pp. 216-241 in Bioethics for the People by the People, Darryl R. J. Macer, Ph.D., Eubios Ethics Institute 1994.

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Reasoning and examples of open comments

There were 32 open questions in the survey and a range of comments were made in all samples. These are representative comments as examples for questions 6, 7, 9, 14, 16, 17, 20, 22, 24, 26, 27 which illustrate the process of categorisation, and of the reasoning of the respondents. The true statistical representation of the comments is found in the data tables, which allows comparisons within and between samples. Not all the samples are represented, because the comments generally overlapped, and to list all the comments would fill the book! The examples are taken from the New Zealand survey, unless otherwise stated (J=Japan, R=Russia, JS=Japan students). For further examples on these categories, and similar methods see my previous survey book (Macer, 1992).

Q6 Do you personally believe each of these scientific discoveries and developments is a worthwhile area for scientific research? Why?... Y=yes; N=no; D=don't know; V=IVF; C=computer; B=biotechnology; X=nuclear power; P=pesticides; G=genetic engineering.

Our New Zealand technology with animals. VY27
Information is power. CY7
Increase PROFIT. CY37
Industrial benefits. CY43
We must keep up with world trends. CY150
Better productivity. CY216
Helping greater production. BY159
Our country depends on it. PY23
Improved livestock and crops, therefore improved exports, etc. GY34
To invent material that can be produced in Japan. It has a power which is indispensable for our lives. XJ326Y
Faster, greater production. BJ14Y
To lead our limited country to substantial productivity, we don't need harmful insects. PJ326Y

Scientific knowledge
Knowledge is usually preferable to ignorance. VN, CBXPGY59
Any knowledge gained from research is worthwhile. AllY5
Improved knowledge leads to greater knowledge and therefore greater safety. VCBXGY, PD62
We stand to gain a better understanding of the benefits or disadvantages of each area. VCXPY, BD, GN306
If the technique is known it should be researched. AllY300
Knowledge doesn't hurt, subject to application of research resources (which are limited) to the areas offering the most potential. VCBPGY, XN280
Must advance. CY3
Can be a useful tool. CY9
Marvellous research tool. CY14
Technology advances the pace of discovery. CY38
Speed and knowledge must assist in problem solving. CY40
Beneficial for education. CY45
Storage of knowledge and problem solving. CY46
Computer models, data storage. CY53
Indispensable to modern technology. CY55
Models, e.g. human brain. CY297
Not enough done about it. BY14
Adds to knowledge. BY37
The more known the better. BY39
All knowledge is helpful. XY165
Research only. Not commercial. XY311
Investigation is always needed. GY161
To look for the answer to genetics. GY3
It is valuable to research as an inheritance to our descendants. VJ13Y
As a method to utilize the power of life. BJ13Y
Elucidation of genetic factors and treatment of diseases. GJ13+5Y
Leave important genes. Don't need any objectionable gene. GJ326Y

Increased efficiency
Makes things easier. CY10
Rapid information. CY11
Makes work easier and quicker. CY12
Speeding up process. CY15
Labour and time saving. CY34
It would take years longer to check safety etc of things without them. CY36
Safe time and human brain work. CY61
Improve quality of products. BY98
To improve on existing. GY212
All kinds of information, improvement of handling. CJ9Y
To make today's society a smoother higher information-oriented society. CJ11Y

Cure disease
Helps infertile people. VY3
Hope for (in)fertile couples. VY10
To help people who can't have children. VY12
Gives people a chance where otherwise there's no hope. VY17
Help couples have a baby. VY19
Childless people can have children. VY22
People are not giving children up for adoption. VY23
Some people need this. VY32
For the benefit of couples that are unable to naturally have a family. VY56
New medicines/disease treatments. BY38
Prevention of disease/starvation, etc. BY68
Fighting diseases, etc. BY297 Fight specific diseases. GY297
Reduce number of congenital metabolic diseases. GY24
To correct some problems, disease etc. GY32
Medical research. GY38
Only for prevention of abnormalities. GY68
It brightens a family to get a child. VJ10Y
For a person who could not be given or bear any children by any means. VJ11Y
To some extent, it is the same as a general treatment. VJ322Y
Hope for medical care. GJ9Y
Though I am not sure well, in the case of human, we could live longer by elucidating the cause of diseases. GJ10Y
It is useful for the treatment of diseases. GJ321Y

Improves quality of life for some. VY43
More opportunities for people. CY17
Look at how much they do. CY22
Extension of mind/imagination leads to improved quality of life. CY29
Because they are everywhere. CY30
Can give people more free time. CY41
May help feed the starving millions. BY7
Who knows what good may be obtained. BY9
Becoming more important. BY27
The potential to improve living standards. BY186
Millions more would starve if agriculture wasn't controlled. PY36
Feed starving world. PY186
If it helps mankind. GY41
Quality of life may be improved. GY53
Necessary in some poorer countries but also to become aware of the dangers of using these. GY56
Theoretically liberates humanity somewhat. CY61
It will contribute to the improvement of life. CBXPJ1Y
Even if it is needed by a small number of people, it would make people happy and be useful for scientific progress. VJ16+3Y
To live more humanly. VJ317Y
Want it to be a tool to make our lives better. CJ8Y
We could not hope for developments like today without computers. CJ10Y
To fill a gap in human ability. CJ13Y
Today, everything is in the computer age. CJ14Y
Wider scope of application, greater contribution to society. GJ16Y

Good for the Environment
Saving on paper and trees. Time saver. CY68 (+increase efficiency)
"Electronic" filing must save paper (trees). CY84
Storage of facts - saves forests. CY319
So we 'wreck' less of the world in the future. BY115
For environmental issues. BY148
If of help to our environment. BY272
May be less harmful to the environment than other power sources. XY43
To conserve future resources/reduce CO2 emissions. XY328
Replace fossil fuel consumption. XY61
Healthier environment opportunities. BY143 Healthier living but needs strict control. GY143
Want to make our living environment better. PJ325Y

Agricultural benefit / Food
In agriculture. VY15
Helps in breeding. VY41
Helping things to grow. BY11
To help in better production. BY32
Resources etc. To the extent needed to improve food. BY172
It will lead to better and cheaper food. BY228
Improves crops. PY3
May help to grow more/better foods. PY22
Makes farms more productive. PY15
They are needed. PY27
Necessary to combat pests. PY34
Slaughters bugs. PY37
Maintenance of food production. PY55
They improve the quality and reduce the cost of food. PY228
Have to keep on top of pests. Look at locust destruction in Africa. PY315
Improves stock. GY37
Agricultural benefits. GY43
In agriculture and forestry, not in people. GY228
Selective breeding for desirable traits of bacteria, plants, animals. GY311
Because it is possible to reform the stock raising industry and fermentation industry. VBGJ8Y
It is helpful when there is a lack of food in the world. BJ2Y
If we concentrate mainly on agricultural products, we could make our lives more affluent. BJ10Y
Food problems, to develop medical science etc. BJ11Y
Measures against harmful insects and trying to increase the profitability of agricultural products. And it should not cause any damage to human and animals. PJ11Y
Pesticides are needed because human and animals don't have it. PJ16Y
We cannot get along without it. PJ322Y

Possible ultimate power source. XY3
Inevitable future power source. XY11
Provides energy. NY36
Nuclear fusion may be of benefit. Alternative to fossil fuels, dams. NY53
Especially fusion power to conserve fossil fuels. XY55
We have to keep the limited resources for our descendants for a long time. XJ10Y
To aim at reform as one of the energy choices. XJ322Y

Help if careful
All can be used to produce benefits. (All can also be misused to produce harmful results.) AllY44
We probably can't run our world without them now, but they must be as safe as possible. BXPY156
Only limited value. VY52
Although I do have concerns about 'ethical' issues. VY115
Good for storing information but can take jobs. CY49
Probably gone as far as we need. BD61
Improve control and safety of nuclear power. XY24
Improve safeguards and 'safe' disposal of wastes, not nuclear proliferation/weaponry. XY29
Very efficient if respectfully utilized. XY38
Only with necessary safety. XY52
Good use of man's intelligence, while knowing risks. XY212
Develop for safety and effect. PY32
Maximises crop production, but need safety tests on use in humans. PY38
To make them safer for humans and environment. PY75
Should be biodegradable. PY52
May find a way of using less for good results. PY53
Look for natural controls. PY212
Must help, but must be watched carefully. GY1
It has its place. GY27
But with ethical guidelines. GY156
I think there is no harm to research it if humans utilize them correctly, based on a proper view of ethics. AllJ7Y
Only for a married couple. VJ2Y
If it is for increasing the animals which are prohibited to capture and protecting the animals whose population is getting smaller. VJ326Y
I disagree with pesticides basically, however, I want you to research more. PJ11Y

Bad for the Environment
World already over-populated. VN7
Anything not to increase population. VN11
Cheap but dear on Environment. XD15
Need to work on environmentally (Natural) alternatives. PY7 (+15)
Residues contaminate the food chain. PN40
Nasty accidents can happen and destroy our environment. PN49
Reduces natural selection (a la Darwin). GN14
Nature will get the engineers! GN115
Destruction of natural environment. PJ9N
Not to cause a bad effect on the environment. XPJ320Y

Insufficient controls / Danger of misuse
Mainly "no" because of my fear that animals may be abused in the process or in the end. Or in the case of genetic engineering that the whole job is not done properly, of disastrous consequences in future generations. Also I don't trust the powers that be not to abuse their knowledge. VXPGN, CY, BD259
Insufficient ethical controls. VD9
Liable to be misused. VN151
Exploiting the unfortunate? VD194
Liable to human error. VD251
I believe they will be misused. BN315 We can't control what we have now. XN315
No one should have the power or materials to wipe out so many people. XN36
Tend to misuse. XN321
If controlled better maybe. PN149
Afraid of its use. GD9
Science goes too far at times - they could destroy the world. GN71
Severe concerns about potential for "super" breeding etc. GN115
Leave nature alone in regard to children. GN138

Danger / harmful
Other options (wind/hydro) safer. XN7
The danger must be eliminated. XPY9
May be made safe one day. XPY14
Can do more harm than good. XN17
Harmful and dangerous. XN20
Too dangerous. XN22
Because if something goes wrong. XN23
Only short term gain. PN29
It is far too dangerous but further development may change this, who knows? XD32
Unless some way of using waste constructively. XN40
Don't think it is good for the use of mankind. XN46
To help guard against nuclear "accidents". XN84 To help guard against toxic "accidents". PN84
The dangers of it. XPY253
I think it has caused more problems than they're worth. PN46
Can cause defects or allergies and dangerous if gets in wrong hands. PN49
To make them less harmful to us and the environment. PY231
To determine and prevent adverse effects. PY233
A worrying thought. GN252
Each has as many possibilities as negative aspects, hence... XPGD310
I am afraid of an accident (because it might caused pollution). XJ2N
To increase the safety. XJ6Y
Natural energy is preferable. Use of nuclear power is dangerous. XJ9Y
I think it has too much risk. XJ11N
The problem is how to safely use things which are essentially dangerous. XJ13Y
We have to research on it including disposal of wastes. XJ16D
It is wonderful if a safe thing would be made. PJ8Y
To get rid of pollution. PJ318Y
I actually think agriculture is impossible without pesticide, so at least, I want safe pesticide. PJ321Y

Playing God / Interfering with Nature / Ethics
I believe in nature's way and man's interference in most of these material things will eventually become the downfall of all mankind. AllN204
Because my own gut feeling tells me so! AllN210
Mainly "no" because of my fear that animals may be abused in the process or in the end. VXPGN, CY, BD259
Lets doctors play god. Life has far reaching consequences for all involved and for humans it places a commercial value on humans. VGN172
Tampering with nature - blind to consequences. BGN29
Playing with fire = Sorcerer's apprentice. BY310
Against Nature if environmentally bad. XN82
There is a natural way which is often far superior. PGN248
Playing God. GN10
Too much interference in nature. GN17
Natural is better. GN35
A new thing which I do not like. GD61
Too many possible ethical problems. GN203
Ethically abhorrent to me personally. GN162
It is against the rule of nature. VJ9N
It is contrary to the ethics of life which are given by God. VJ2N
(For) Humans should not be used. CJ320Y
It is strange that humans touch it. BGJ320D

Causes human disease
Will weaken human race (genetics). VN14
Encourages unfit people to breed. VN290
Dangerous - cancer. XN10
It kills. XPN145
Causes cancer. PN10
Bad for health. PN20
I think too much in food can cause cancer. PN45
Need to know if they've caused cancer in users. PY175
Carcinogenic? PD178
Would never be used if everyone understood all the dangers to health involved. PY197
Disastrous consequences in future generations. GN259
Is AIDS a result of genetic engineering? That's my type of fear of this. GN315
Because I am afraid of side effects. VJ320Y
It is better to have a pesticide which is not dangerous for human and animals. PJ2Y
We need the thing that has less side effects. PJ13Y

Don't need / waste of money
Past the age of being involved. AllN249
Normal reproduction is sufficient. VN278 We must learn how to use what we have. XN278 My grandfather farmed better than today. PN278
An expensive luxury. Other options should be made available for couples who want to have a baby. VN29
Waste of money. VN31
Money could be spent in other areas. VN55
There are more worthwhile subjects. VD61
They should be thinking about something more important now. CY35
Perhaps yes to perfect process (leakage dangers), don't need in NZ. XD226
Plenty to be going on with. PN61
Why bother. GN7
Can't see a practical use for it. GN15
It is better to remove nuclear power. XJ20N

Humanity changed
Impact on reproductive relationships - what used to be called the family. VN132
Possible social consequences. VCBY104
I feel it is at the expense of people's jobs. CN56
Uneasy - dehumanising, political control. CD162
Helps but has also lost jobs. CD232
Gain's have big social consequences. CD267
Put people out of work. CN309
Destruction of value of humaneness. GN132
I think humans would eventually become tired. CJ2N

Unknown area / don't know
Don't know what it is. BD10
Bio what?? BD22
Because I don't know what it is. BD153; Because I don't know enough about it. XD153
Because the need for it might be unclear if we are not in that position. VJ20D
A lack of understanding. BGJ322D
Because I don't know the contents. GJ20D

Q7. Do you have any worries about the impact of research or its applications of these scientific discoveries and developments? How much? Why?.. Worries: N=no; F= a few; S=some; L=a lot; V=IVF; C=computer; B=biotechnology; X=nuclear power; P=pesticides; G=genetic engineering (J=Japan)

Interfering with Nature / Playing God
Spiritual knowledge insufficient to cope with the consequences. AllL29
Too much interference with nature! CBXPGL6
Tampering with human nature. VL11
Don't like messing with nature. VL15
Not natural. BGS253
Too much chemicals, not enough natural control. PL14
Against unnatural application. PF313
As long as it doesn't take over organic gardening. PF325
Some is like "playing God". PGL201
Unnatural. PGF295
Playing God. GL10
Ending up with weird things (unnatural). GL15
Should leave well alone. GL33
We are what we are. GF35
Because life should be natural. GF153
Playing God, politically explosive. GL162
Changing nature. GL184
I feel it would violate the dignity of God. VJ11F
Psychological resistance against unnatural form. VJ13F

Fear of unknown / Feeling
I don't know much about it! BS65
Can't tell where it may lead. BF66
Would like to know more and have more about it on TV and radio. BS197
Fear. XL134
What repercussions come from it. XF234
Possible unknown longterm effects. PF43
Knowledge not encompassing. PL148
Don't like it much. GS11
What if something goes wrong? GL325
Unknown possibilities. GF323
Though I might have watched too many movies about such a thing. CJ11F
I disagree in every case. BGJ322S
What would be made? BGJ322S

Ethical / Privacy
Ethics in some cases. VF10
Ownership of eggs, etc. VF147
Selection of clients. VF162
Lots of ethical questions, e.g. who does the embryo belong to? VF203
Ethical guidelines needed - not to be $$ driven. VS311
Animal abuse. VS, PL259 Human rights abuse CF259
I don't agree with it for ethical/moral reasons. VGL281
Privacy. CL7
Violation of privacy. CL10
Information security. CS147
"Big Brother" syndrome. CF148
That it remains ethical. BGL245
Innocent animals shouldn't suffer to test such things. PF36
Ethical issues/Possible creation of new harmful organisms. GS43 (+4)
Too many possible ethical problems. GL203
Ethics, shouldn't have carte blanche. GS311
Ethically. VGJ1S
Can we observe the ethics of scientists enough? BJ16F
The person, even inside a family might be known. BGJ322S
The problem of ethical standards. GJ13F
It has many advantages for animals, however, I am afraid when it is applied to humans about ethics and engineering. VJ326S

Humanity changed / Bad social effect
Still needs social acceptance. VF4
Cause more problems than it solves. VL33
There will always be emotions involved. VF217
Giving false hope. VF276
Loss of information about heredity. VS292
Can be problems later on, e.g. parentage. VF314
More and more unemployment. CF11
Too much control by computers. CF15
Taking jobs away. CS23
The advantage is that they are enormously helpful. The disadvantage is development of machinery reduces job numbers. CS24
Dehumanises much work. CL38
Computers are not human. CS39
Mainly in the area of the use in the work force and that the technology is causing unemployment. CS56
Don't want people to become obsolete in some industries. CF325

Becoming like Hitler's views. VS23
Breed a race of morons. GF2
Selection of "desirable" genes? lead to Aryan race? GL38
We might be overwhelmed by excessively fecund runaways. GF61
Are we leading up to choosing our children's characteristics? GF206
Cloning, 'desirable' genes to dominate. GS229
Possibilities for superhumans or never ending life. GS231
Huxley's "Brave New World" syndrome. GL310
Fear that only superior persons might survive. VJ20S

Insufficient control
In all cases because our mastery of science is not matched by our care, foresight, and ethical judgement in using the technologies. VBPGS, CF, XL44
How far will they take it? 60 year olds having babies is ridiculous. VS17
I feel it is an important area but care is needed to monitor who they are helping. VL56
Need legal safeguards. VF187
The problem of choice. VF201
No control mechanisms. CS162
Because some of these things have not enough controls in place at this time. VCN, BPL, XGS165
Unsafe measures. XL297
Loss of control. XL310
Dangers of poor control. XL323
Indiscriminate use - especially in 'poor' nations by multinationals. PS115
It is important that everyone knows everything about each type. PS153
Need strict guidelines. GF53
Info to the public limited? Fear tampering and experimentation on human (or animal) guinea pigs. Misuse of technology etc. GL115 (+Misuse)
When to stop? GL138
Could get out of hand. GS202
Plants OK, animals? GS212
Not sure where it might lead. GF305
Please do not make the thing which humans cannot control. BJ11F
Anxiety that humans might become a slave. CJ13F
Humans cannot control it completely yet. XPGJ318L
I think there are many things which scholars keep in secret. XPGJ320SSF

Human Health / Deformities
Can proliferate genetic defects. VS14
The medical profession takes too little account of side effects. VL59
Because low success and stress. VN139
Cancer. PL10
Side effects of. PS15
Health risks. PL20
I don't like the thought of them in my food. PL49
DDT residues in my liver. Hmm! PF61
Wondering about damage like poisoning and/or defoliant. PJ10S
Wondering about deformity (agricultural products, human). GJ10F

Disaster / Harmful (Both to humans and environment)
Possible undiscovered dangers (e.g. radiation). CS307
The number "4's" actually cause more change I consider harmful. BXPGL170
Dangerous. XPGL263
Melt down. XF4
Danger of accident. XL10
Dangerous. XL19
Because of its destructive power. XL20
Blow up the world. XL23
Very very unsafe. XL27
There is no way to get rid of the by products. XL49
A small accident may have large and serious consequences. XS53
The more research they do must make it safer. PS17
The danger to our good. PS33
Bad for the health of everything. PL46
Harm to health and ecosystem. PS55
Unknown dangers to people, animals, environment. PS307
245T, Dioxin long term problems. PS311
Dangerous to all life. GL14
If it is let to get out of hand it could go far. GL17
In the wrong hands it has the potential for danger to both the environment and humankind. GL112
Very dicey. GS221
Because harm caused by overuse of computers is happening even today. CJ321F
If a big accident happens. XJ10F
Disposal of wastes and counter measures for accidents are insufficient. XJ16S
There is more possibility that safe things could not be found. XPJ321S
Because it might involve the life of humans directly when it fails. XPGJ326S
I am little afraid, but we need to do research completely. PJ11F

Ecology / Environmental harm
Until inventions, scientists et al. can clean up the dying forests, ozone depletion, nuclear waste proliferation, and other environmental stupidity, we're wasting precious time and resources if we pursue other "interesting" fields. AllS248
The world needs less people not more. VS188
Upsetting the balance of Nature. XPGL264
Environmental disaster. XL15
The danger to our world. XS33
Nuclear waste going into environment is/can be damaging. XS50
World already overloaded. VL37
Damage to wildlife. PF4
Toxic effects in food chain. PL38
Not good for Nature. PL45
Too many cause pollution. PF53
Need to have care of the impact on the natural environment that is being affected by these developments. PGS56
Upset of ecological balance. PL310
I wonder whether the system of nature might be destroyed. BJ10F
Appearance of the species that might cause a lot of damage against the ecosystem. BJ13F
Damage against the ecosystem and a new pollution problem. PJ13F

Waste / Don't Need
There is not enough emphasis on preventing infertility by lifestyle changes. VL175
Waste of time and money. XL7
Power companies push this for profit reasons. XL7 (+Misuse)
No need for this apparent to me. GL4
What's wrong with what we have? GL35

Human misuse
In wrong hands all these things could be a source of power. VS3, BS3, XL3, PS3, GS3
It's application. VBXPF9, GL9
Misuse of knowledge. VS39
Too early use of these technologies has the potential for major catastrophic results further ahead. BXPGF268
Wrong hands e.g. germ warfare. BS311
Misuse. XS11; VF53
War tools, instead of peace tools. XL14
Why learn more ways to kill us. We have ample. XL36
Potential for disaster/threat, e.g. weapons and war. XL38
Weapons proliferation. Pollution. XF55 (+10)
The destructive powers and the overwhelming capabilities of it's use in a negative manner. XL56
Need to target lower use/educate users. PS7
Over use and lack of caution. PF34
Not always ethical use. PF162
May be taken too far. GF34
OK as long as not misused. GZ39
Who will hold the power. GS283
Too close to frontier of knowledge, likelihood of future abuse. GL290
Because people might use it only thinking of their interests. I would like to take good care of the natural form, too. VXGJ7F
I wonder the downfall of humans will be accelerated if the idea that science is almighty continues. VCBXPJ9SFSLS
If humans control it at all, mistakes could happen. XJ13F
Because it could be used for war and as power in politics. CJ16F
Unlimited use. PJ16S
Excessive manipulation of life might happen. VGJ321S
Because it could become haughtiness of human. BJ321S

Can control / Limited use is OK
You can't join research and application together. All research and discovery must be knowledge and all forms of knowledge must be good.AllN32
Some of these areas are not known to me but I understand the need to discover and develop as long as safeguards are maintained by a higher power. AllN40
The more we know the better we will understand. AllN143
Research is a different (neutral) area. Final application is a political decision. AllN300
Doing what nature can't do for us. VN38
Humans can control them. CN9
Because of accuracy. CN14
Reduce donkey work. CN37
Needs to be targeted at food production. BL7
Mostly beneficial to date. BN61
Improves health. BN37
Other fuels depleted. XN37
Might be some rogues, but most are tame. XN61
As long as they are safe ones. PN11
Increase harvest. PN37
Produces new strain. GN37
Must be good for all living things. GN46
I don't think it is becoming a thing which is more than a tool. CJ322N

Don't know
Don't understand it. BZ1
What is it? BN17
A lot of this is unknown to the man in the street. BF175
Because I don't know the details. VCBJ320FNS

Q9. Genes from most types of organisms are interchangeable. Would potatoes made more nutritious through biotechnology be acceptable or unacceptable to you if genes were added from another type of plant, such as corn? Why? ....
Q10. Would such potatoes be acceptable or unacceptable to you if the new genes came from an animal? Why? ....
Q11. Would chicken made less fatty through biotechnology be acceptable or unacceptable if genes were added to the chicken from another type of animal? Why?
Q12. Would such chicken be acceptable or unacceptable if the genes came from a human? Why? ....
A=acceptable; U=unacceptable; D=don't know; P=Q9 (Corn-potato); X=Q10 (Animal-potato); C=Q11 (Animal-chicken); H=Q12 (Human-chicken);

Ethics / Animal concerns
If animal rights threatened. XU1
Animals have the same rights as people. XCU7
Ethically just doesn't click with me. XU260
Leave the bloody animals alone. CHU21
To kill an animal to make a better vegetable is incongruous. CHU38; To kill an animal to improve another is incongruous. CHU38
With reservations about quality of chicken's life. CA323 (+Conditional benefit)
Against animal exploitation. XU194
Writer does not partake of animal products, due to ethico-spiritual grounds. CHU270
Would the genes come from aborted babies!!! HU194
Ethics - could be construed as a form of cannibalism. HU43 (+Cannibalism)
It is good for humans, but what about for chicken? CJ11D
We should not do genetic manipulation (of animals). HJ17U
Because understanding and consideration of human dignity is not enough. HJ317U
It might lose the dignity of chickens. HJ322U

Interfering with nature
Holistic approach, tampering with nature. Taversity of nature. PXU29
They have been here for 1,000 years. Don't touch. PU8
Like them as they are. PU13
What are you thinking about there, interfering with nature there is out of the question. XCHU20
Bloody unnatural. XCU6
Leave nature as is. XU13
Unnatural. HU1
Natural revulsion to such a concept. HU14
It's unnatural. PXCHJ320U
I want natural things. PJ14D
I think the original form of living things is better. PJ17U
It is not a natural plant. And I am afraid of disorder of biological organisation. XJ9+9U
I don't think that fatty chicken were born naturally in the beginning. CJ322+35U

Playing God
God made all things good for us - we are not GOD. AllU26
Religious reasons. Don't tamper with Nature! AllU214
Because its playing with God's Nature. XU23; Because its not chicken, could be human. CU23; Because if God wanted us to be chickens we would be. HU23
Don't believe in playing with peoples lives. HU10
I consider it is not an area which humans should enter. HJ12U

Mixing species is bad
Don't approve of all the 'mixing' up of nature. AllU264
Mixing of species. XCHU8
Crossing boundaries of nature. XCHU31
The two belong to quite different kingdoms. XHU248
Vegetables are vegetables & animals are animals. XU250
Plant genes should stay with plants. XU254 (PA, CA, HU)
Crossing major genetic boundaries. XU323
Plants and animals should be left alone in their two "worlds". XU325
Humans and chickens are so different. It would be absolutely awful. HU325
I think animals and plants could have differences. XJ11U
Chicken is chicken, cow is cow. If they are not, their characteristic flavour will be lost. CJ10+19U
Human is human, chicken is chicken. HJ11U

Fear of unknown / Disaster / Need more research
Only research will answer. AllD4
The risks of being bloody clever are never adequately assessed. AllU59
Manipulation in this way may have unforeseen effects a la thalidomide. AllU268
Long term effects completely unpredictable. PXCU14
Because science never knows what it causes until 20 years down the line. PU35
I am not sure about the effects of biotechnology. PD64
I believe that extra research on foods already sufficient is a waste of time. Spend time on inefficient products first. XU105 (+Don't need)
Animal rights threatened. Unknown long term results? CU1 (+16)
We cannot bring it back when the disadvantages appear, I think we can not limit problems inside a laboratory. PXCHJ19+6U
What kind of chicken will be made? HJ319U

Doesn't seem right. AllD15
But too weird for me. XU11
Not sure why. XU20
Sounds a bit weird. XU21
Natural is safe. XCU35
I feel the thought of eating anything from a human totally disgusting. HU272
Unpleasant. XJ6U
I disagree even when I imagine it just a little. HJ10U

Social effects / Eugenics
In principle, but other social complications would occur. HA72

Human health / Deformities
Manipulation in this way may have unforeseen effects a'la thalidomide. AllU268
If license given for this; you may not know what you're eating. PXCU147
How would these genes affect us. XU64
Freaks/mutants! Adapt to artificial environment - unnatural. CHU29 (+unnatural)
Mad cow disease, HIV. CU290
Chance of introducing susceptibility to other disease. HU290
It is impossible to guarantee the security until later. PJ15U
I think it is bad for health because animals and plants are different things (when you eat them). XJ2U (+Crossing species)
I have a strong rejection against gene manipulation to livestock which are eaten by humans. HJ9U

Ecology / Environment
Upsetting the biological balance. PU120
No threat is posed to existing species or other species as a result. PA196 (+No problem)
Interference with nature and its innate balancing mechanisms. PU270 (+Unnatural)
It would depend on the procedure, cost required, and environmental impact. XCD233
The effects on nature - soil? people? XC98 (+Human health)
Shouldn't mess with nature - haven't we done enough harm to our planet. CHU20
I am afraid of disorder of biological organisation and food. PJ9U (+Bad health)
The natural world would be messy. XJ17U
I think it would be good for all of the natural world not to be touched by humans for only our convenience. CJ20U

Human misuse
One never knows when powerful factions use the processes discovered to make money or control people. XU296
Because biotechnology in animals seems such a short step away from its use/misuse in humans that personally it seems more unacceptable than for vegetables. CU88

Insufficient control / Slippery slope
Worried about 'interference' with nature and repercussions for mankind (e.g. Super-races, etc.). Where will this interfering end? AllU25 (+Interfering with nature)
The slippery slope argument - where would it end. AllU273
Over the edge. CHU11
Taking genetic engineering too far. HU34
I agree with it, however, I want to keep a limit. PJ11A
Though, I feel it is excessive. XJ322D
There is a fear that it might not remain only a chicken. CJ17+9U

Humans are special / Cannibalism
Bloody cannibalism!!! HU6
No genes from human. HU13
It's called cannibalism. HU22
Never contemplated the possibility of this happening. My mother thinks it's cannibalistic. HD24
Shouldn't mix humans with anything. HU33
It would surely border on cannibalism. HU250
Misuse of human genes. HU323

Product bad
Be funny seeing a spud with four legs. XU27; Have heard people being called chicken, also people called feathery legs. HU27 (+unnatural)
A potato is good enough on its own but would not go down with vegetables. XU33
Nature should be left as natural as possible. I'd find it freaky eating something like that from one animal to another. CU325
The pleasure of eating would be decreased. We might not recognize the original taste. PXJ319U
I won't want to eat it if I know an agricultural product is coming from an animal. XJ10U
I have bad feelings towards an animal which is made by humans. For example, broilers may lose the original taste of a chicken. CJ9U

Don't Need
Spuds OK as they are! PU6
A potato is good enough on its own. PU33
What is the point of tampering with nature? PU263
Why must we tamper with something that's good. PU272 If I wanted to eat meat I would. XU272 If I choose to eat chicken that's all I would eat. CU272
Exploitive, unnecessary. XU270
Chicken is fine the way it is - why mess around with it. CHU7
There is not enough fat on a chicken to worry about anyway. CU33
Commercially produced chicken is already stuffed full of all sorts of hormone regulators and artificial stuff - why waste time tinkering further with a useless product? CU248 (+unnatural)
The chicken we have now is sufficient. We can mix other food in a good balance. CJ2U
What would be made if we mix human and chicken. We don't need it. HJ2U
The original product is good. PJ6U
I don't think that is needed. CJ6U
I don't suppose I want to live longer to eat excellent food by such a way. XCJ15U
Original nutrition and taste are sufficient already. XJ20U
You had better remove the fat when you eat it. CJ319U

Conditional benefit
But only if they didn't hurt the animal. XCA22 (+Animal concerns)
It would depend on what gene was added. XD252
As long as it was good healthy food. AA265
See no problem if no suffering to animals. XA267 (+Animal concerns)
It is good if it would be used peacefully and safely. PJ318A
I agree with it as a trial. HJ13A

Don't know
I'm not sure that this cross-breeding would be giving us wholesome natural produce. PD248 (+unnatural)
Don't understand enough about the procedures to comment. CD10
Depends on the implications - does the chicken suffer for carrying less fat? CD260
Don't understand the implications of this. HD267
Can't say as I don't know what the process would be used to obtain the animal genes. If the genetic material was formulated in a way which caused no harm to the animal concerned that would be acceptable. The cross use of genetic material as such doesn't ethically bother me. XCHD271
Do easily bored people use flowery language (development, progress, etc.)to enhance effort to make a profit? (I think, however, I'd like to try to eat it.) PJ3D
Because I have far too little knowledge (personally). XJ3D
Because what kind of organisms will be made is unknown. XJ317D
Because how other properties will change is unknown. CJ317D

Medicine / Health benefit
Better for you, and more nutritious for today's children. PA20
Because they would be more nutritious for me. PA22
Food more healthy and palatable. PA194; Lead to better diet. CA194
Promotion of human health. PAC267
Improves health generally. CA3
Because in a diet for adult's disease, they have to eat as little fat as they can. CJ326A
It is useful for human health. It will bring diversity to the varieties of chicken. CJ16A (+New variety)
There is a possibility that genetic products will be useful as constituents of human. HJ16A

Scientific knowledge
Progress cannot be halted. Could be very beneficial. PXCA104
Because vegetables have no feeling and its alright to experiment on them. PA128 (+No problem)
It is not until we use recombinant DNA that we might have a new discovery. XJ13A

New varieties
New food. PA31
I eat courgettes and nashi (is this what you mean?). PD20
Because most foods are X these days, pear/apple. PA23
Basically another form of meat. XA24
Done already, for example boysenberries. PA251
Because it is the same as improvement of breed. PJ317A
Because it is good for consumers. CJ8A
It is the same thing as conventional improvement of breed. XCJ13A

Increased food
Improved food supply will be needed in the future. PA7
Productivity in a world where resources are shrinking is important. PA225

Humanity benefits
May be possible applications for malnourished peoples. PA24
Cheap vegetable, that if eaten by those unable to pay for better veges - get better nutrition. PA260
A more nutritious and beneficial food source. PA269
In the nations and countries which are short of food, it might be a solution. PJ321A
It is the birth of a new organism which can contribute to human society. PJ16A
Because it will extract good things of each, improve and take part in human life. PJ326A

If improved. PY1
Must be a help if the quality improves. PXA3
Could lead to better products. PA21
Save washing pots. PA27
It may be a better product. PA266
Seems good sense. AA265
I think there are no other effective ways than gene rearrangement if you make better things. PJ8A
We could cook easier, rubbish would decrease. CJ321A (+Environmental advantage)

Genes are the same
They are from the same type of species. PA8
They are both vegetables. PA252
Its not natural, but if they are close e.g. veges, its not so bad. PA258 (XCHU)
Because they are both plants/vegetables which doesn't seem too bad. PA325
No different to any other gene. XCHA269
Within the animal kingdom it feels OK. CA225
I think there is no effect on the body because they are the same plants. PJ2A
I will not be repulsedeven if the flavour would be changed a little because it would still be a plant (an agricultural product). PJ10A
It depends on the kind of gene though, we don't need to discriminate if it the gene is expressed and the products would be useful/profitable. XJ16A
I think there are no differences to inserting it in potatoes because they are the same genes even if they come from corn or animals. But I feel bad if potatoes will walk because of it. XJ321D
There are no differences to inserting genes in chicken even if they come from humans or other animals. HJ321A

No problem
Can't see any harm in it. PA11
Don't see any harm in it. ALLA32
I see no problems. PCA34
No ethical problems. PA323

Q14. If any of the following were to be produced from genetically modified organisms, would you have any concerns about using them? How much? Why? Worries: N=no; F= a few; S=some; L=a lot; D=dairy products; V=vegetables; B=meat; R=medicines

Unknown health effects
The risks of being too bloody clever are never adequately assessed. AllL59
I could not be 100% certain of the good/bad effects, and I wouldn't trust the word of government officials or "experts" in the field. AllL145 (+lack information)
There is always an element of risk that the product may be harmful. AllF188
All could cause illnesses known or unknown (e.g. AIDS). AllS211
Effect on consumers? BS178
Too risky, unless proved OK. RL65
Because I feel it is bad for health. DVBJ2S
I don't know what kind of organism it is. (Because it could be eaten.) DVBJ10F

Long term risk
Our general ignorance about long-term effect on health. All66
Not natural, have they been followed up (tests, etc.) over the years? DVBS65 (+unnatural)
Would be concerned about long term effects. DVRF, BS267
I'm afraid of using such a medicine and food for a long time. AllJ11F
The long-term safety is not well known. AllJ322F

Quality unsure
So long as they have been thoroughly tested to make sure no 'contaminants' that are harmful. AllF53 (+ safety)
Don't really know enough to answer this but would be concerned about errors in production. AllS93
I don't like the idea of having things interfered with. Medicines I can accept to a certain extent to improve health but I feel we should only be putting clean products into our systems. DVBL, RS56
It depends where the genes are from. DF36
Origin of genes. RS194

I would be concerned until proven, about the quality of research on all these subjects. AllF3
As long as they were strictly controlled and tested. AllN24
Faith in the system. AllN32
Safety. AllF52
Because all products would be tested as suitable for human consumption. AllN46
Not unless they were tested properly. AllF45
I am assuming all organisms do not give rise to any health or dietary problems for the individuals. AllN193
Only if study a lot. RS35
Safety. AllJ4F
There is no guarantee of safety. AllJ19L

Side effects
All totally unnecessary with side effects not showing up until too late to do anything about it. AllL89 (+Longterm risk)
All medication has risks and side effects. To take ANY medicine the benefit must outweigh the potential risks. RN88
I'm afraid of side effects because it is human food. AllJ326F
Because side effects could easily occur. RJ12S

Unknown research
There isn't a lot known or much historical information. AllF84
If modified can also create modified problems, thus need more research etc. AllF117 (+unknown health)
Because everything about genes is not elucidated yet. AllJ317F

The 'unnatural' substance might have some unforeseen bad effect on humans. AllF5
Just don't like the general idea of tampering with nature. AllS11
not acceptable. AllL14
Tampering with nature - in a real sense, 'blind' to the consequences. AllL29 (+unknown health)
All against nature. AllL197
Don't tamper with genes. DF221 Vegetable crossing not so bad. VN221 Gene tampering and animals - No! BL221. Matter of life and death acceptable! RN221
Prefer the natural product. DVBL192. Could be a more natural remedy. RN192
They are natural products. DL8
Wouldn't be "natural". DVBF55
Natural medicines work best! RL7
I am strongly afraid of the radical reform of living things that have been made by DNA recombination because living things have been made over a long human history. DVBJ12S
Because it is not natural. DVBRJ320S

Would suspect commercial pressures might unacceptably truncate adequate tests and safeguards. AllS44 (+Safety)
There are always risks in interfering with nature. Scientists and economists are too much in a hurry to get into economic production. In principle no qualms. In practice human error and negligence is serious. AllF83
What would happen to farming. DVB35

Who are we to attempt to modify God's creation? AllL99
It depends on where the organisms are derived from. Plants - yes; Animals and humans -no. AllS109
As long as another organism wasn't harmed. AllS159
Religious reasons. AllL214
Because I worry about experimentation using and done on animals. Also I do not believe that long-term implications about negative aspects are exposed adequately to the consumer. AllS242
Possible suffering to animals. BS38
This suggests genetically modifying a cow! DL50; Genetically modified meat means (I think) a genetically modified animal. BL50
I'm vegetarian!! BL184

Environmental / Ecological
Natural selection gave us the foods we have now. Genetic tinkering may one day exhaust foods, and endanger originals. AllL14
Effects on people, animals, environment versus quality of life and nature. AllL98 (+unknown health)
As long as they were not harmful to us and the environment. AllN231 (+unknown health)
I believe nature has, through millions of years of evolution, found the best and only way for our planet to survive and support the variety of life it has. DBRL, VS85

Genes are natural not like added chemicals. AllN118
As long as they taste OK and do what they're supposed to do. AllN 327
I do not understand the implications. AllL329
In all cases it would depend on what exactly was involved with the genetic engineering. DVRN, BF230
Only if animal to animal. DBS311 Only if vegetable to vegetable. VF311
To dispense with the need for pesticides. VN90
As long as it tastes good. BF36
Because medicines are not organic anyway. RF15
Have more effect on a person than foods above. RS256
Injection spread i.e. HIV, if from humans, so need careful screening for this. DS280
I don't think that we have to regard thing which is genetically manipulated as special. DVBRJ321N

Not needed
Bloody stupid. AllL6
Milk products OK - meat -not. DS7; Better vegetables/cereals will increase meat production without this. BL7
Quite good as is. DF, VBRN18
We don't need to survive. DVBL23
Genetic engineering is sinister. The human population is already too great for comfort. Scientific thinking should be directed elsewhere. AllS61
The requirement for these has not been explained. AllS82

Lack information
How would you know exactly what you were eating or what they could do to you. AllL33
I want to know exactly what I am eating for all four questions. AllL185
I want to know more about it, before I'd decide. [no answer]
Do not know enough to be sure of safety. DVBF34
I would want to know how and why they were modified. VBRS8
Shy of eating humans. BL37
I'd have to know more about it. BF36
Because I don't have knowledge about the gene arrangement. Because we have been swallowed up by the vortex of flow, we have to use them. Also because I don't have any power (judgement ) to absolutely oppose to them. AllJ13F (+Other)
Because it is something that I cannot imagine with my knowledge. AllJ20S

Needed / Better
Seems rational. AllN186
More healthy. DVBN194
Will help feed the world - I hope! VZ7
If with other vegetables because not changing nature too drastically. VN184
To produce leaner tastier meat. BN90
Need to survive. RN23
To prevent suffering. RN36
Benefits outweigh concerns. RN43
Risks of not taking medicine greater. RN196
It is good because medicine can cure disease. RJ2S

Already done
They are into it now. AllN27
Already consists of genes. DVB196
Already modified. DVRN37
Only if lower in fats. DS190 Only if lower cholesterol. MN190 (VN -"pure"; RN -"scientists would have tested them").
I have heard much of it, that it has been made by extractions from cow and pig. RJ10N

Q16. Some genetic diseases can be predicted in the fetus during the early stages of pregnancy. Do you think such tests should be available under government-funded Medicare? Why? Y=yes; N=no; D=don't know
Q17. Would you want such a test during (your/your spouse's) pregnancy? Why?

Don't know
I cannot imagine directly because I have never had any fetus. 17J3W
I cannot answer because I don't know the purpose of National Health Insurance. 17J318W

Saves life
Common sense. 16Y6
Could be life saving to mother and/or child. 17Y14
Well if you can stop diseases getting to an unborn child I'm all for it. And if you can stop an unborn child becoming deformed from the diseases. 16Y19; Only if it could help my unborn child and to prevent any diseases getting to my child. 17Y19 (+Depends on situation)
If we must use science - it should be used for good. 16Y20
If safe for mother and fetus. 16Y311 (+ parent's convenience)
I don't like the idea that both the child that would be born and the parents might have an unfortunate life (cost, mental anguish). 16J2Y (+ parent's convenience)
I consider it is needed when I think about the misfortune of a child who might be born in the future and parents' anguish. 17J12Y (+ parent's convenience)
Because I hope for a healthy child. 16J14Y
Because it is too late after they are born. 17J17Y
So that an unfortunate child will not be born. 16J17Y

Parent's convenience / abortion is OK
Parents may wish to terminate. 16Y7
Peace of mind. 17Y13
To prepare myself/abort. 17Y22
To give parents a choice re-having an abnormal baby. 16,17Y34
Can avoid a lot of stress and allow parents to make a decision with what they live in the future especially if they decide to take no action. 16Y192 To decide on an abortion or to be prepared, 17Y192
I believe in the choice to abort. 16, 17Y253
One could consider abortion or at least be prepared. 16Y284
Planning to be taken for remediation or abortion. 16Y303 Need to plan for future. 17Y303
For the benefit of the parents. 16, 17Y309
If it doesn't take so much money, we could prepare ourselves and our mind earlier. 17J2Y
It is better for parents that they can know whether the embryo is normal or not. 17J4Y
First, for themselves, and for a child who would be born. 16J10Y (+ save life)
If we could know it before birth, we might be able to take measures. 16,17J20Y
It cause trouble to have a diseased child economically and mentally. 16,17J321Y
To keep the family healthy. 16J9Y
Not to carry misfortune in our life on our back. 17J316Y
So that parents should not abandon their children. R

Right to know
So that I was aware of the points to make decisions. 17Y2
For safety reasons. 17Y6
Need to know your options - time to prepare. 17Y7
To give people the option. 16Y17
So that we could make a fully educated decision. 17Y32
Should be included in maternity fees payable to doctors, midwives, specialists etc. Not necessarily Medicare - perhaps as health benefit. Why - so 'parents' can have a choice. 16Y216 (+ right to health care)
I want to use the right to know. 16J1Y

Improve quality of life
To improve quality of life and reduce expense of therapeutic care. 16Y237 (+economy)
Because it could be very beneficial to future quality of life. 16,17Y202
To prevent lives being ruined. 16Y2
So a decision can be made on whether the child could lead a life of reasonable quality or whether the pregnancy should be terminated. 16Y217 I would want my children to have quality of life - though of course, unless faced with the situation you can only really guess what your reaction would be. 17Y217 (Both, + parent's convenience)
Save heartache later on. 16Y164
Prevent great unhappiness. 16Y287
I would not want to bring a child into the world with limitations on their quality of life. 17Y283

Depends on situation
But now too old to have those worries. 17Y4
If wanted by the parents. 16Y15
Depends on the circumstances - medical history, age, etc. 17D29
Was done. 17Y17
I have a handicapped child and know what it feels like. 17Y42
If I or doctor felt there were problems with the pregnancy it would help to find the answer. 17Y295

Improve genes
Must improve human makeup. 16,17Y3
Don't want to father an idiot. 17Y37
Because of the risk of passing on the diseases. 16Y45
Why saddle society with more misfits. 16Y59
There is no point in creating individuals with handicaps. 16, 17Y188
To reduce the chance of birth defects. 16Y245
We need healthy young people. 16Y257
Want 'perfect' children. 17Y280
I wouldn't want to bring a deformed/diseased fetus into the world. 17Y285
We should remove any genetic diseases for the mother, families and society. 17J16Y
Better not to have any hereditary disease. 17J6Y
Better not to have any handicap. 16J6Y
I hope for a healthy child rather than a disabled child. 17J325Y
To improve the human genome. R
To stop handicapped children. R
For healthy society. R
To improve my position among the common fund of humans. R
To improve human character. R
For health prosperity. R

Other benefit
Add to useful human knowledge. 16Y165
Because the chances of healthy children are getting more remote. 17Y245
A treasure for mankind. R
To stop monsters. R
To stop deformed babies. R

Right to health care
Not every one can afford to pay. 16Y13
Such vital information is unavailable to many due to poverty. 16Y14
Because it would probably cost too much for parents. 16Y30
People have a right to this information, regardless of socio-economic status. 16Y22
Everyone should have the same chances. 16Y25
So that every pregnant woman has the right to choose whether or not to give birth to a child with a serious genetic disease. 16Y29
So that all people would have it not just those who could afford. 16Y33
Should be available to all, not just to some. 16Y32
All women should automatically have test available to them when they become pregnant. 16Y204
If such facilities are available only to those who can afford them it is disgusting. 16Y283
Affordable for everyone. 16Y291
The rich (under Users pay) would be those who can afford such tests. 16D296
It should be universal, not only specific. 17J1Y
So anyone is able to take the test who wants to take it. 17J8Y
It is needed to make a medical examination of embryos compulsory. 17J9Y+17
Yes, please by all means. 17J11Y
Because it is the thing that many citizens worry about. 17J317Y
It is a state task. R

Economy (saves money)
May save money in the long run. Better awareness.16Y1
Save government thousands of dollars in treatment if child is born. 16Y4
Could save the health system money in the long run also could save much unhappiness. 16,17Y5 (+15)
Yes, because it would reduce cost of future health care if the genetically diseased individual survives. 16Y24
Because for a woman to abort would be cheaper for the Government than the IHC (Intellectually Handicapped Children Association) in the long run. 16Y35
Saves money and stress later. 16,17Y247 (+ improves quality of life)
Because eventually those babies will come under the Government's health fund anyway. 16Y285
Why bring into the world a liability. 17Y291
Children are treasures and the property of the nation. And the birth rate of children is decreasing year and year and the our nation is becoming older. 17J10Y
Man with genetic disease is a tragedy for his/her mother and society. R

Fetus has right to life
Because I wouldn't abort it anyway. 16,17N10
Because its still a human. 16Y23; To have a baby. If it was deformed it should have naturally aborted. 17Y23
To abort is a big problem. 17Y35
Tests lead to abortion which is a polite word for murder. 16N112
Not if it leads to abortion. 16Y130 May lead to abortion - not always necessary. 17N130
I am against abortions. 16N308

Misuse possible
Everyone has the right to know what they could possibly be in for. Terminating a pregnancy involving an abnormal fetus could ultimately save a lot of society's money (e.g. mental institutions, special facilities for education). The problem is: where do you draw the line? Does anyone have the right to terminate a particular sex or (e.g.) blue-eyed fetuses? 16,17Y230 (+economy)
There might be no limit to pursue science more and more. 17J15Z

Results in all babies/fetuses being aborted - therefore they are selected against. 16N70
Where do you draw the line? That is a form of race purification. 16N179

Playing God / Interfering with nature
Leave it to nature. 17N33
I don't like interfering with the body unnecessarily. 17N49
I think that we would have to accept what we produced. 17N70
Back to the way I want, not the way it is. 16,17N178
I would not want to know the future. I would deal with it when it happened, e.g. at birth. 17N296

Ethical. 16,17D9
Run into ethical problems. 16D203
Because of the connection to the abortion problem. 17J322ZW

Health will be bad/risk of side effects
May induce miscarriage. 16D18
If there was no risk to the fetus. 17Y20

Other harm
Would prefer not to think about it. 17N11
If the result was positive, it would increase stress for no benefit. 17N228
What would you do with the information once you got it? 16, 17N168
Not government funding but available to patients if they're prepared to pay for it. 16N295
A time for no interference or drugs. 17N308

Q20. How do you feel towards people that have the following genetic diseases? H=hemophilia; M=muscular dystrophy;
Q22. How do you feel towards people that are HIV-infected or have AIDS? A=AIDS;
Q25. How do you feel towards people with the following mental diseases?
D=mental depression; S=schizophrenia; N=neurosis

Don't know
Don't know. H1; SN7; N280
I have not met anybody with the virus so I cannot comment. A8
Don't really know. S17
Don't know what it is. HN19; N30
Not sure. N23
Haven't come in contact with any yet. A34
I have never met or seen anyone. H232
I cannot say anything because there is no patient near me. MJ2
I think of many things vaguely, but I have no special idea. AJ3
I don't know. HMDSNJ8
Straightly speaking, I have no idea because I think mental diseases depend on the patients themselves very much. DSNJ11
I don' know well. DSNJ24
What is the cause? DSNJ58

Sorry / sympathy
Sorry. DSN1; HMADSN5; HM8; DSN18; DSN21; DSN27; DSN31 etc.
Sympathetic. HMDSN2; DSN11; HM14; DSN25
Sympathy. HMDSN3; A4
Complete sympathy. H25
Sympathetically. HM27
Much sorrow. HM6
Feel sorry for them, wish them luck. HM7
Very sorry. DSN6
Very very sorry. HM13
Very sorry for them. Do not fear them if they are honest about it. A9
Sorry for them. DSN22
Sad HM11; A26
Extremely sorry DSN16
Feel sorry for them, although they seem to get on with life and enjoy it. HM17
I feel sorry for them for they can't do a lot of things and are in pain too. M19
People who have aids: I feel sorry for all those who have aids. It is a disease I wouldn't want to wish on anyone. Those who have aids miss out on so much that life has to offer them. Those babies who are born with aids my heart goes out to them. For it's not their fault they have aids, but they missed out on life itself. Which hurts even more.
People shouldn't judge those who have aids for it's not their fault they have aids. We should be more there for them for they don't know when their time will run out.
But I also feel though, those who sleep around to pass the deadly diseases should be known to the public for they're the ones who make it harder for those who are trying to understand the diseases.
People who have HIV: People who have HIV should be more careful who they sleep with. For it can be cured. Whereas aids can't. But anyone can get HIV, even if you've been with your partner for a year or even married. A19
A shame. HM32
Its sad for them, but people with problems are usually happy with their lot. HM32
Sadness. HM181; Pity. DSN181
I am sorry they have much more chances to catch AIDS. HJ2
I am very sorry. I hope they can spend days with a positive mind all their lives.HJ6
I hope they could have the will to overcome their handicaps, and devote themselves to their rehabilitation. MJ6
I wish they would not be injured accidentally. HJ9
I am sorry. DSNJ14
It's a pity. Medical treatment should be forced earlier. They should be given social security. HMJ16
I feel pity when I think they are incurable. HMJ19
I don't know well because there are no such patients around me, it may be a pity for patients and their parents. HMJ20
I feel sorry. I hope medical treatment for their recovery could be discovered soon. HMJ22
The personality of her/his self is the same as before and I don't worry about it at all, however, I may be sorry about her/him. AJ24
I am very sorry about the people who have been sacrificed by imported blood products. The government should be blamed for it. HJ26
Unhappiness. HMDSNJ27
I am extremely sorry. DSNJ28
Serious. ANJ30
I am so sorry about the infection via blood. I would say, please have peace of mind by strong mentality and finding words which support yourself. AJ32
Pity. AJ33
What a pity. HMAJ40
They may feel sad. MJ42
Unhappiness. It's pitiful. I hope the progress of science will cure it easily. HMAJ60
I am really sorry when they have diseases because those are genetic diseases. DSNJ159

Concern / compassion
Concerned. M1; HM18
Compassionate. DSN9; DSN143
Compassion. DSN126
All of them are diseases. I will not feel difficulty about words and action. If he is the person whom I love, I will think over why he becomes so. DSNJ3
Don't worry about having gotten the disease. Though they need introspection, they had better make an effort to be able to think that they enjoyed their limited life and were happy in the end. They must be careful about 'infection' to another people at least. AI6 (+ risk)
The person her/him self may be fairly depressed, so I want to contact with her/him like it is really nothing, not by consolation. HMJ10
Unhappy people. Development and practice of the treatment and prevention should be done. They are scapegoats because of science which is behind. AJ16
I am so sorry, and also it is important to have knowledge about each disease. AJ21
We have to think how to have relations and contact with them, rather than what we think about patients. DSNJ21
They are under the interaction of fate and mentality. DSNJ32
The education which reduces discrimination should be done. AJ37
I guess it is pity. Tell the family and a doctor beforehand. HJ48
It is a sort of occupational disease. DJ59
They may be scapegoats of social environment. DSNJ64
It seems to be very frightening without correct knowledge. AJ68
A friend of mine is a patient. I'm worried about how to contact with them . I'm very sorry. DJ200
I cannot express in words. It is sorrowful and painful. Their life is hard in Japanese society. SNJ200

Want to help / Understanding
Sympathy and understanding. HMDSN4
I feel sorry for them, and wish I could make life easier for them. HM20
Need help. DSN32
Very sad for them and would help if I could. A33
They all need love and support of their families and friends. DSN33
They should be given supportive treatment when they need it and encouraged to live as fully and independently as they can. DSN88
Sad, always be helpful if needed. DSN121
Concern and love. DSN130
Complete sympathy, hope a cure will be soon. All141
They are people who need specific support related to this virus and all its consequences. A273
Please raise recognition about this disease, and be strong to live. AJ9
Early finding and treatment. I would like to assist their daily life. HMJ14
I feel compassion, and I will help them if there is something to be useful. DSNJ16
I'm sorry, and I could help them to be able to be cured well by development of medical science. HMJ21
Though they may be painful, I hope they can spend a meaningful life, and make an effort to ease the attitudes toward AIDS patients for future AIDS patients. AJ25
Hold on to life. AJ29
We have to think about how we should contact AIDS patients much more. AJ39
I would like to regard them as familiarly as another patients. AJ43
It is important to have knowledge about AIDS to contact with patients. AJ45
A search for the route. An infected person themselves should recognize AIDS, and be treated and live reasonably. And the people who are around them should cope with them without fear. AJ48
It's pity. I would like to support them mentally. HMJ49
They need someone who supports them mentally. DJ49
Social measures for protection are needed. SJ49
They need not to try to think seriously. NJ49
I hope for them to hold on. It is not the disease which they want to get. HMJ51
Serious people might get it. NJ110
Something which made a patient fall into this disease is bad. Because they have not wanted to get it. DNJ283

Support. DSN117
Helping. M148
Love and concern. DSN300
Want to cure. (because I'm study in' psychology now.) DSNJ36
I would like to research and develop a measure. MJ105
I would like to help them if there is anything that I can do. HMAJ300
I'd like to contact with them naturally and help them if it is needed. AJ246
Want to help them. NJ95
I'd like to show them a brighter world. DJ125
I'd like to be a person who they can consult with to live peacefully. SNJ125

Happy for therapy
I feel sorry for them, and wish there was a cure for it. And hope there life can be made more comfy. A20
Sorry for the - hope they can be treated. My opinion does not alter on people because of illness. DSN20 (+13)
Feel at ease. Pleased that modern medical treatments have eased their suffering and improved their quality of life. HM29
A feeling of sorrow and a wish that something could be done for them. DSN135
Feel sometimes uncomfortable, also pity they cannot be helped by drugs and therapy, potentially helped enormously through prayer and faith and love extended to them. DSN154
That in medication it can be controlled and then no signs need be seen. DSN155
It should be solved how to treat a patient and heredity. HMJ1
I am sorry. I hope treatment and preventive medicine could be established. AJ1
Their families should cure them with support because it is a problem of their mind. DJ2
I hope they can completely recover earlier. I hope they have treatment or a medicine to cure the disease. MJ4
A medical specialist. SJ6
I would like them to have a suitable treatment and for people around them to watch them kindly. DSNJ7
I hope they could be cured by some treatment. MJ9
Positive treatment and daily consideration by the people around them. DSJ9
It is important to contact them normally, and to guide them to a brighter direction. DJ12
I hope they follow doctor's advice and they will make an effort to get better earlier. SNJ12
They should have a restful time and live with nature. DSNJ15
The government should actively support them (financially and morally). HMJ17
They had better have their worries earlier and have doctor's advice. I feel sympathy. DSNJ17
To discover a cure earlier. That's the best thing. AJ20
I would like to them to be in a normal mental condition by making sure of the causes and having early treatment. DSNJ20
I hope they could have treatment earlier and recover. DSNJ22
I hope that the possibility of people being born with such diseases will be decreased, and they, the people who have these diseases could live stronger. HMJ25
Welfare should be enriched for having treatment at home with relief. MJ26
I have got to know by TV and books. I always think they could be kindly watched aver in better facilities and nursing care, by governmental measures. The government must spend more money for it. HMJ38
I hope they could be cured earlier by finding the cure. HJ41
Most of them may die around twenty years old, then I hope they would join volunteer activity, and learn about social life more and about a life worth living. MJ41
I hope they could recover earlier by following a counsellor's advice. NJ41
To change their environment. NJ45
To contact with them cheerfully. They had better to be treated early by a medical specialist to solve what made them have such diseases. DSNJ48
Treatment and training in a facility. MJ54
I feel pity. I think they should be earnest about their meals and health. Even if they are infected, it could be cured. There are many people who completely recover, then I hope they will know the way soon and become healthy. There are too many people who don't know how to treat it. AJ255
Some people may fall into these diseases due to the social system of Japan, such as human relations and mental basis, so these should be improved. A system is needed which allows them to cure their diseases with perseverence. In Japan, the idea about human rights is behind the times. DSNJ298

People are the same
I consider the person - not the disease. HM9
Same as I do toward anyone else. HM10
Same as anyone else, provided they are being responsible about it. A10
The are the same as me except their downs are worse than mine. D17
Same as towards everyone else. HM22
No negative feelings towards them. HM24; Fine. DSN24
No different to other - normal. HM26
O.K.; HM30; HMA31; DSN139; DSN166
Fine. DS30
No problem. H34
Same as other people. HM35
Human beings like the rest of us. DSN160
No different from anyone suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. DSN271
How do you feel about the weather? DSN328
It's better to contact with them normally and worry is not needed. AJ10
Recently we can have many information about AIDS, and I have got to know that we don't need to deal with them specially. Then I regard them the same as other patients. AJ13
Though I think there is not much point today's psychiatry classification, and it may be only a hypothesis, it's better to have treatment earlier if the person themselves and the people around them are in trouble, anyway. I think they are just patients after all. DSNJ26
We should keep general company. AJ27
We should not regard them as special. We should make an effort to learn about it to be an understanding person. AJ38
I'd like them to live as normal as they can. HMJ43
We should contact with them as equals, without discrimination, because there are no differences between them and us as a human. AJ49
I feel sorry. But there are many people who shoulder trouble in this world. I would like to contact them the as same as others, as a therapist and also as a human being. AJ241
Though I don't know because they are not familiar for me, I might take a refusing posture. But I have been able to think of them as the same as other patients because I heard details of it in a class. AJ334

Can happen to anyone / unlucky
It can happen to anyone at any time so don't judge them. There should be more research on mental depression. D19 (+happy about therapy)
Their hard luck. HM21
Sorry and lucky. HM23
Sorry because now anyone can get it through blood transfusions and they can do nothing about it. A30
Hospitals should actively receive and treat such people. I am sorry they are discriminated, though, I don't think they are especially different from me because I might get it someday. AJ26
I am lucky I don't have it. It may be a bitter way of saying, but I think it's a real feeling as a human. HMJ36
I don't want to get it. AJ36
I might get it when I work too hard and suffer from stress. DSNJ61
In daily life, I don't care that they are near me, though, I don't want my souse or family to be like that. AJ96
I'm not so serious because there are less patients than in America and other countries, but recently I've got to think it's a familiar disease by TV and so on. AJ252
Everyone are apt to be so. DJ92
I feel it's familiar because I have often thought I might become depressed. DJ143
I don't think we can call them mental diseases because everyone can get them. DSJ204

Only great admiration for them and their families. HM88
Admiration. HM117
Learn from their courage. Admiration. M143
I admire them for their courage to stand up and face each day when on every side they're misunderstood, abused openly, or prejudiced against on the street, in the work force, or sports fields, when they apply for insurance, etc etc etc. A145
Sad that life had to be so unkind but full of admiration for the bravery that most display. M202
Is it my imagination that I see many people who are much more delightful than people who have whole limbs? HMJ3
I think it is splendid of them to try to conquer their diseases or handicaps. HMJ24
I feel marvellous about the people who try hard to live even though they know their diseases. But it still seems to be none of my business. AJ72

Confused about how to help/fix. D7
Helpless in their presence. Hard to respond or wish to respond in the presence of such gloom. D29
Sorry for them and an awful disability and poor prognosis. M34
Pity: Can't always treat these disease by application of drug, etc. therapy and the like; Since these diseases may be of genetic origin. DSN133
Sorry and helpless. D134 Useless. S134 Worry because I could not help. N134
Typical modern diseases. Unavoidable. DSNJ1
Hey, don't kill yourself. NJ62
They have no choice. HMJ131
There's nothing they can do about it. HMJ159
They can do nothing when they are infected once. AJ308

Thank god I'm female. H132 I'm pleased it isn't me. M132
Problematical; both require resources currently under very restricted availability. HM133 Best left to die quietly, HIV?AIDS is not a heterosexual problem as Gay Right's Organisations would have authorities believe. A133
I feel sorry for people with genetic diseases, perhaps they should be sterilised. HM177
Normal humans classified as whatever the Dept. of Mental Health seems fit - they are labelled and used as a form of scapegoat in a society which values mental productivity to be more important than love of oneself. DSN270
We should work towards eliminating the condition. HM300
I work in this field. A lot of my friends have these symptoms. DSN10
It should be solved as a social problem to decrease their burdens by the help of the people around them. HMJ15
Blood tests must be done all the way because some problems like AIDS infection arise. HJ39
Want them to live longer. HJ56
Though I don't know what kind of disease it is, I hope they can spend their life enjoyably. MJ56
I hope AIDS patients and infected people would tell non-infected people their reason that made their body be invaded by HIV and their experience. I guess the measures of the disease could be found by doing so. AJ56
Excuse me. I didn't know both were genetic diseases. HMJ58
I believe a special medicine will be made. Anyway, I wonder why things about condoms are televised so often. AJ58
I feel sympathy. I hope it could be treated. But it is hard to judge it clearly when I think of the existence of such diseases in the human race. As a species, it might be a kind of selection system. HNJ224
I think they had better not to have a child until medicine is developed. HMJ240
I feel pity to the people who are looking after them rather then them. MJ262
I don't have a special idea, though, I will abort it if the disease becomes clear during my pregnancy. MJ283
They may have a hard time and feel pain to live. And it's becoming more familiar. But I don't want my friends, family and myself to be infected, never. AJ92
It's really a pity for the infected people via blood products. But it may be a chance to look over their life because all humans will die sooner or later. But I want to live longer. AJ98
Problems will remain. AJ197
I want to know what is the cause. NJ137
I guess the pathology of modern society produced all of them. DSNJ251
What is the cause? I hope they could rely on something great which is beyond them. NJ337

Rejection / abnormal
Bloody revulsion. A6
Don't want to come in contact with them. A7
Judgemental. A11
I don't. A15
Don't know any, but if I ever do, I'm buggered if they're gonna kiss me!! No, just kidding. A22
Squeamish. Depends on circumstances. A25
Complete sympathy, but I can't help a bit of revulsion, which I am ashamed about. M25
Temporarily abnormal? D106 Abnormal. S106 Off-normal. N106
Sympathetic but prefer to avoid unnecessary contact. MSN131
Not good. D138
Stay away from these trouble makers. S280
Try to avoid involvement through a feeling of personal incompetence. SN288
They should be isolated to a hospital. SJ2
They should be treated in a hospital. NJ2
Though it might be prejudice, I'm scared of them. I might not want to come near them. AJ51
I don't have a special opinion. But I want the person who may attack another people to be reliably isolated, because groundless murder sometimes happens. DSNJ60
I cannot feel pity easily. HMJ317
I don't want to come near them. A medicine should be developed sooner. AJ209
I don't want to be involved with them. DSNJ73

Don't understand them
On edge most of the time. DSN8
Probably feel irritated by them except their downs are worse than mine. D17
Don't like it. But feel sorry for them for you don't know what to expect from them. S19
Difficult illness to understand. DSN108
At times irritated. N148
Sympathetic and difficult to deal with. DSN286
Oscillating between compassion and irritation - this depends totally on whether affected persons are part of household, workplace e.g. or 'only' an acquaintance. DSN310
Might be tiring to deal with. SJ62
Though I won't say anything because it is a disease, I hate them because I experienced something I never want to see again. SJ87
Don't kill yourself, please. DJ277

Own fault / self help
Silly buggers. A21
If through an injection tragic, if otherwise let them take what is coming its their own doing. A200
If self-inflicted - Disdain. A181
Impatient. DSN99
Get them all to learn Transcendental Meditation. DSN113
Irritated. N287
It can be cured by themselves. It depends on their daily life and way of thinking. DJ6
Should be supported by people around you, and listen to their opinion. NJ6
Get rid of your stress and have confidence in your job. NJ9
The importance of intercourse should be more emphasized, then we should not pamper them so much. AJ12
Why did they do such infective things? AJ28
I guess the cause of these diseases is stress, then they should know how to get rid of their stress. DSNJ37
Filthy. About their way of thinking (including their sexual intercourse). AJ54
Patients should make an effort not to increase infected people anymore. AJ57
Have ability to act. DJ57
Have confidence. NJ57
They might get it for some reason. HMAJ186
I don't care about them because they asked for it (except blood products). AJ208
They are just spoiled by their weakness. NJ87
I wonder about their environments and educations. Their parents' fault I guess. DSNJ106
They should not give other people trouble. DSNJ149
If infection is caused by sex, I would blame them because they could prevent it if they were stronger. AJ157
They have no other way to cure it without their effort. DSNJ164
Except blood products, the infection by abnormal sex and prostitution is unforgivable and helpless. AJ190
Generally, these are problems of patients' mind, then, I hope they could be strong enough to keep themselves and cure diseases. DSNJ260

Depends on reason ill
Depends how they became infected.A3
Depending on how they got it. A13
Degree of revulsion if sexually acquired. Sympathetic if acquired via transfusion, or via infected (unfaithful) spouse. A14
Extremely sorry for them, especially if it has been introduced through blood transfusion. A16
Not much sympathy I'm afraid. Animal instinct predominant. A18
It depends on how it was obtained. A27
Depends on how they got it, but people around them should know. A35
Not knowing how they contracted the disease I cannot say. DSN137
They should be careful not to trouble others. AJ2
I feel pity to the people who are infected by blood transfusion. Infected people by sexual intercourse cannot be helped because it is the fruits of their actions. AJ8
I feel sorry if they are infected by blood transfusion. AJ19
Getting it by blood transfusion might be unavoidable, though, if the cause is sexual matter, that serves them right. AJ41
I guess media promotion movement to use condoms and reduce discrimination must be off the point. Speaking as a specialist, it is reasonable to have discrimination and to make an effort to avoid contact with others. There is a big ethical difference between infection by sex and the infected people due to blood products, so it is unfair to receive them as the same. AJ99

Afraid / nervous
Afraid. DS23
Wary. S26
Nervous, unsettled, and a little frightened. S29; Nervous, but fascinated. N29
Wary, but otherwise untroubled. DSN105
OK, sometimes uncomfortable, but concerned so may not approach them directly. DSN311
Probably fearful as know little About it. SN316 (D- sympathetic)
Sympathetic but slightly standoffish. A221
Though I think I am trying to understand it, I am afraid to live with them. AJ14
I don't have a good impression of them. I feel sorry for the people infected because of hemophilia. AJ17
I may be puzzled how to contact with them because I don't have correct knowledge. AJ22
If they are my neighbours, I will be cautious of them because it suddenly appears. I'd like them to pay frequent visits to a hospital even when they seem to be recovered. It could arise by fits. DSNJ51
Frankly speaking, I'll keep my distance from him if I meet him for the first time and he is introduced to me as an AIDS patient. AJ138
I cannot deny, for the life of me, my feeling that I don't want to contact with patients. The government should put a measure which could decrease the number of infected people into operation. AJ171
I think I might change my attitude toward them even if I know I may not be infected by only touching their skin. Maybe I'll keep my distance from them. AJ176
I am afraid to contact with them. AJ220
I feel hesitation going around together. AJ224
I think they may fear themselves if they know they will break apart. SJ80
Though it may be not good, I feel pity. And I'm afraid to get near them somehow. DSNJ42
I don't know how to make contact with them. SNJ158
I'll be in trouble. DSNJ238

Dangerous / risk
As long as they are not in a professional or medical position to harm anyone. A23
Fine as long as they don't purposely or carelessly infect anyone else. A24
Anxious about my own and my family's safety if/when in the company of such people, but determined not to let this deter me from greeting them in as natural and normal a way as possible. A29
Somewhat afraid but feel that they must keep positive. A32
Sympathy, and hope that they will be honest to their sexual partners. A269
I'm very scared of them because I don't know what they will do. SJ41
Dangerous. SNJ59
Annoying people. There are few pitiful reasons. AJ163
Though I feel pity, I'm somewhat worried I might be infected. AJ267
They should be careful not to be an infectious assailant. AJ284
I am fearful. DSNJ68
Straightly speaking, I'm scared. DSNJ84
Terrible. I don't know why they are not blamed for their irresponsibility and not guilty, when they commit a crime. DNJ99
I want them never to infect another people. AJ104
Don't kill somebody please. SJ277

Q26. If tests showed that you were likely to get a serious or fatal genetic disease later in life, how willing would you be to undergo therapy to have those genes corrected before symptoms appear? Why?
Q27. If you had a child with a usually fatal genetic disease, how willing would you be to have the child undergo therapy to have those genes corrected? Why? ...

V=very willing; W=somewhat willing; U=somewhat unwilling; X=very unwilling; D=don't know

Don't know
Never thought it through. 26D10
Can't answer this. I don't know how I'd feel. 26D17
I don't know how I would react if faced with life or death. 26D26
It is doubtful whether such therapy exists or is possible. 26D61
I don't know without consideration of the future with my family. 26DJ8
When I hear my child has a disease, I am afraid whether I could deal strongly with it as a parent. 27UJ20
Conflict of a generalization and personal feelings. 27DJ322
There are few data. There are few opportunities to see. 26DJ330
However it is essentially the same as my case, I don't have confidence in myself whether I can calmly deal with my child the same as myself. 27UJ99
I don't know until I am in such a situation. I might want to take the therapy if there is no other way. 27UJ108
Because I want to ask my spouse and my family. 26DJ109
I cannot answer by only this information. 26,27DJ154
I cannot understand why. 26,27VJ163
I feel like taking it to be healthy, however, I am afraid also because it may be against God's will. But when I think of my children, I might have them take the therapy because I am sorry for them and I have responsibility as their parent. 26,27DJ165
Because I could be happy in any case. 26DJS169
Since I don't know what kind of treatment it is. 26DJS241
As a negative answer for lack of any concrete assumption. 26,27DJS257
This is a difficult problem. 26DJS272
Since somehow I cannot imagine. 26UJS284
Because I don't know all the possibilities of other problems even if it is cured. 26,27DJS329
As I don't know well. 26,27UJS339
I have not been able to understand what the parents who have a child are thinking about. 27DJS361
I cannot answer such an assumptive question. 26,27DJS366
Because I don't have a child. 27DJS392
Because I want neither to take gene therapy nor to go on to die. 26DJS399
I have doubts about the results. R

Save life
Endeavour to save life or make the child more comfortable.27V1
To prolong my life! 26V6
Mother instinct to try anything for her child. 27V10
Selfish. 26,27V11
Better sorted out. 26V18
If I could help prevent them I will for I've got too much to lose for my children need me. And there's so much to do in life. 26V19
If there was no immediate risk, its better to stop a problem before it starts. 26W20
Stands to reason, for child's sake. 27V21
There's no point giving up: I would want the best chance at living I could get. 26,27V22
To possibly prevent future illness. 26V24
Basic survival instinct. 26W25; Would step over all principles to save my child. 27V25
Initially "4", but when faced with my own child's death? 27D26
You would have to. 27W27
I would want to do as much as I can for my children. 27V32
To give a child a chance of a long life. 27V33
If treatment was available why not have it? 26,27V34
I cannot leave it to my humanity. 27DJ1
Even if the treatment has little hope, we should take the treatment as a child's parents. 27VJ9, 27VJ132, 27VJ159
For myself and for my family, so I guess it is natural. 26VJ10+9, 26VJ158+9
As a parent, there may be no parents who will not make their child take it if the child is between life and death. 27VJ10, 27WJ107, 27VJ161
I want to do so at any cost. There is no reason to to. 27VJ11
If I can become healthier. 26WJ14, 26VJ134
If it is a fatal thing, I might take the treatment to live. 26,27WJ21
If it is possible to be cured, I want to cure it by my best effort. 26VJ25, 27VJ158
I want them to be cured and to make them have a healthy body. 27VJ25, 27VJ146
I want to have a long life. 26VJ27
I want them to live longer. 27VJ27, 27VJ105, 27VJ157, 27WJ176, 27VJ184, 27VJ189
If it is good for a child. 27WJ30, 27VJ106
I want them to be healthy. 27VJ33, 27VJ102, 27VJ134
Because of the great influence on not only myself, but on my children. 26VJ38, 26WJ181
Because I want to bet it if there are a little possibility to recover. 26WJ39, 26VJ171
Because I want to live longer if possible. 26VJ41, 26VJ105, 26VJ132, 26VJ133, 26VJ161, 26VJ184
To hope for a more normal state by parents responsibility. 27VJ45
I want to take the treatment to correct genes and to prevent the disease. 26VJ48
I want them to take the therapy to correct it, to prevent the disease and to be healthy. 27VJ48
Human life is the best thing. 26,27UJ50
Because I feel the disease can be treated. 26VJ56
My children. I cannot replace them with anything. 27VJ58, 27VJ133
If it's curable by medical science. 27VJ61
Because I want to save the life of my child. 27WJ67, 27VJ104, 27WJ155, 27VJ170
I want to do so if it is cured. 26,27VJ72, 26WJ83, 26VJ93, 26VJ146
I want them to be healthy. 27VJ73, 27VJ93
To think of the child's future. 27WJ79, 27WJ111, 27VJ117, 27VJ118, 27WJ120, 27VJ179, 27VJ187
Because I want to live out my natural life span/my journey's end. 26VJ104
Because it is human to do the best to live. 26,27VJ317
I, myself am important. 26VJ318, 26VJ116, 26VJ118
My child is important. 27VJ318
I don't want to die, and I have many things that I want to do. 26VJ319, 26WJ138
It is natural as parents. 27VJ319
That's the way of parents. 27VJ320
I cannot bear that my child would live with fear of death in the future. 27VJ321
I expect recovery. 27VJ325
I felt I wanted to help. Of course, I would like to judge it by considering the success percentage and risk, and listening to the opinion of those around. 27VJ109
The happiness of mine and my family is more important than the future of the human race. I cannot be such a good-natured person. 27VJ115
Not to have a heavy burden to people who are around, like family. 26VJ117, 26WJ120
When I become so, my life itself will claim to continue life and will disprove everything. 26,27126
Earlier therapy. 26,27VJ148
It is better for both themselves and people who relate with them. 26,27WJ153, 26WJ168
Because our life doesn't have the next world. 26VJ159
When you think widely, even if it is not favorable, that is natural to become so when individuals and love get involved. 27WJ168
Because there is possibility that it may be passed down to my child in the future, and I don't want to die. 26VJ170 (+improving genes)
I cannot understand the meaning of the question. There must be no parent who doesn't want to treat a fatal disease of their child, except those who believe in a peculiar religion. Many parents may be at a loss when to answer to this question. 27VJ171
When disease happens, it may be cured completely even if you treat it. 26WJ185
Because I don't want to die yet. 26VJ60
Because I don't like to just stay without doing anything. 26WJ144
If it is curable. 26WJ6, 26,27VJ131, 26VJ137
We should take it and treat it no matter what. 27WJ6
However the result is unclear, I guess we should believe in the possibility and treat it. 26VJ9, 27VJ137
I guess anybody will want to cure it if it is possible. 26VJ11
I regard it as equal to other diseases and treatments. 27WJ13
It is natural to think to do so if there is possibility the disease is curable. 26VJ321, 26,27VJ112
I take the treatment to correct and believe in a good result. 26WJ22
To believe recovery to take the treatment of correcting genes. 27WJ22, 27VJ172
Of course we will take it if the treatment of the disease are established. 26,27WJ89, 26WJ125, 26,27VJ192
It is better if the disease may be cured. 27VJ47
You don't need to leave it as it is. 27VJ83
If it is possible to cure it, I may take. 26,27WJ75, 26,27WJ130
Because I want them to choose better choices if there is a possibility. 27VJ98
You had better to wait a result by today's medicine. 27VJ180
Want to cure. 27VJS4
Since I want to cure bad parts. 26VJS5
I cannot just be looking at the people who have a disease helplessly. 27VJS6
Since I think it is an instinct to want to be helped without reasons if the death is faced immediately. Also, since it is parental love to want to help the life of their child above anything else. 26,27VJS8
It is better to have treatment rather than going to die. 26,27VJS13
If there's a possibility to live. But I'm afraid of an influence to a child in the case they are unmarried. 26,27WJS19
Why not. 26,27VJS28
I want to spend a healthy life, and I hope my child can do so, too. 26,27VJS43
Better than doing nothing. 27VJS61
I don't want to get a fatal genetic disease. 26VJS66
It is cheaper to be cured by it. 27VJS71
I want to keep my life longer while I can do more and work with my will. 26VJS82
Death is the end.Though the quality of life is important, to be living is the major premise. 27VJS82
Don't do another a favour which you don't do yourself. 27VJS87
Since my life is more important than my gene. 26VJS96
I don't want to die. 26WJS101
It is a burden that the condition of health will violently change. 26VJS103
The feeling that I don't want to fall ill is my first priority. 26,27VJS164
Prevention ( in a certain sense). 26,27VJS242
Since it is one of the cures. 26,27VJS320
Because I don't like a fatal genetic disease. 26VJS367
That goes without thinking. 27VJS376
Though it is just a possibility, it should be cured earlier if it is known to become painful in the future. 26WJS109
Because I WANT TO TRY. 26WJS307
If it happens to me, I want to choose the treatment as the power of an individual. 26VJS9
To improve health and efficiency. R
Good option for child. R
For healthy life of child. R
I want to see my child healthy. R
I want to have stable plans for my future life. R
It is a chance. R
I trust gene therapy. R
Health is most important. R
I believe in miracles. R

Saves family
I don't want to see my kids go through life with pain and not knowing when or what's going to happen to my kid latter on in life. Or whether my kid will live through life. 27V19 (+save live)
So I won't be a burden on anyone. 26V23
If it would help I would - I have a young family that I feel responsible for and I would feel I'd let them down if I didn't try. 26V96
I have a family. 26W155
To live a full life, ease the burden on care giver. 26V193 (+ quality of life)
I would take what help is available - so that I am not a bother to other people. 26V165 (+ save life)
I love my daughter and could not live without her. 27W189 (+ save life)
Don't want to be a burden. 26V313
Because I may give the people around me trouble and I may be in a fix, when I get the disease. 26VJ2
People around me may have trouble and I don't want them to do so.26,27VJ149
If I may cause the people around me trouble, I may take it. 26WJ87
Because we have the right to give birth to babies. 26VJ29
Because it gives my family trouble. 26WJ65, 26VJ95

Improve quality of life
To enjoy life as best as possible.26V1
Quality of life. 26,27X2
Must improve quality of life in later years. 26,27V3
To lead an active life. 26V4
Better life style. 27V4
For their quality of life. 27V6
It would depend on the quality of life it could offer and its affordability. 17D9 (+depends on situation)
To help your quality of life and those close to you. 26U16; Hopefully to improve your quality of life. 27U16
They have such a lot of life to live if therapy could enhance their future then why not. 27V17
So the child can have a normal life. 27V23
So I could live a good and fulfilled life. 26V30; So they could have a good life. 27V30
I want to have a reasonable quality of life. 26V70 I would also want my child to have a reasonable quality of life. 27V70
To give the child every opportunity to live a full and natural life. 27V193
Would hopefully give the child a chance to happiness. 27V221
Quality of life is paramount. 26V238
Because I want them to spend a healthy better life. 27VJ16, 27VJ95
Because I want my children to be happy. 27VJ40
I don't mind if I'm dying, but I don't like to be in pain. 26WJ320
Because it is important to be healthy. 26VJ16
I want to take it by all means if I can recover by the treatment. Most important thing for humans is health. 26VJ51
I think it is better to take it rather than be in pain, if the result of correcting gives a higher percentage in a better way. 26WJ194
However it depends on the child's age and circumstances, it is better to take it rather than spend life with worry and trouble. 27WJ194
Because I want them to spend a happy life. 27VJ2
To make a normal human life. 27VJ28
Because I hope them to live like a normal child. 27VJ41
I want my child to be same as a normal person who doesn't have a disease. 27VJ42 (+save life)
Because I hope my child to spend a happy life. Parents cannot take care of them all their lives. 27VJ51
Because I want my child to spend an ordinary, normal life. 27VJ54, 27VJ136
Because I hope they enjoy their life, once they are given life. 27VJ56
For a cheerful and enjoyable life. 26VJ57, 26VJ187
To spend a better life. 27VJ57
Because it is happier for children, I guess. 27VJ60, 27VJ66, 27VJ177
I hope they decrease their worry by it. 27VJ65
It is not worth living. 26WJ28
Because I want to live satisfactory like today with everybody. 27WJ14
Now in Japan, it is rather hard for weak people to live. And social security has not been prepared yet. I want to spend my life more normal if possible because the life is only one time. 26,27VJ149
I want them to be released from anxiety in society from genetic disease. 27WJ183
To spend a better life. Not to cause trouble in society. 26W/27VJ188
Even if there is harm, I want to take it if it remains only in me. 26WJS1
I'd like to nip such anxiety in the bud even if it's only a little. 26WJS29
It's good for improvement of life and for mentality. 26WJS71
To avoid the fear that we cannot say when the disease will appear. 26VJS81
To have hope for future life. 26WJS89
Because it's better to take treatment rather than to be in fear of getting a genetic disease. 26WJS121
Since we have the right to the pursuit of a better life. 26,27VJS283
Since I hope they will make a normal life. 27VJS41
Since I think it is better for the life of the child to treat it rather than being a genetic disease. 27VJS79
For the children's happiness. 27VJS94
It's good for the person if she/he can live a happy social life. 26VJS132
Because I may want to keep the present life, if it has a high chance of fatality. 26,27WJS189
Because I hope my child will grow up the same as other children. 27VJS287
I want normal old age. R

Depends on situation
Depends on the situation. 26D7
It would depend on type of disease, cost of treatment, my age, and responsibility to others. 26D9
Had no family myself. 27D18
Because I am now later in life. 26D67
Personally involved. 26W27
I am 85 and ready to go when my time is up. 26D102 Depends on the treatment and what the result would be. 27D102
I know what I feel morally but may change my mind if I needed help. 26,27D326
Would depend on the intensity of treatment. 26,27W327
It would depend on the pros and cons, including cost, chance, risks, etc. 26,27D328
In my case, I regard it is not needed to be treated because of my age. 26UJ54, 26XJ189
Considering my remaining days. 26WJ79
We also have a possibility to die by accidents. When I clearly see my future, I will change my attitude to live with all my strength of my own, and I will live a full life, people will wonder "Is he really a patient?". 26UJ98
I cannot understand the meaning of correcting genes very much (what is done and what result actually happens) , though, personally I would like to live facing my life as long as my body has a life. About my child, I may think of it if it can be treated, however. 26X,27DJ101
I don't care about my age because I have a child already. 26WJ115+16
I may consider it even if there is a little possibility. 26,27WJ75, 26,27WJ130
It is important to judge whether it is genuine or not. 26WJ180
I want them to take it if it is no danger to their life. 27WJ8
Respecting my child's will. 27WJ38, 27UJ69, 27VJ125
It depends on my child's feeling. 27DJ43, 27WJ100, 27DJ178
It depends on the state after the therapy. I don't like to become completely another person by gene manipulation. 26DJ69
I make my child decide. 27DJ87, 27DJ138, 27DJ181, 27DJ186
I, myself want the best measure the present situation. If the success rates is 100%, I will do. 26UJ106
It depends on what kind of genetic disease. Because it relates to whether I cause people trouble or if I am only in pain. 27DJ107 (+ saves family)
Is it possible to correct and to recover completely? 26,27DJ121
I would take it if it is possible to correct by medical technology at that time. I want to live longer. Anyway, this problem is related to understanding about life of each person, and it depends on their age and condition. 26VJ136
If I explain it to my child, and she/he hopes to take such therapy. 27WJ144
In my case, heredity is not my business because I have no child. It is not sure whether the therapy is safe and reliable. (It is better not to have a child.) 26XJ151+6
Such a treatment has not been established yet. 27UJ151
Because it has just higher possibility, not conclusively. I am not sure if the possibility is 100% and the therapy is safe , though. 26UJ156+6
Is such a way found, which can correct a gene? 26VJ160
It depends on the feeling at the time. 26DJ178
Child's mind is important. 27WJS1
I really want to take it if I will never get it anymore and I will have no after effects. 26,27WJS2+6
Since I entrust it to the will of my child. 27WJS5
If it can be cured completely, I may take it. But if not, I'll wait for my life span. 26WJS9
I would take it if it's easy treatment, but if it's painful and dangerous, I will not believe the result of the test. 26UJS11+6
It depends on the way of cure and whether it's a trustworthy cure. 27DJS11
I might take it if it's at any rate, though, if it doesn't have a cure, the people around them should make an effort to live happier in their short life. 27WJS51
I entrust it to my child's mind. In the case my child cannot judge it, I will have them take it. It could be cured and might be useful for future research. 27WJS88
If I can take it, I'll do so, but I don't feel like insisting to cure it. 26WJS168
It might depend on what kind of disease it is, and my position at the time. 26DJS191
Well, about my child. It's OK to change it partly, though, I don't want to change reproductive cells. 27DJS313
I would think of it if I give the people around me a lot of trouble, but if not, I don't feel like doing so. 26DJS412
I will decide how the condition of the disease is at that time. 26,27DJS435
It depends on risk level. R
Only if there is a danger of death. R
Improve genes
I like living, but wouldn't want to pass on genetic disease. 26V226
To live longer and not to pass it on to offspring. 26SW279 (+10)
Because of inheritance. 26V182
I don't care if it is only my problem, however, I want to avoid a defect down to my child. 26,27VJ68
If it may be completely cured. 27WJ71, 27VJ116
Because it is mentally unbearable to have such a gene which we cannot know when brings death. 26VJ157
Because I want to end the genetic disease in my generation if possible. 26VJ179
I cannot bear to hand a bad gene down to my descendant and to have trouble them. 26WJ183
By thinking about my descendants. 26VJ42, 26,27VJ182 (+ save life)
For the peace of my descendants. 26VJ66
I don't like to effect it to my descendants. 26VJ73
Not to increase such a disease. 26W, 27VJ169
Because bad genes should be removed. 26,27VJS45+17
Since I think being able to do such a thing is just the progress of science. 26,27VJS3
Because I feel responsibility since genetic diseases are because of parents' gene. But I don't want them to take it if it's dangerous. 27WJS9+16
For health genetic data of my child. R

Other benefit
I would rely much more on the power of the Lord Jesus in prayer. 26W154
Because it may save someone else. 27V182
Confidence in medical research. 27V238
It may help future cases. 26V264
Help advance scientific knowledge for future sufferers. 26W324 As above, and at least there is hope. 27W324
Taking the test means they want to rectify it, then it's natural to cure it if they know it. But I don't think it's good to develop such a test. 26VJS6 (+other)
Since I'm going to be a scientist, I want to commit my destiny to science. 26VJS49
Because I don't have confidence to deal with it when I know I'm going to get a genetic disease. 26VJS84
It might fail, though, we will die anyhow and the treatment method may be researched progressively one after another if there are others who have the same disease. 26VJS88
Because even if it is hopeless, we'll be none the worse off. 27VJS100
I guess there's a duty to have a try at least once. 27VJS102
If it will be high technology gene therapy. R
I am curious about the results. R

Waste of money. 26,27U31
Get it fixed now before becoming a burden on family or society. 26,27V118
Misuse possible
The thin edge of the wedge. Play on personal preservation notion as a persuasive argument in favour of unleashing 'Pandorra's Box'... 26,27X29
Because humans may make mistakes in the usage. 27DJ62

Fear of unknown, potential for where this type of treatment might lead. 26,27U273
Danger of unforeseen consequences to human race. 26,27U290
Because a bad gene is needed from the viewpoint of the species. 26UJ322

Playing God / Interfering with Nature
When your numbers up - it's up. We all die of something. 26X68
Nature put it there so nature can take it away. 26X79
I am 85 and ready to go when my time is up. 26D102
We all have to take our chances in life - no one is perfect. 26U179
I am wondering whether mere human beings might fumble with the genes of living things. 26D62
Whether it is a gene or a body, an important thing is that it is temporarily left in my keeping until the day my life comes to an end. However I want to take good care of it. I don't want to make it more or less than it is. 26UJ3
I cannot find a reason to live longer by doing such a thing. 26UJ15
I do not want to touch myself. 26UJ24
Because I suppose it may be my destiny. 26UJ40
Because it is me, too. 26UJ43
I think it is destiny. 26XJ70
Because there is no difference to dying. 26,27XJ74
I guess it is my life. 26,27XJ84
Because I will consider it when I get sick. 26UJ100
Because it is against nature. 26UI108
Though I don't know because it is not realistic for me, I want to be as I am. 26UJ111
Even if it is fatal, we should take it as our destiny I believe, and I don't think we should not touch genes yet. But I don't have confidence to take it obediently yet. 26,27DJ80
Because I think that genes should not be touched. 26XJS7
I don't want to touch genes. 27UJS10
I don't want to correct genes which were inherited from my parents. 26XJS14
I want to be contact with what I was given at birth. 26XJS65
Basically, I don't want to have such a cure which is surgical, or changes my structure. 26UJS129
Since I feel I'm going to be another person. 26DJS140
Because it may be artificial manufacturing of possibility. 27DJS140
Because I want to live within my natural life span if euthanasia is possible. 26XJS197
Humans will die someday. 26UJS198
I will take it if there's little risk. But such genes should be naturally selected. 26U,27WJS335
It is a very difficult solution with a feeling of fault, even if the results are good. R
My life and health depends on God's will. R

If treatment involved any animal or plant modifications to my baby I would be most unwilling - humans (already dead or voluntarily donors) would be OK. 26U, 27W85
Because it may be against the ethics of life. 26,27UJ143
I feel unwilling ethically. 26UJS302
When I ethically think of it, I don't like to correct genes, though, we cannot take such a resolve attitude for an emotional problem. 26,27DJS400+20
Because I feel resistance against gene manipulation. 26,27DJS424
Though I cannot declare whether it is right or not ethically, I would like to cure the disease. 26,27VJS429

Health bad / risk of side effects
If there were minimal risks. 27V7
Short term relief (therapy) may trigger complications. 26,27U14
Side effects. 26U15
If my child was not in pain and there was no increased risk to her health. 27W20
As long as no harm worse than what the disease could be, affects the child while undergoing therapy. 27W24
Too many variables to make decision at this stage without more info. 26D32
Fear of the unknown and have had a good life. 26U33 (+ depends)
Experimental U191
Though I don't spare my cooperation as possible, the safety to next generation could not be guarantied. 27UJ15
Effects are unclear in the future. 26,27DJ19
I am worrying whether physical strength and mentality could be kept. 26UJ20
Because I wonder that there may be risk to be treated. 26,27UJ26
Although I want to take it if it makes me live longer, I worry that my character might be broken by the treatment. 26,27DJ49+10
Because I am not sure of the details of the treatment and the risks. 26,27DJ64
Because I don't know whether it is successful and side effects may happen. 26,27UJ139
I am afraid whether it will really succeed, and I may be puzzled about it so I had better to accept it as it is. 27UJ156+3
It is good if only the disease can be really cured by playing with the gene, but I'm worried other parts might get a bad influences. 26UJS39
There's no guarantee to recover completely. Another abnormality might happened. 26,27DJS42
I am anxious about it because it is not a perfected treatment. 26,27UJS53
Though I have a strong feeling to cure a genetic disease, it is unknown how the gene after modification will be like. 26WJS74
Because I am afraid of complications by gene manipulation. 26,27UJS110
Because I think I may be subject to immeasurable risk. 26UJS118
Since I feel fear. 27XJS118
Because there are different degrees of risk at the treatment. 26,27DJS157
Because I don't know whether it is technologically safe or not. 26DJS181
Since I may be in trouble if it fails. 26,27XJS228
I cannot trust it. 26UJS10
Since I don't know any successful cases, I am worried it might bring an awkward result. 26UJS18
uncertainty of gene therapy. 26,27UJS116
I don't want my child to be used as a guinea pig. 27DJS345
Gene therapy has unknown consequences. R
Gene therapy is still very young. R

Other harm
I do not have absolute faith in the medical profession. 26U59
However I cannot say anything because it has not been discovered now, basically, as I wrote before, I don't think it is good to force something which doesn't have ability to survive, manipulate it to exist. 26XJ99
Because I don't absolutely believe in the present medicine. 26,27UJ141
One problem is risk. Another one is that it may not be only disadvantage, such as sickle red blood cell has resistance to malaria in Africa. 26,27UJ164
Somehow. 26UJ176
Since I will give up. 26UJS4
We need to spend our limited life significantly. 26,27UJS23
Because it's my body. 26UJS68
Because of my child. 27UJS68
It's not always causing illness, and if it happens, I will take symptomatic treatment. 26,27XJS172
Because there's a possibility not to be taken ill. I am very afraid to play with genes. 26,27UJS209
I don't want to deny defects. 27XJS341
Because I don't think everything will be good by the therapy. 26UJS388
Because I feel UNWELL somehow. 26XJS434
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