Editorial: ABA4 and TRT8

- Darryl Macer
E-mail: asianbioethics@yahoo.co.nz
Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 12 (2002), 161.

This issue includes the draft program for the Fourth Asian Bioethics Conference (ABA4), 22-26 November, 2002, Seoul, Korea. There may still be a chance to join this exciting program of events scheduled in Seoul, and we hope that readers will be there. The hosts have managed to ensure that there will be some geographical representation from across Asia. It will be the Fourth Congress of the ABA, and the 11th conference cosponsored by ABA. In this issue the current membership list appears (p. 196-200), and please correct your name, and send corrections to the secretariat (D.M.) by 1st November in time for voting in the elections. The current constitution appeared in the July 2002 issue of EJAIB, and there will be discussion of some proposed changes at the ABA General Meeting in Seoul.

The dates for TRT8, 15-18 February, 2003, have also been decided (see p. 202). Please complete the preliminary registration form and return to D.M. There are several new faces who will appear, and we hope for may readers to also attend.

This issue has a focus on genetics, which will also be a major theme at TRT8. papers on genetic discrimination, social justice and genetics and legal protection of genetic databanks are on topical medical genetics issues. There is also a paper on GM food and how we may ask questions to study the social factors relating to the acceptance of GM food.

The paper by Barilan and response by Azariah look at the technologization of bioethics. Perhaps genetics is related to this theem, in a general sense of reductionist approaches to human understanding. A holistic approach involving all of society and our heritage is required. Can doctors function on the Internet? This question is the use of media and does not necessarily imply a technologization if what is being said is a holistic approach.

EJAIB welcomes papers, and will publish extended issues as we have throughout this year to bring more papers into global dialogue and access. Hope to meet readers at further conferences this year. Please send relevant news and new publication reprints as well so they can introduced to readers. The news section still needs some updating of recent papers, but this issue catches up with some of the topic areas.

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