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F36. Closing Remarks

Victor Boulyjenkov.

Human Genetics Programme, World Health Organization, Geneva

On behalf of Mr Fluss and myself, I should like to express our deep gratitude to the participants of this rountable discussion. It has given us not only some original views on aspects of medical genetics, but also on how these activities may be relevant to the draft proposed WHO guidelines. If you have some ideas, proposals, statements or other comments, please send them to me at WHO or to Professor Dorothy Wertz.

In the past two years these draft guidelines have been circulated worldwide, as a formal WHO publication in order to develop its international distribution and usefulness. In general it has received support. At the same time a number of controversial issues were raised in the text, and it was shown that different countries use different approaches to solving the problems raised, due to their differences in cultures, economics, traditions and religions. It means that general consensus on some points may not be possible. We should have more discussion on these critical issues in medicine and health, among public and professionals. WHO may work to increase international and national awareness of the ethical problems in medical genetics, and may stimulate the development of proper national legislation and regulations. Therefore, we have a door open, and I am sure we will continue our international debate on this topic in the future in order to clarify the position of countries, disabled groups, professionals, etc.

Therefore I wish all of you every success in your work here and at home, and hope very much to meet you at the next meetings on bioethics. I also will use this opportunity to thank our colleagues from Japan, members of the organizing committee, that have provided us with unforgettable days in Fukui and Kobe, Prof. Fujiki, Macer, thank you very much.

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