Buenos Aires Declaration: Biotechnology for Social and Economic Development

Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 10 (2000), 19-20.

The attendance to the International Conference on "Biotechnology and Society", held in Buenos Aires on November 16-17, 1999 and sponsored by the Unesco Bioethics Program of the University of Buenos Aires and the Biotechnology Career of the National University of Quilmes, being concerned with research, education, production and dissemination of biotechnology, agree to deliver this Declaration upon conclusion of the discussions,


1. To inform and discuss the ethic, social, environmental and economic issues related to this discipline, so that society as a whole and public authorities in particular may take decisions aimed to better achieve the goals pursued.

2. To encourage through the debate a better understanding of biotechnology improvements.

3. To focus and guide the action from the perspective and in view of the interests of the countries in the region, specially emphasising the North-South cooperation.

4. To coordinate the search for international cooperation, in particular as regards the necessary financing to carry on these proposals.

5. To promote the education and training of specialists in biotechnoly at universities and higher education academic institutions.

6. To hold conferences in several regions of the country and in neighbour countries, to improve the study and exchange of ideas on the main issues posed by biotechnology today.

7. To extend the debate to society, including public authorities, non-governmental institutions, social communicators and political parties.

8. To disseminate information related to the achievements and problems of new biotechnologies, through meetings, conferences, publications, etc.

9. To integrate the debate in production sectors related to these technologies.

10. To provide public authorities with useful information in order to take right decisions on issues related to biotechnology.

The aim of this Declaration is that biotechnology continues developing for the benefit of society as a whole.



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