- Darryl Macer, Ph.D.

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter 4 (March, 1994) 15-16.

On the following page are two letters, a regular one from Kyoto, and the second part of a proposal for health care virtues by H.M. Sass. The letters are somewhat contrasting, the first asking us to refocus our attention onto big world problems as international bioethics should be by definition; and the second is an explanation of rules that appeared in the January issue, for the health professional -lay person relationship.

At the end of this issue is the list of members of the IAB Genetics Network, following the responses to Dr Michael Yesley and myself. As noted there, most people on the Newsletter list did not indicate they wanted to be on the list, if you do want to be please send your name and details on the form at the back.

Thank you to those who have paid for the Newsletter, and returned their forms for entry to the Genetics Network. If you haven't already done so, please send back the renewal form, which also asks for permission for placing your name in a list of the International Association of Bioethics Genetics Network list.

Two new books have just been published by the Eubios Ethics Institute, the English and Japanese proceedings of the Third International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui, on Intractable Neurological Disorders, Human Genome Research and Society , edited by N. Fujiki and D. Macer.

Unfortunately the third book, will be ready only in late April, due to several factors. The editorial work for the previous two took longer than estimated, and more surveys responses than expected were returned from Thailand; and another country, Hong Kong, joined the survey. The preliminary results for medical genetics questions are in papers in the Fukui Seminar proceedings, but the other questions are to await publication in the full results book. Another one will be written mainly by me, also with a variety of papers written by collaborators of the International Bioethics Survey, and other people on International Bioethics, called Bioethics For the People By the People.

I will be in New Zealand from 8th March until early April, finishing the book and collecting further material.

There were a couple of meetings of interest in the past month in Japan. On January 14 I attended a half day seminar on medical ethics in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the National Medical Center in Tokyo. One of the topics at this meeting was the urgent need for a national system for genetic counseling services in Japan. Other topics discussed were in vitro fertilisation and genetic therapy. On the 23 January a one day seminar on medical ethics was held in Tokyo organised by the Japan Association of Bioethics. The main news from Japan since the last Newsletter has been the establishment of two genetic therapy committees, see the gene therapy section. The Law to allow organ transplants from brain dead donors is going to be introduced shortly into Parliament according to its sponsors and supporters in the Liberal Democratic Party (though most parties support it). We must wait to see when...

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