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14.3. Thoughts from India

- Jayapaul Azariah, Ph.D.
Founder President,
All India Bioethics Association,
New No. 4, 8th Lane. Indiranagar,
Chennai 600 020, India.

At the beginning of this conference I brought you warm greetings from India. It is really warm in India. It is a country where we have only three seasons: hot, hotter and hottest. As you can see we have contingent of Indian participants. Our presence has really changed the cold climate of Korea into a warm climate. As you can see the climate here in Korea is warmer for the past few days. People do really change the climate.

I wish to thank the organizers for giving me this opportunity to deliver this address. I wish to draw your kind attention to the title of this unique IV Asian Conference of Bioethics, organized by the Asian Bioethics Association and other sponsoring associations. We are looking at the Asian Bioethics in the 21st Century. We are not look looking at bioethical issues of a decade or a year or two, but a century. That means we need to take stock of the existing situations in the world and analyze the possible trends and foretell the future events that will of concern to all of us. It is commonly said that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. But the next best time is today. If we want to prepare for the future then this is the time that we should be equipped with the necessary skills and mindset to meet the bioethical challenges of tomorrow.

Secondly, these common bioethical issues are our common bioethical concerns. No single individual or an organization can do this work single-handed. We need each other and we need to cooperate. In closing, let me remind the proverbial statement "When was honey ever made by a single bee in a hive". Therefore, let us unite and cooperate to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Thank you all and I wish you a very fruitful endeavor during this eventful conference.

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