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Darryl Macer, Ph.D. (Cantab), Hon.D., M.P.H.
President, American University of Sovereign Nations,
P.O. Box 1701, Sacaton, Arizona 85147, USA
Tel. +1-949-439-9307

A home page for the mental map project has been established which includes the following links. Updates will be placed on this homepage, together with a list of persons joining this project and further updates will appear in future issues of EJAIB.

Discussion and full papers on the project presented at the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference (ABC5) concurrent with Ninth International Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable (TRT9), held in, Tsukuba Science City, Japan, 13-16 February 2004 are available in: Full Proceedings of the Fifth Asian Bioethics Conference from Macer, DRJ., ed., Challenges for Bioethics from Asia (Eubios Ethics Institute, 2004)
Papers on the project

Initial proposal (Nature) - Macer, DRJ. The next challenge is to map the human mind. Nature 420, 121, 2002.
Nature news comment
Initial paper (EJAIB) - Macer, DRJ. Finite or Infinite Mind?: A Proposal for an Integrative Mental Mapping Project, Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 12 (2002), 203-6.
Macer, DRJ. The Behaviourome / Mental Map Project: Second Stage,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 38-9.
Multiple Facets of the Fantasies of the Asian Mind - Jayapaul Azariah ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 39-41.
Human mental mapping - A preliminary attempt - K. K Verma ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 41-42.
Integrative Human Idea Mapping should include Food, Agriculture and the Environment - Dipankar Saha, H.S. Sen, A. Saha ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 43-44.
Choose Between Cooperation and Annihilation: A Mental Mapping Project Towards Generously Directed Altruism - Irina Pollard ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 44-48.
Is The Number of Our Possible Thoughts Finite or Infinite? - Frank J. Leavitt ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 48-49.
The Behaviorome Mental Map Project - Darryl Macer,
The Scientist 17 (21 April, 2003), 19.
Concept. Is the number of ideas finite? - Darryl Macer,
T+D (Training and Development) (May 2003), 31.
Human Idea Map: Follow-up of the Human Genome Map? - Margaret Sleeboom ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 91-3.
Integrative Mental Mapping Project Under the 'EDM' Processing: The Thesis - Konstantin S. Khroutski ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 93-7.
Bioethics and Human Mental Mapping: Are Ideas Finite or Infinite - Irina Pollard ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003),135-6.
Human mental working and "Yoga" - K.K. Verma ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 13 (2003), 136-7.
Many Facets of Our Minds - Compiled by Jayapaul Azariah ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 14 (2004), 10-12.
22-28 Integral and Differential Mapping of Human Ideas: Structural and Functional Aspects of Altruism and Agroecology in Human Decision Theory - Dipankar Saha, H.S. Sen, and A. Saha ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 14 (2004), 22-28.
Meditation and Brain Function: A Review - Irina Pollard ,
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 14 (2004), 28-34.

Darryl Macer, The Behaviourome Project , Chinese Journal of Medicine and Philosophy 25 (April 2004), 4-7 (In Chinese).

Dipankar Saha and Darryl Macer, Bioethics in Property Rights and Biosafety of Biotech- governance: Role of Behaviourome Mapping EJAIB 15 (May 2005), 76-83.
Arthur Saniotis, Human Behaviourome as Cross Cultural Tool with Reference to Conflict Resolution, EJAIB 16 (Nov. 2006), 168-71.

TRT9/ABC5 Powerpoint files
Darryl Macer (Eubios Ethics Institute, New Zealand/Japan) - Moving Forward with Ideas Powerpoint (1MB)
(Includes Methods Groups Summaries as Appendix)
Masakazu Inaba & D. Macer (Univ. Tsukuba, Japan) - Application of Behaviourome Analysis to ideas about Biotechnology Powerpoint (512KB)
John E. LaMuth (USA) - Behavioral Foundations for the Behaviourome / Mind Mapping Project
Frank Leavitt (Israel) - A brief history of mental maps
Konstantin S. Khroutski (Novgorod State University after Yaroslav-the-Wise, Russia) - Integrative Mental Mapping - A Cosmist Approach Powerpoint (2.1MB)
Irina Pollard (Australia) - The Evolution of Thinking and Ideas (Behaviourome Method 5) With Special Reference to the Politics of Reproduction Powerpoint (7.6MB)
De Giacomo P., Mich L., Storelli M., De Nigris S., De Giacomo A., Tarquinio C., Masellis R. (Italy) - A Method to increase Students' Cognitive Potentialities using the Elementary Pragmatic Model
De Giacomo P., Mich L., Storelli M., De Nigris S., De Giacomo A., Tarquinio C., Masellis R. (Italy) - A Method of Counseling on line using the Elementary Pragmatic Model
Francisco Iturra (Venezuela) - ID-Cartography: How to build an Idea-Counter and Idea- Maps?
Darryl Macer (Japan/New Zealand) - The Behaviourome and Proposal for an Integrative Human Idea Map Powerpoint (8.2MB)
Irina Pollard (Australia) - Choose Between Co-Operation And Annihilation: A Mental Mapping Project Towards A More Generously Directed Altruism Powerpoint (784KB)
Jayapaul Azariah (India) - Multiple Facets of the Fantasies of the Asian mind Powerpoint (92KB)
Frank J. Leavitt (Israel) - Arguments of the great philosophers that our thoughts are not in our brains
Masakazu Inaba and Darryl Macer (Japan) - How to assess people's views of biotechnology: Lessons from Japan Powerpoint (616KB)
Tim Boyle (USA/Japan) - Idea diversity and cultural borrowing Powerpoint (1.8KB)
Baoqi Su (China) - Ideas of the Chinese Mind Powerpoint (204KB)
Shinryo Shinagawa (Japan) - The ideas of the Japanese
Dena Hsin (Taiwan) and Darryl Macer (New Zealand) - The Influence of Taoism at the End of Life
Minakshi Bhardwaj (India/UK) - Transforming ideas into policy making- thoughts, values and global governance Powerpoint (40KB)
Morgan Pollard (Australia) - The Modeling of Sustainable Development and its Relevance to a Human Ideas Map for Bioethics
Rick Weisburd (USA) - Ecological feedback drives the evolution of ideas and living things, which carry them Powerpoint (188KB)

Comments in Press

Nature (14 November, 2002; introduction to this week's issue)
Wired magazine (25 November 2002)
El Medico
Discover magazine (March 2003; p. 12)

Popular Science (USA), description of the behaviourome
Kim Akashi, Mental mapping project kicks off in Japan, Lancet Neurology 2 (2003), 206 (pdf).

Members of the international behaviorome / mental mapping project<

Those interested in joining should send their details to Darryl Macer, Email:, and also Email if they want to join a listserve on the project. Only names will be listed in EJAIB and on the web site,

Coordinator: Dr. Darryl Macer; Bioethics; Thailand/New Zealand/Japan.
Dr. Badaruddin Abbasi; Bioethics; Pakistan.
Jayapaul Azariah; Bioethics - Spritiual values - Environment and cultural values; India.
Dr. Lana Badreddine; Child Health/ Preventive Medicine/ Bioethics; Lebanon/ United Arab Emirates.
Craig Battrick; Social network analysis, action research, networking; USA.
Tobias Bauer; religious studies; Germany/Japan.
Dr. Minakshi Bhardwaj; bioethics,biotechnology and international policy; India/ UK.
Dr. Timothy D. Boyle, Interface between science and theology; USA/Japan.
Joseph Christensen; Marriage and Family Therapist, California; United States of America.
Dirk Collins; Father, husband, technican, artist, and writer; USA.
Stuart Conger; Decision-making; Canada.
Keith Cummins, Ph.D.; Animal Nutrition; USA
Choz Cunningham; Bioethics, Sophocology; USA
Rachel D'Eon; Student; Nova Scotia, Canada
Graham Douglas; Applied Mind Science in the field of Integrative Thinking; Australia.
Donald Dye; logic; USA
Dr Konstantinos N. Fountoulakis; Psychiatry; Greece.
Francisco Javier Iturra Gamarra; Economist and System Analyst; Venezuela.
Piero De Giacomo; Psychiatrist and Psychologist; Italy.
Francisco Ib__ez Gonz_lez; Product and Marketing Manager; Mexico.
Dena Hsin-Chen Hsin: Aging and Bioethics; Taiwan.
Masakazu Inaba; Bioethics; Japan.
Dr. Emilia Janska; Medical science; Slovakia/Japan.
Pablo Jauregui; Science Editor, El Mundo Newspaper, Madrid; Spain.
Paul Karlsberg MD; Neurosurgeon; Cognitive Neurosciences; USA.
Konstantin S. Khroutski; individual's health (integrative scientific approach); Russia.
Young-Mo Koo, Bioethics; South Korea.
John E. LaMuth; Counseling; USA.
Michael Earl Laub; EIT.
Dr. Frank J. Leavitt; Bioethics and the project Devil's advocate; Israel.
Dr. Boleslav Lichterman; medical history and ethics; Russia.
Niclas Ljungberg; Ideas and Innovation Management, Intellectual Capital Development; UK.
Fumi Maekawa; Bioethics; Japan.
V.R. Manoj; Bioethics; India.
Giovanni Marocchi; Italy.
Alejandro Villar Mart_n; Biologist, Yoga teacher; Spain.
Dr. Ichiro Matsuda; Medical genetics and ethics; Japan.
Edward L. McClendon; Humanist, management ; USA.
Bernardo A Merizalde, M.D; Psychiatrist; USA
Masahiro Morioka; life studies/philosophy; Japan.
Mary Ann Chen Ng; Bioethics, environmental ethics; Philippines/Japan.
Rupa Parmar; Biologist; USA
Diego S. Pistone; arts; Mendoza/Argentina.
Dr. Irina Pollard; reproduction/physiology, bioscience ethics; Australia.
Morgan Pollard; sustainability and environmental ethics; Australia.
Michael Ribbons; IT student; Australia.
Andrew Rosca; computer science; USA.
Dipankar Saha; Bioethics-IPR-Agriculture; India.
Peter C. Samu, M.D.; Radiologist; Toronto, Canada
Vinod Scaria; Cyberethics,Bioethics,Medical Ethics; India.
Robert C. Shaver, Ph.D.; Bioethics; USA.
Dr. Shinryo Shinagawa; Clinical medicine; Japan.
Dr. Shinichi Shoji; Clinical anthropology; Japan.
Chandra Jeet Singh; bioethics; India.
Jason Slone; Cognitive Science of Religion; USA.
Baoqi Su; Bioethics; China.
Dr. Noritoshi Tanida; physician; Japan.
Shoichi Taniguchi; information organization; Japan
Dr. John Totten MD FRCS; Surgeon, health care; Alaska, USA.
Dr. G.S. Upadhayaya; Institute for Oriental Philosophy; Nepal.
Robert Vancott; Landscape Ecology; USA.
Ron Wild, Information Mapping, Canada
Joseph B. Yesselman; Spinoza; USA.

Links to related projects

Some of these projects are cooperating with the mental mapping project. Please send details of other sites to D.M.

Revolution in Family Values
Contact: John Muliuth

Memetics and mapping value systems at a global scale.
Contact: Don Edward Beck, Ph. D., Cofounder, National Values Center; Founder, the Institute for Values & Culture (not for profit). Faculty, Adizes Graduate School, Santa Barbara, California

Mapping of past ideas and Integrative Thinking.
Contact: "Graham Douglas"

Integratve Thinking-the NEW IT Revolution

Map of the 103 Great Ideas
Contact: Ron Wild, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Elementary Pragmatic Model (EPM): A model that classifies interactions and changes, among people and among mental worlds inside the individual:
Contact: Dr. Piero De Giacomo

Mark Twain and Spinoza at

Life Studies

Global brain project

Human Brain Project

Buzan iMindmap homepage

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