IAB Bioethics and Genetics Network

Minakshi Bhardwaj, PhD
Southampton University, UK
Email: minabhardwaj@yahoo.com
Darryl Macer, Ph.D., Hon.D.
Provost, American University of Sovereign Nations,
8800 East Chaparral Road, Suite 250, Scottsdale, Arizona, 85250 USA
Email: dmacer@au-sn.com
Director, Eubios Ethics Institute,
New Zealand, Japan and Thailand Email: darryl@eubios.info

There have been a variety of networks on different topics in bioethics set up by members of the International Association of Bioethics (IAB). The membership of these networks is open to those interested in research in the specific fields. One of these is a Genetics network, and the journal EJAIB is the forum for exchange within the Genetics network.

The Network will facilitate international communication about research, publications, meetings, etc. related to ethical, legal and social issues raised by both human and non-human applications of genetics and biotechnology. You are invited to send reprints, statements of research interests and activities, notices, news, etc., to:

Membership: The complete Network member address list
is on the website, http://www.eubios.info/NET.htm. Currently there are above 270 members, and a significant number from developing countries. There has been not much activity in recent years. Usually there is a session at each IAB World Congress of Bioethics in order for persons at the Congress to get together, and collaborate on join activities as described in the Goals. The most recent meeting was on 25 June 2014.

Journal: The official journal Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics (EJAIB) publishes articles in all bioethics and medical ethics related issues. The journal is published bimonthly and has a wide distribution through print and electronic media. Both members and non members are invited to submit original papers and reprints for publications, statements of research interests and activities, notices and news etc. The Journal is an open access journal on the internet. (www.eubios.info/EJAIB.htm)

Mailing list: The yahoogroups mailing list of the network is an active domain where people post their reflexive ideas, research questions, and adverts for upcoming conferences, workshops and meetings. The circulation list is also used for dissemination of publications; proposals for comments from the members and funding and research opportunities.

Networking: The members meet at every IAB World Congress of Bioethics to date, to discuss the current activities and future work, potential developments and issues related to managing the network; and information dissemination.

Organising sessions: the network organised two sessions on ethical and governance issues arising from creating Biobanks and genetic databases across the globe at WCB10 in 2010. The papers ranged from legal, governance and ethical perspectives from different countries and attracted good audience and critical discussion. We also hope to organise special sessions in the next World Bioethics Congress.

Projects: The members independently collaborate within their countries and regionally to organise conferences and workshops of their interests and carry out projects which could be disseminated through mailing list and the journal.

Proposals are welcome!

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