355-0.

This is an enormously valuable reference source for all concerned with the continuum of "human rights, medical ethics, and bioethics". Numerous texts that relate to human rights (and patients' rights) in health care are reproduced in the 250-page Appendix.

SAMUELS, S. Fetal Rights, Women's Rights: Gender Equality in the Workplace. University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, 1995. 248 pp. Price: $29.50 (cloth); £11.95 (paper). ISBN 0-299-14540-9 (cloth); 0-299-14544-1 (paper).

Many US private employers have enacted fetal protection policies that barred women - that is, women who had not been surgically sterilized - from working in jobs that might expose fetuses to toxins. This book analyses these policies and the ambiguous responses to them.

SCHULER, M. A., Ed. From Basic Needs to Basic Rights: Women's Claim to Human Rights. Women, Law & Development International, Washington, DC, 1995. Xiv, 580 pp. Price: $00.00. Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 95-79859.

Several chapters in this book address health and health-related rights, notably those in Part IV (Sexual and Reproductive Rights).
UNITED NATIONS. World Conference on Human Rights. The Vienna

Declaration and Programme of Action, June 1993. United Nations, New York, 1995. 71 pp. Price: $5.00. Serial No. DPI/1394/Rev.1/HR.

This publication contains the full text of the Declaration and Programme of Action adopted by consensus on 25 June 1993 by representatives of 171 States. A number of paragraphs address health and health-related issues.


United Nations and Human Rights, 1945-1995. United Nations, New York, 1995. 536 pp. Price: $29.95. ISBN 92-1-100560-4.

Included in this timely volume are the texts of various conventions, guidelines, etc., some of which include health and health-related provisions. The full text of the 1993 Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action is reproduced.

1995 (continued)

UNITED NATIONS DEPARTMENT FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL INFORMATION AND POLICY ANALYSIS. Programme of Action adopted at the International Conference on Population and Development, Cairo, 5-13 September 1994. Vol. 1. United Nations, New York, 1995. 100 pp. Price: $10.00. United Nations Publication Sales No. E.95.XIII.7. ISBN 92-1-151278-6.

UNITED NATIONS DEPARTMENT FOR ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL INFORMATION AND POLICY ANALYSIS. Review and Appraisal of the world Population Plan of Action: 1994 Report. United Nations, New York, 1995. ix, 149 pp. Price: $10.00. United Nations Publication Sales No. E.95.XIII.27. ISBN 92-1-151299-9.

UNITED NATIONS. World Summit for Social Development (Copenhagen, 6-12 March 1995): The Copenhagen Declaration and Programme of Action. United Nations, New York, 1995. ix, 137 pp. Price: $15.00.

Chapter VI of this book deals with "Reproductive Rights, Reproductive Health and Family Planning".

VAN BUEREN, G. The International Law on the Rights of the Child. Programme on International Rights of the Child, University of London. Martinus Nijhoff, The Hague, 1995. 432 pp. Price: Dfl. 225.00; $139.00; £90.00. ISBN 0-7923-2687-3.

The author draws upon her own experience to highlight the complexities behind the global violations of children's rights.

VASINOVA, M., Ed. Judicial Services and Social Health Care in Protection of Children's Rights. Proceedings of a Symposium, Saint-Vincent, Italy, 19-21 May 1994. Grand Hotel Billia Congress Centre, Saint-Vincent, 1995. Variously paginated.

Some 320 pages of this massive tome are devoted to papers (in English) presented at the Symposium on a wide variety of topics relating to child health and welfare, with particular reference to legal, ethical, judicial, and public policy issues.

WHO REGIONAL OFFICE FOR EUROPE. Promotion of the Rights of Patients in Europe. Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 1995. x, 139 pp. Price: Dfl. 95.00; $69.00; £42.50. ISBN 90 411 0100 4.

This book describes the principles and strategies for promoting patients' rights within the context of the health care reform process. "Patients' rights are placed in the context and perspective of other significant emerging trends and issues: patient education and health education; provider-patient relationships; and social rights and citizens' views on health care reforms.

The main thrust of various strategic options for furthering the implementation of patients' rights is formulated. The emphasis is on options which could be selected and adapted to fit the respective contexts of different countries, underlining the different roles of different organizations, including international organizations."


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Prescription for Change: Health Professionals and the Exposure of Human Rights Violations. 46 pp. International Secretariat, Amnesty International, London, 1996. Serial No. ACT 75/01/96.

ANONYMOUS. State Responses to Domestic Violence: Current Status and Needed Improvements. Women, Law & Development International, Washington, DC, 1996. x, 143 pp. Price: $00.00.

Chapter 5 of this book is entitled "Model Legislation on Domestic Violence" (pp. 109-125).

ANONYMOUS. The International Legal Framework and Current National Legislative and Enforcement Responses. Submitted by ECPAT (End Child Prostitution in Asian Tourism) to the World Congress against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (Stockholm, 27-31 August 1996). Printing Works of the Cabinet Office and Ministries, Stockholm, 1996. iii, 27 pp. + Annexes.

This is a useful guide to, inter alia, international (including regional) human rights instruments that address the protection of children against various forms of sexual exploitation.

ANONYMOUS. Report of the World Congress Against Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (Stockholm, 27-31 August 1996). Parts I and II (Statement by Heads of Delegations). Regeringskansliets Offsetcentral, Stockholm, 1996. 267+255 pp. ISBN 91-630-5042-2.

ANONYMOUS. Reproductive Rights and Reproductive Health: A Concise Report. United Nations, New York, 1996. 00 pp. Price: $00.00. United Nations Publications Sales No. E.96.XIII.11. ISBN 92-1-151307-3.

This report provides a summary of recent information on selected

aspects of reproductive rights and reproductive health and covers

such topics as entry into reproductive life; reproductive behaviour;

contraception; abortion; maternal mortality and morbidity; sexually

transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS; reproductive rights and

reproductive health. It was prepared by the Population Division of

the Department for Economic and Social Information and Policy

Analysis of the United Nations Secretariat, New York.

COMMITTEE ON WORLD FOOD SECURITY. World Food Summit: Rome Declaration on World Food Security and World Food Summit (Rome, 13-17 November 1996) Plan of Action. Document without serial number and undated. 43 pp.

FRANCOIS-XAVIER BAGNOUD CENTER FOR HEALTH AND HUMAN RIGHTS, HARVARD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH. 2nd International Conference on Health and Human Rights (Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, 2-4 October 1996): Conference Report. The Center, Boston, MA, 1996. Variously paginated.

Included in this document are the Report of the Rapporteur (Professor June E. Osborn), the final programme, and a list of participants.

Health and Human Rights, 1996, Vol. 2, No. 1.

This issue has a special focus on "Human Rights and Health Professionals". Included is a select bibliography on "Current Issues in Humanitarian Action" (prepared by A. Vincent).

Food Policy, 1996, Vol. 21, No. 1.

This is a Special Issue devoted to "Nutrition and Human Rights"

(edited by W. B. Eide, U. Kracht, and R. E. Robertson).

Human Rights Quarterly, 1996, Vol. 18, No. 3.

This issue includes an article by R. L. Siegel on "AIDS and human

rights" (at pp. 612-640).

INTERNATIONAL PLANNED PARENTHOOD FEDERATION. IPPF Charter on Sexual and Reproductive Rights. IPPF, London, 1996. 63 pp. Free of charge. ISBN 086089 109 7.

This Charter was approved by the IPPF Central Council and subsequently endorsed (in November 1995) by the IPPF Members' Assembly. It forms part of the Federation's "Vision 2000". Among the 12 rights set forth in the Charter is the "right to health care and health protection."

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S RIGHTS ACTION WATCH & COMMONWEALTH SECRETARIAT. Assessing the Status of Women: A Guide to Reporting Under the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women. 2nd edition. IWRAW, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1996. 90 pp. Price: $15.00.

This new edition will be welcomed by all concerned with the implementation of the health and health-related provisions of the 1979 "Women's Convention".

MEDECINS SANS FRONTIERES. Conference on the Cooperation between Humanitarian Organisations and Human Rights Organisations. Final report of the Conference held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on 9 February 1996. MÈdecins Sans FrontiËres, Amsterdam, 1996. 88 pp. ISBN 90-9009584-5.

MORALES, P., Ed. Towards Global Human Rights. International Centre for Human and Public Affairs, Tilburg, the Netherlands, 1996. 192 pp. Price: Dfl. 39.90; $25.00. ISBN 90-802139-3-4.

Health and health-related issues are considered in certain of the papers in this book.

MUNTARBHORN, V. Sexual Exploitation of Children. United Nations, New York and Geneva, 1996. 37 pp. Human Rights Study Series, No. 8. Price: $00.00. ISBN 92-1-154123-9.

PHARMACEUTICAL PARTNERS FOR BETTER HEALTH CARE (PPBH). Health Care: The Patient's Perspective (Proceedings of the Patient's Charter Conference, Lake Lanier Islands, GA, USA, 19-21 May 1995). PPBH, Basle, 1996. 96 pp.

This attractive volume contains interesting information and perspectives on patients' rights, particularly in Europe and the USA.

QIU RENZONG et al. [Patients' Rights] (in Chinese). Joint Publishing House of the Beijing Medical University and the Medical University of the Union Hospital of China, Beijing, 1996. 207 pp. Price: 12.50 yuan.

ISBN 7-81034-612-1.

SACHAR, R. The Right to Adequate Housing: Report of the Special Rapporteur. United Nations, New York and Geneva, 1996. 42 pp. Human Rights Study Series, No. 7. Price: $00.00. ISBN 92-1-154120-4.

SEWALL, R. P. et al., Eds. State Responses to Domestic Violence: Current Status and Needed Improvements. Women, Law & Development International, Washington, DC, 1996. x, 151 pp.

This book addresses three major questions: what laws exist to address domestic violence?; have they been effective in eradicating domestic violence?; and what can be done to improve the legal treatment of domestic violence? Using a dual research strategy involving a review of laws and a survey of women's rights advocates, this study provides a global overview of current legal responses to domestic violence. It also offers comprehensive recommendations for states and suggests strategies to nongovernmental organizations to advocate for change.

UNITED NATIONS. Report of the United Nations Conference on Human Settlements (Habitat II) (Istanbul, 3-14 June 1996). Document A/CONF.165/14. Dated 7 August 1996. 229 pp.

UNITED NATIONS CENTRE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. International Human Rights Standards for Law Enforcement: A Pocket Book on Human Rights for the Police. New York and Geneva, 1996. 50 pp. United Nations Publications Sales No. E.96.XIV.6. ISBN 92-1-154122-0.

UNITED NATIONS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INFORMATION. The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action: Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China, 4-15 September 1995. United Nations, New York, 1996. 178 pp. Price $00.00. Serial No. DPI/1766/Wom.

Numerous sections deal with women's rights, notably in the health and health-related sectors.

UNITED NATIONS, DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC INFORMATION. The United Nations and the Advancement of Women, 1945-1996. United Nations, New York, 1996. 845 pp. Price: $49.95. Blue Books Series, Vol. VI. ISBN-92-1-100603-1.

This is an indispensable reference work on, inter alia, women's human rights, notably in the field of health and cognate areas. Numerous basic documents are reproduced, either in full or in part.

VERHELLEN, E., Ed. Monitoring Children's Rights. Kluwer Law International, The Hague, 1996. 960 pp. Price: $235.00; £158; Dfl. 350.00. ISBN 90-411-0161-6.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Female Genital Mutilation: Report of a WHO Technical Working Group (Geneva, 17-19 July 1995). WHO, Geneva, 1996. 28 pp. Document WHO/FRH/WHD/96.10.

WORLD PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, BULGARIAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, & UKRAINIAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION. Physicians, Patients, Society: Human Rights and Professional Responsibilities of Physicians. Amsterdam and Kiev, 1996. 105 pp. Free of charge. ISBN 90-72657-05-5.

HUNT, P. Reclaiming Social Rights: International and Comparative Perspectives. Dartmouth Publishing Company, Aldershot, England, and Brookfield, VT, 1996. xx, 313 pp. Price: £00.00; $00.00. ISBN 1-85521-845-3.

A major chapter of this book is devoted to "The Right to Health: A Way Forward at the International Level" (pp. 107-151).

HELLENIC CENTER FOR THE CONTROL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES. AIDS: Fundamental Principles for the Protection of Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Ministry of Health, Athens, 1996. 45 pp. ISBN 960-85875-2-2.

This publication sets forth a series of rights in the HIV/AIDS context subdivided into 16 rubrics.

ORDENES, O. & VANOLLI, H., Eds. Society, Violence and Health: Memoirs of the Inter-American Conference on Society, Violence and Health (Washington, DC, 16-17 November 1994). Pan American Health Organization, Washington, DC, 1995. 79 pp. Price: $00.00. ISBN 92 7532 192 2.

Certain sections of this report deal with human rights aspects of violence as a health problem.

LANSDOWN, G. A Model for Action: The Children's Rights Development Unit. Promoting the Convention on the Rights of the Child in the United Kingdom. UNICEF International Child Development Centre, Florence, 1996. 70 pp. Price: $9.00. ISBN 88-85401-30-9.

MENTAL DISABILITY RIGHTS INTERNATIONAL. Human Rights and Mental Health: Uruguay. Center for Human Rights, Washington College of Law, American University, Washington, DC, 1995. xvi, 61 pp. Price: $00.00.

RESEAU EUROPEEN DE COOPERATION SCIENTIFIQUE "MEDECINE ET DROITS DE L'HOMME". La SantÈ Face aux Droits de l'Homme, ‡ l'Ethique et aux Morales. Editions du Conseil de l'Europe, Strasbourg, 1996. 500 pp. Price: FF 250. English edition in preparation (under the title The Human Rights, Ethical and Moral Dimensions of Health Care).

This book examines 120 practical cases encountered in medical and nursing practice from the standpoint of international human rights law, medical ethics, and the moral precepts of major religions.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Violence Against Women: [Report of a] WHO Consultation (Geneva, 5-7 February 1996). Women's Health and Development, Family and Reproductive Health, WHO, Geneva. 39 pp. Document FRH/WHD/96.27.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. REGIONAL OFFICE FOR EUROPE. European Health Care Reforms: Citizen's Choice and Patient's Rights. Copenhagen, 1996. 135 pp. ISBN 87-90395-03-4.

WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Guidelines for the Promotion of Human Rights of Persons with Mental Disorders. Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, WHO, Geneva, 1996. vii, 86 pp. Document WHO/MNH/MND/95.4.


CHADWICK, R., LEVITT, M. & SHICKLE, D. The Right to Know and the Right Not to Know. Ashgate Publishing, Aldershot, England, 1997. 112 pp. Price £35.50. ISBN 1 85972 424 8.

The following are the contents of this book: Introduction; The philosophy of the right to know and the right not to know; Individual rights and genetics: the historical perspective; Sociological perspectives on the right to know and the right not to know; The meaning of 'rights' in the right to know debate; Rights to know and not to know: is there a need for a genetic privacy law?; Autonomy and a right not to know: Do 'all men desire to know'? A right of society to choose not to know about the genetics of personality traits; Mass media and public discussion in bioethics; and Living with the future: genetic information and human existence.

COMMONWEALTH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION. A Women's Right to Health, Including Sexual and Reproductive Health. Report of a Roundtable Held in Toronto, Canada, on 26-28 December 1996. 32 pp. CMA, London, 1997.

GOSTIN, L. O. & LAZZARINI, Z. Human Rights and Public Health in the AIDS Pandemic. Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York, 1997. 192 pp. Price: $29.95; £25.50. ISBN 0-19-511442-6.

The publisher's announcement in respect of this book reads as follows:

"Historically, the discipline of public health and human rights have remained largely separate. The AIDS pandemic changed how we perceive the complex relationship between human rights, public health and the communicable diseases. Women and children, often lacking even basic human rights, are highly vulnerable to infection with HIV due to their inability to protect themselves in intimate relationships, their sexual exploitation, their lack of economic and educational alternatives. Coercive government policies aimed at the controlling the AIDS pandemic often infringe on the rights of individuals known or suspected of having AIDS and decrease the effectiveness of public health measures. In many settings protecting and promoting human rights becomes one of the key means of protecting individual groups from AIDS.

We, as a society, have much to learn from the international response to AIDS; it has changed our approach to public health problems and our perception of human rights and their relationship to the health of people and populations. If we can integrate these lessons into our AIDS policies, as well as our health care, social, economic, and political frameworks, we will be better prepared to detect and perhaps prevent the next pandemic of deadly disease.

Gostin and Lazzarini have written a book that will be a valuable addition to the libraries of public health professionals, policy makers, public-rights activists, medical law and nursing students, and informed general readers."

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