Editorial: New Journal from January 1995

- Darryl Macer, Ph.D.

Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter 4 (November, 1994) 71.

This November, 1994 issue of the Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter is the last issue, but this is not the end (but is a beginning to borrow someone elses words). The January 1995 issue will be a new look Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics, offering both the existing features of the Newsletter (news and letters), and the inclusion of papers with greater peer review. The editorial board members are listed on p.84 of this issue, and they represent an additional goal of developing exchange of bioethics between Asian countries and the global community.

We hope that the other members of the Eubios network or family will actively join in this journal. Over the last 4 years this has built up to over 300 in over 70 countries of the world. I was approached by a publishing company a year ago to investigate the possibility of an Bioethics journal in English for Asia or Japan, and I though it must cover the whole of Asia. I found enthusiastic support around Asia, and the editorial board is on the back page. There are representatives from 16 countries so far, with the addition of several representatives of cooperating international associations. The desire to keep the price down, and the wish to make it reach the developing world, were factors to make me decide to launch it as an Eubios Ethics Institute publication. I also found that the circulation of the newsletter was comparable to some well known bioethics journals. The key goals are detailed on the last page, but include: Up-to-date global bioethics and biotechnology coverage; extra focus on Asian bioethics, IAB Genetics & bioethics network, Scientific responsibility

Therefore I invite you to "renew", to a new journal. There are three sets of suggested prices, which continue the policy of paying what you can to contribute to the production costs of the journal. The prices have been kept to a minimum, and for discounted we only require that you state you belong to the associated organisations. We may think of others to add. We also continue the policy that copying for personal nonprofit use is encouraged, but note that the journal will have a more fancy cover and be delivered in A4 size envelopes. If you do not return the form for renewal two things may happen. First is this will be the last issue of the Eubios Newsletter or Journal to be sent. If you think you should be getting a complimentary copy, tell me so. A few old contributors to Eubios publications will continue to get it, but we would like to hear your comments for the next issue of the journal on ways to improve the newsletter section as it becomes part of a journal. We also exchange with newsletters and journals, and a list will appear in the first issue.

In this issue of the Newsletter is a proposal by Frank Leavitt further detailing the proposed Asian Bioethics Centre. This has potential to stimulate debate about bioethics in Asia, and we hope that some debate can occur in the pages of the newsletter. We welcome ideas about further collaboration, and exchange. There is future possibility to develop a network of bioethics centres, and beyond the Israeli and Tsukuba centre, we are talking of a centre in Madras, and would welcome inclusion of other centres around Asia. However, we should stress we are all internationalists and wish for closer contacts between centres everywhere.

Recent activities included: The UNESCO Bioethics Committee meet in mid-Sept. in Paris, and we had a chance to discuss the draft guidelines and international declaration on the human genome and human genetics (See Nature 371 (1994), 369; and the Gene therapy and Genome Project sections later).

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