Bioethics for the People by the People

Darryl R. J. Macer, Ph.D.
With some friends, and some of the people.
Eubios Ethics Institute 1990

Copyright1994, Darryl R. J. Macer. All commercial rights reserved. This publication may be reproduced for limited educational or academic use, however please enquire with the author.


v-iv: Preface

I. Universal Bioethics

1-12: 1. Universal bioethics: heritage and hope

Biological heritage 2
Social heritage 4
Spiritual heritage 6
Hopes and fears for universal bioethics 9
Synthesis 11

12-29: 2. A framework for universal bioethics

Autonomy 12
Justice 16
Love: to do good while avoiding harm 16
Stewardship: the value of being alive 18
Ethical limits of animal use 24
The quality of life 28
Balancing 29

30-38:3. Sustainable living and technology

Sustainable living 30
Lifestyle Change 32
Bioethical maturity 34
References 37

II. International bioethics

39-40: International Bioethics - Darryl Macer

41-45: Trends in bioethics in the United States - Michael S. Yesley

46-50: The Clinton Health Care Reform: An overview and critique - Daniel Wikler

51-56: Genetic information in the health care reform era - Paul R. Billings

57-62: Ethical principles in public health care in Scandanavia: Relativism and the cultural foundations of health care ethics - Knut Erik Tranoy

62-67: Neshama and Inochi as bases for Israeli-Japanese bioethical communication - Frank J. Leavitt

68-73: Bioethics within the Council of Europe: The protection of genetic information - Christian Byk

74-91: Scientific ethics: Response to workshops on science and ethics in New Zealand - Darryl Macer, Howard Bezar, D.Gareth Jones, Alan Kirton, & Barbara Nicholas

92-97: Bioethical dimensions of underdevelopment - Vijay Kaushik

98-124: Global bioethics and common hope - Jayapaul Azariah

98: 1. Ecology and Religion: Spirtuality mode - A keystone in ecobalance
104: 2. Eastern environmental ethics and 'conceptual resource' transfer
112: 3. Biophilosophy of the biosphere and the Darwinian paradigm

III. International Bioethics Survey

125-138: International Bioethics Survey - World View - Darryl Macer

139-145: Bioethical reasoning in New Zealand, Australia - Darryl Macer

146-150: Bioethical reasoning in Japan - Yuko Kato & Darryl Macer

151-156: Bioethical reasoning in Russia - Vijay Kaushik & Darryl Macer

157-160: Bioethical reasoning in India - Jayapaul Azariah, Hilda Azariah & Darryl Macer

161-164: Bioethical reasoning in Thailand - Peerasak Srinives, Prasert Chatwachirawong, Miho Tsuzuki & Darryl Macer

165-169: Bioethical reasoning of students in Singapore and Hong Kong - Darryl Macer, Chin Choon Ong, Maureen Boost & Tit Meng Lim

170-173: Bioethical reasoning of medical students in the Philippines - Darryl Macer & Angeles Tan Alora

174-176: Bioethics surveys and the quantification of ethics - Frank Leavitt; response: Darryl Macer

177-185: Bioethics in High Schools in New Zealand, Australia & Japan - Darryl Macer, Yukiko Asada, Shiro Akiyama & Miho Tsuzuki

IV. International Bioethics Survey Data Tables

186-187: Index to data tables and question numbers

187-205: Statistical Results Data Tables 1-10

206-215: Statistical Results Data Tables 11-27

216-241: Reasoning and examples of open comments

242-248: International Bioethics Survey Questionnaire

249-255: International Bioethics High School Education Survey Questionnaire

The following sections are not on line:
256-325: Nature - in words and pictures
326-349: Nature - in pictures
350-405: Life - in words and pictures
406-425: Life - in pictures
426-452: Teachers views of what bioethics is

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Macer, Darryl R.J. (Darryl Raymund Johnson), 1962-
Bioethics for the People by the People / Darryl R.J. Macer.
Christchurch, N.Z. : Eubios Ethics Institute, 1994.
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
ISBN 0-908897-05-7
1. Genetic engineering--Australia--Hong Kong--India--Israel--Japan--New Zealand--The Philippines--Russia--Singapore--Thailand--Public opinion. 2. Biotechnology--Australia--Hong Kong--India--Israel--Japan--New Zealand--The Philippines--Russia--Singapore--Thailand--Public opinion. 3. Genetic engineering--Australia--Hong Kong--India--Israel--Japan--New Zealand--The Philippines--Russia--Singapore--Thailand--Moral and ethical aspects. 4. Biotechnology--Australia--Hong Kong--India--Israel--Japan--New Zealand--The Philippines--Russia--Singapore--Thailand--Moral and ethical aspects. 5. Bioethics--Australia--Hong Kong--India--Israel--Japan--New Zealand--The Philippines--Russia--Singapore--Thailand--Public opinion. 6. Public opinion--Australia--Hong Kong--India--Israel--Japan--New Zealand--The Philippines--Russia--Singapore--Thailand. 7. Medical genetics--Moral and ethical aspects. 8. Environmental ethics. I. Eubios Ethics Institute. II. Title.
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Key Words: Bioethics, Biotechnology, Environmental ethics, Eugenics, Genetic Counseling, Genetic Engineering, Genetic Screening, Gene Therapy, Human Genetic Disease, Medical Ethics, Medical Genetics (Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention), Nature, Patenting of Life, Public Perceptions of Genetic Disease, Public Perceptions of Genetic Counseling, Reproductive Technology.

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