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12.3. Ethics, Law and Morality

- Dua, K.K, Ph.D.
Department Of Zoology
Dayalbagh Educational Institute
(Deemed University, India)

Abstract only

Humans like all other living forms have within them matter, life, mind, intelligence and bliss. 1t is noteworthy that matter is succeeded by life, life by mind and mind by intelligence. The highest form of attainment is the divine state which man has the ability to attain by his workings in nature. Man by virtue of his intelligence is aware of this universal reality and the cosmic process that is operating the whole scheme of nature. Further, he has tended to master the material world bye passing the divine spark of consciousness that is the illuminating factor present within him. According to Bhagavad Gita, a man is a complex multidimensional being multidimensional being, including in him various attributes by which he performs all his actions in the society. These may divine or remains undisturbed amid sorrow and joy, honour and ignominy, free from passion, fear and anger; moreover, they perform all their obligatory duties in a selfless manner. The divine persons are spiritually evolved, their mind is stable, serene, and actions are directed towards the welfare of all. On the contrary, demonic persons hold the view the world is unreal and without any basis. All acts are directed towards self and full of hypocrisy, ego and arrogance. The goal of these men is enjoyment of life but the society cannot function in peaceful manner, as morality, ethics and law are the foundation of the society. This is only possible when there is feeling of love, oneness and doing good for others. ? Thou Art that? is the aphorism of the Vedanta philosophy. According to it, Thou art one with the Universal being, and as such, every soul that exists is your soul, and every body that exists in your body. And in hurting anyone, you hurt your self. As soon as a current of hatred is thrown outside, whomsoever else it is bound to come back to you. For I am the Universe, this Universe is my body. I am the Infinite, only I am not conscious of it now. But I am struggling to get this consciousness of the Infinite. This is the state of perfection and. eternal Bliss. There will be ethics, morality and law in the global village.

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Eubios Ethics Institute | Book List | TOP - Asian Bioethics in the 21st Century