Letter from Switzerland on Animal Experimentation - Alex Mauron

- Alex Mauron, Ph.D.

Dr Alex Mauron, Fondation Louis Jeantet de Medecine, Case postale 277, CH-1211, Geneva 17, SWITZERLAND.

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter 3 (1993), 32.

For the third time in less than a decade, the Swiss people have been called to a national referendum on animal experimentation. On March 7th, they overwhelmingly refused (72.2% voting against) a proposal that would have resulted in a complete ban of all experimentation on animals. The proposed ban would have been more radical than the one that had already been repelled last year (see EEIN May 1992, p.33) since it would have outlawed any and all biomedical uses of animals, whether for research (including behavioural research), diagnosis, therapy, prevention or teaching. Political commentators interpret this resounding defeat for the "anti-vivisectionist" movement as a punishment for disregarding the support of the Swiss people for biomedical research, a support that had been democratically expressed in previous votes.
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