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8.6. On-line Medical Ethics Education for University Hospital Interns

- KOO Young-Mo, Ph.D.
Department of Medical Humanities & Social Sciences
University of Ulsan College of Medicine
Seoul, KOREA

Abstract only

From March through November 2001, an 8-week long on-line medical ethics course was offered four consecutive times for one hundred fifty university hospital interns. Interns at Seoul National University Hospital, mostly the graduates of the College of Medicine at SNU, had rarely or never been taught medical ethics in a regular course while they were in school. The topics of the on-line course include the principles of medical ethics, life and death issues, physician-patient relationship, physician-nurse relationship, and hospital ethics committee. Educational software was supported by the Center for Teaching and Learning at SNU ( There were a couple of instructors who put the text materials on the web and had their students read and, for a roll call purpose, upload the 1-page-long weekly homework assignment answer sheet on the web board. Also, there's another web board available for discussion, where students vigorously exchanges their opinions. One hundred thirty-six (90.6%) students passed the course, with the common comments that although both the interns' busy schedule and the hard-to-access internet environment in the hospital prevented them from active participation they believed this course useful in keeping themselves ready to properly handle ethical issues that they encounter everyday.

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