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Topical list of News in Bioethics and Biotechnology
List is complete 1991 - May, 1999, in 31 topics. News from 1991-1993 are in the OLD news files, and from 1994 in the NEW files.

Page, and titles of papers

1-2 Editorial - Into the New Millennium - Darryl Macer

2-5 What ought to be done regarding health care ethics education in Japan? - Atsushi Asai, Shizuko Nagata & Tsuguya Fukui

5 Commentary on Asai: Against universalism in clinical ethics - Yeruham Frank Leavitt

6-8 Higher Education on the Pedestal of Academic Dishonesty - Dr.D.S.Sheriff, S. Omer Sheriff and M.Manopriya

8-9 Ethical issues in holistic health and healing - Dr. A. K. Tharien

10-11 Two Aspects of Brain Dead Being - Masahiro Morioka

11-13 Rights and Duties: Ethics at the End of Life in Japan - Anne J. Davis, Emiko Konishi & Takako Mitoh

13-15 How to teach about AIDS in High School Ethics Class - To think how society should be and how human beings should live - Izumi Ohtani

15 How to consider the balance between environmentalism and liberalism in the class -Kaneo Inoue

16-17 A comparative study on the values represented in Japanese primary school songs -Shoichi Kuroda

17-19 The Teaching of Bioethics & the Training of a Socially Responsible Physician - Michael Cheng-tek Tai

19-20 Buenos Aires Declaration: Biotechnology for Social and Economic Development

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Sylvia B. Nagl Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow, Bioinformatics, Bloomsbury Centre for Structural Biology, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Darwin Building, University College London, Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, UK.
Fax: +44-171 380 7193
Genetics and bioethics

Samantha Mei-che Pang, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Nursing and Health Sciences The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong, SAR, China.
Fax: +852-2364-9663
Research interest: near the end-of-life treatment decisions and health care issues in China.

Dr Michael Parker
Ethox, University of Oxford, Institute of Health Sciences, Old Road, Headington, Oxford, OX3 7LF, UK
Fax: +44-1865 226938

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Shahin
62 (A) Seleem Elawal Street, Elzeitoon, Cairo, EGYPT
Genetic technology

Prof. Huanming Yang
Institute of Genetics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Datun Road, Andingmenwai, Beijing 100101, CHINA
Human genetics

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