News in Bioethics and Biotechnology

This file ( contains links to all papers published in eubios journals and books, some other papers and books, and news.
The combined bimonthly news sections are listed topic by topic from Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics Vol 5+ (1995+) and the Eubios Ethics Institute Newsletter Vol 1-4 (1991- 1994). The number of journals reviewed in the period 1991-2005 was close to 1000. Please note that increasing numbers of journals are on-line, and so since 2006 the News updates have not been made. Also see the links list. Comments are written in text form together with recent references. In many cases a paper may be interesting in several topics but generally it is only listed in one topic. The entries are prepared by Darryl Macer for Eubios Ethics Institute. They are on-line at the Bangkok site < >

As time permits the files will be improved, but the best way to search the longer files is to make a copy and use a find command for key words. The last update of topical files was 11 May 2007.

This list also includes references to other web sites, and more information is welcome, please send to:
Editor, EJAIB,
Prof. Darryl R.J. Macer, Ph.D.,


Genetic Engineering of Plants - NEW / OLD
Genetic Engineering of Animals- NEW / / OLD
Designer Molecules- NEW / / OLD
Biotechnology & Public- NEW / / OLD
Regulation of GMOs- NEW / / OLD
Vaccines & Diseases- NEW / / OLD
Pollution remedies- NEW / / OLD
Environment- NEW / / OLD
Biodiversity- NEW / / OLD
Animal Rights- NEW / / OLD
Mind and Brain Function- NEW
Safety of rDNA products- NEW / / OLD
Food Safety and GM food- NEW
Disease Risks- NEW / / OLD
Patenting and Business- NEW / / OLD
Birth Control- NEW / / OLD
Human Embryo Status and Abortion- NEW / / OLD
Cloning and Stem Cells- NEW
Reproductive Technology- NEW / / OLD
Fetal Environment- NEW / / OLD
Genetic Disease Markers- NEW / / OLD
Genetic methods- NEW / / OLD
Genetic Privacy and DNA Fingerprinting- NEW / / OLD
Ethics & Genetic Screening- NEW / / OLD
Gene Therapy- NEW / / OLD
Human Genome Project - NEW / / OLD
General Medical Ethics- NEW / / OLD
Bioethics Education - NEW
Law & Medical Ethics- NEW / / OLD is in General Medical Ethics
Scientific Ethics- NEW / / OLD is in General Medical Ethics
Euthanasia- NEW / / OLD
Organ Transplants- NEW / / OLD
Health Costs- NEW / / OLD
Internet and E-health - NEW
The news in EJAIB can also be obtained separately for those who want a time-related news file, for example.
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Back issues of EJAIB news issues are indexed with volume and issue, e.g. May 2000 is coded EJ103new.
There are two files for each topic:
OLD news from EEIN 1-4 (1991-1994);
NEW news from EEIN 5 (January 1995) to EJAIB 14 (6) (November 2004).

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