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The UNESCO Asian Bioethics Conference, and WHO Assisted Satellite Symposium on Medical Genetic Services and Bioethics were held under the auspices of the Third MURS Japan Symposium, and also the Second Congress of the Asian Bioethics Association and the Sixth International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui. They were coordinated with the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO, and the Human Genetics Programme of WHO, as well as Fukui Medical University. They were also cosponsored by UNESCO, WHO, CIOMS, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Japan, French Embassy in Japan, MURS Japan, Eubios Ethics Institute, Nature Japan, as well as Fukui Prefectural and Municipal Government, Fukui International Association, and the Fukui Convention Bureau. This project was also executed with the assistance of grants from the following organizations and foundations: Tokyo Club, Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Japan (International Symposium), Nakauchi Science Promotion Foundation, Kobe Portopia Foundation, Japan Foundation Asian Centre, Tokyo and Osaka Pharmaceutical Assocaitions, Tokushukai Uji Hospital, Naito Memorial Foundation, Sankyo Life Science Foundation, Toyobo TGA, Fukuwakai Foundation and Support Centre for United Nations.

The Secretariat was Department of Internal Medicine, Fukui Medical University, Matsuokacho, 910-1104, Fukui Prefecture, Japan (Fax Int+81-776-61-8110).

Honorary Members

G. Bryant, CIOMS; J. Bernard, French National Bioethics Consultative Committee; Sir. W. Bodmer, HUGO; J. Dausset, MURS France; F. Mayor, UNESCO; H. Nakajima, WHO; V.A. McKusick, HUGO; J.S. Wyngaarden, US National Academy of Sciences; T. Younes, IUBS.

Organising Committee Members

V. Bouljhenkov, WHO; C. Byk, CIOMS; N. Fujiki UNESCO IBC, WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Human Genetics, Secretary General MURS Japan and ABCf97; T. Fujimoto, ABA; R. Ida, UNESCO IBC; K. Kondo, University of the Air; G. Kutukdjian, UNESCO; N. Lenoir, UNESCO IBC; D. Macer, Eubios Ethics Institute, UNESCO IBC; K. Matsubara, HUGO Pacific; I. Matsuda, JSHG; W. Mori, Cabinet Council for Science and Technology, MURS Japan; Y. Nakagome, JSHG; Y. Nishijima, Science Council of Japan; R.Z. Qiu, ABA, UNESCO IBC; M. Okamoto, MURS Japan; Y. Sakaki, HUGO Pacific; H. Sakamoto, ABA; S.Y. Song, ABA; M. Sudo, Fukui Medical University; F. Takaku, Science Council of Japan; H. Takebe, HUGO Ethics.

Fukui Medical University Committee Members

N. Fujiki, Chairman; T. Iwamoto, Head Administration; M. Kuriyama, Vice Chairman; M. Hirayama, Treasurer; M. Muruyama, Secretary General; Y. Nakagawa, Congress Secretary; H. Negoro, Hospital Research Director; M. Sudo, President; K. Ueda, Hospital Director; T. Yamamoto, Professor of Bioethics.

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