Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 10 (2000), 174.

LONDON DECLARATION of the International Association of Bioethics for freedom of discussion in bioethics Authorized at the General Meeting and adopted by the Board of Directors at its 5th World Congress, September 2000.

For the new millennium, the International Association of Bioethics re-affirms that bioethics is a unique international phenomenon. Bioethics has grown rapidly throughout the world, plays a central role in professional and public debates, and bioethical issues feature prominently in legal, medical, and policy agendas worldwide.

The International Association of Bioethics maintains the truth that freedom of discussion is necessary for bioethical reflection and an essential feature of democratic life. According to article 3.3 of its Constitution, the Association upholds the value of free, open and reasoned discussion, so that any thoughtful position is worthy of consideration. In public discourse, no individual or group can claim to have exclusive knowledge of the right ethical solution. Only reasoned and open debate can lead to justifiable conclusions.

The International Association of Bioethics notes that in many countries and cultures this basic freedom of discussion and disagreement is upheld and promoted. However, in other countries and cultures, this freedom is imperiled and there is widespread reluctance openly to discuss problems the reasoned solution of which may run counter to received opinions and traditions.

The International Association of Bioethics believes that freedom of discussion and association is essential in order to reach thoughtful and reasoned positions in any bioethical debate. The Association defends this basic value and opposes all forms of censorship.

- Board of Directors, International Association of Bioethics
Margaret Pabst Battin, United States
Hasna Begum, Bangladesh
Solomon Benatar, South Africa
Alastair Campbell, United Kingdom
Leonardo De Castro, Philippines
Johannes van Delden, Netherlands
John Harris, United Kingdom
Soren Holm, Denmark
Helga Kuhse, Australia
Florencia Luna, Argentina
Darryl Macer, Japan/New Zealand
Ruth Macklin, United States
Emilio Mordini, Italy
Maurizio Mori, Italy
Leo Pessini, Brazil
Hyakudai Sakamoto, Japan
Hans-Martin Sass, Germany
Julian Savulescu, Australia
Susan Sherwin, Canada
Godfrey Tangwa, Cameroon
Boris Yudin, Russia
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