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Asian Bioethics in the 21st Century


1.1. Editorial Preface
1.2. Welcome message from the founding ABA President
	- Hyakudai SAKAMOTO
1.3. Opening Address
	- PARK Ynhui

2. Ethics of Medical Research

(Chairs: YEH Jiunn-Rong, PAK Un-jong) 2.1. Informed Consent in Medical Research Involving Human Subjects - Xiaomei ZHAI 2.2. Human Subject Research - Ethical and Legal Approaches for Compensation for Research Induced Injury in Taiwan - Huei-Chih NIU 2.3. Current Status of the Institutional Review Boards in Korea: Constitution, Operation, and Policy for Protection of Human Subjects - Ock-Joo KIM et al. 2.4. Research Ethics Committees in Turkey - Nurten AKSOY and Sahin AKSOY 2.5. Ethical Challenges of Conducting the Hap Map Genetics Project in Japan - Eiko SUDA and Darryl MACER Discussion

3. Stem Cell Research

(Chairs: Frank J. LEAVITT, HWANG Sang-Ik) 3.1. Chinese Ethical Views on Embryo Stem (ES) Cell Research - Yanguang WANG 3.2. Dispute over Scientific Research Involving Human Embryos in South Korea - Young-Rhan UM 3.3. Importance and Ethical Disputes of Stem Cell Research of Human Embryo - Benfu LI 3.4. Germ-line Gene Therapy from the Lens of Confucian Ethics - Xinqing ZHANG 3.5. Stem Cells and the Ethics of Indefinitely Prolonged Lives - Frida SIMONSTEIN 3.6. Stem Cell Research and Development in Singapore - Sriram CHAKRAVARTHI Discussion

4. Birth, Death and Dying

(Chairs: Masayuki OBAYASHI, Sungsuk HAN) 4.1. Is Pre-embryo Not Equivalent to Human Being? - Pil Ryul LEE 4.2. Ethical Considerations on the End of Life Issues in Turkey - Sahin AKSOY 4.3. Attitude towards Life and Death of Seniors in Taiwan - Dena Hsin HSIN-CHEN and Darryl MACER 4.4. Suicide as a Natural Death - Takao ITO 4.5. Bad Living Than Good Death? A Cultural Analysis of Family Paternalism in Death and Dying in Taiwan - Hsui-I YANG 4.6. Ethical Issues identified in Intensive Care Units of a University Hospital - Younsuck KOH et al. 4.7. Should Euthanasia be Legalized in Japan? The Importance of the Attitude Towards Life - Kenzo HAMANO 4.8. Aging and Nursing in Turkey: An Ethical Perspective - Nurten AKSOY et al. 4.9. An Unnatural Living and A Natural Death - TAI Michael Cheng-tek Discussion ΔTOP

5. Organ Transplantation and Selling

(Chairs: Abhik GUPTA, Myongsei SOHN) 5.1. Compensating Organ Donors - Leonardo D. de CASTRO 5.2. Can the "Japan Organ Transplantation Law" Promote Organ Procurement from Brain Death? - Alireza BAGHERI 5.3. Human Tissue Transplant : Gift or Commodity? - Ivo KWON 5.4. Is Cross-Species Infection Morally Irrelevant in Xenotransplantation? - Ruipeng LEI Discussion

6. Ethical Issues in Biotechnology

(Chairs: Julia TAO, KO Insok) 6.1. Shopping at the Genetic Supermarket - Peter SINGER 6.2. Ethics of Genetic Life Design - Osamu KANAMORI 6.3. A Reflection on the Human Dignity in Genetics - Mi Jung KOO & Jae Sub YANG 6.4. Gene-enhanced Animals and High-Efficiency Humanoid Robots: Changing the Notion of "human" and "us" - Tsuyoshi AWAYA 6.5. Two Ethical Issues of the Human Genome Project - Sang-Wook YI 6.6. Japanese Views of Medical Biotechnology - Masakazu INABA and Darryl MACER 6.7. Developing Countries Participation in the Global Governance of Biotechnology - Minakshi BHARDWAJ 6.8. Playing God - Leonardo D. de CASTRO and Allen A. ALVAREZ Discussion

7. Bioethics and Asian Cultures

(Chairs: LI Benfu, KANG Shinik) 7.1. Asian Bioethics in Global Society - Jayapaul AZARIAH 7.2. The International Impact of Asian Bioethics - Frank J. LEAVITT 7.3. East Asian Family and Biomedical Ethics - Kenji HATTORI 7.4. The Alleged Asian Values and Their Implications for Bioethics - Kam-por YU Discussion

8. Bioethics Education

(Chairs: OSHIMA Sumiko, Darren BOYD) 8.1. Ethics Education in Medical Schools in Korea - Kwang-ho MENG 8.2. The Purposes of Bioethics Education: Lessons from Japan and Asia - Darryl MACER 8.3. Comparison of Medical Ethics Education Between China and the United States - Yali CONG 8.4. Teaching Medical Ethics in China. Cultural, Social and Ethical Issues - Ole DOERING 8.5. Relationship between Nurse Administrator's Moral Self Concept and Ethical Sensitivity - Yong-Soon KIM et al. 8.6. On-line Medical Ethics Education for a Korean University Hospital Interns - Young-Mo KOO 8.7. An Assessment of the Level of Knowledge of Medical and Nursing Students on HIV/AIDS at Harran University, Sanliurfa/Turkey, and Training on Ethical Aspects of the Disease - Nurten AKSOY et al. 8.8. Bioethics Education and Awareness in Schools in Tamil Nadu, India - Baby Flankitt VITTABAI, Jayapaul AZARIAH, Darryl MACER Discussion ΔTOP

9. Asian Medical Ethics

(Chairs: Mary Ann CHEN NG, Jeong-Ro YOON) 9.1. Family: Another Dinosaur? - V. MANICKAVEL 9.2. Autonomy and Care : A Chinese Approach to the Art of Informed Consent - Julia TAO 9.3. Implications of Japanese Religious Views toward Life and Death in Medicine - Noritoshi TANIDA 9.4. Professional Medical Ethics in Korean Context: Towards a Moral Contract - Shinik KANG 9.5. New Thoughts about the Construction of Medical Ethics under Circumstances of Socialist Market Economy - Zhonglin LI 9.6. Bioethics and AIDS in Thailand - Pinit RATANAKUL Discussion

10. Environmental Ethics

(Chairs: Noritoshi TANIDA, Kiyoon KIM) 10.1. Apology for Environmental Anthropocentrism - Kyung Sik HWANG 10.2.The Ethics and Attitudes towards Ecotourism in the Philippines - Mary Ann CHEN NG 10.3. Environmental Ethics in the Culture of Meeteis from North East India - Abhik GUPTA 10.4. Anthropocentric, Ecocentric, and Biocentric Views among Students in Japan - Fumi MAEKAWA and Darryl MACER 10.5. Ethosphere and Cosmosphere : Two New Concepts for World Bioethics Their Application to the Asian Segment - R. N. SHARMA 10.6. Peoples' Views on Farm Animal Welfare in Japan - Sakae KISHIDA and Darryl MACER Discussion

11. Prenatal Diagnosis

(Chairs: Sahin AKSOY, Hong Gwan SEO) 11.1. Bioethical Issues in Prenatal Sex Selection in Japan - Shinryo SHINAGAWA 11.2. Prenatal Testing & Disability: The Need for a Participatory Approach to Research - Kyle ANSTEY Discussion

12. Law and Policies

(Chairs: Zaleha KAMARUDDIN, In-Young LEE) 12.1 Ethical Considerations in Professional's Contribution to Policy Development - Ken DANIELS 12.2 Steering in the Tides: National Bioethics Committee as an Institutional Solution to Bio-politics - Wenmay REI & Jiunn-Rong YEH 12.3 Ethics, Law and Morality - Kamal DUA Discussion

13. Ethical Issues in Human Reproduction

(Chairs: Ken DANIELS, Eun-Hee CHO) 13.1. Ethical Dilemmas in Genetics and Reproductive Decisions from the Views of Chinese People - Baoqi SU 13.2. The Legal and Ethical Aspects of Third Party Involvement in the Reproductive Process - Majdah ZAWAWI 13.3. Two Master Arguments in the Ethics of Human Cloning: The Procreative Right of Couples vs. Autonomy of the Future Clones - Dong-Ryul CHOO Discussion

14. Summing up and closing

14.1. Darryl MACER 14.2. Ole DOERING 14.3. Jayapaul AZARIAH 14.3. Renzong QIU 14.4. Sang-yong SONG

Committee Members

Asian Bioethics Association


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