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Topical list of News in Bioethics and Biotechnology
List is complete since 1991 in over 30 topics. News from 1991-1993 are in the OLD news files, and from 1994 in the NEW files.

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161 Editorial: ABA4 and TRT8 - Darryl Macer

162-4 What is Bioethics? Commentary on Harris & Sass on The Eubios Declaration, Biswas on Holistic Health Care, Yu Kam Por on Futile Medical Treatment - Frank J. Leavitt

164-7 Australian Empirical Study into Genetic Discrimination - M.F. Otlowski, S.D. Taylor, K.K. Barlow-Stewart

167-71 Genetics and Social Justice - Ann Lewis Boyd

171 Commentary on Boyd - Masahiro Morioka

171-6 Legal Aspects of Genetic Data Banking in Germany - Juergen Simon and Susanne Braun

176-81 On the technologizing and technocratic trends in bioethics - Y. Michael Barilan

181 In Search of Solutions: Commentary on Barilan - Jayapaul Azariah

182-5 What kind of questions should be asked in studying the social acceptability of food biotechnology? A Moral- economic approach - Ilkka Kauppinen

185-8 Doctors on the Internet - Legal and Practical Implications - Rajesh Sivaswamy and Jidesh Kumar

196-200 ABA Membership list as of 23 September, 2002

The following persons are listed as members to the Asian Bioethics Association, and have a right to vote in the forthcoming elections for renewal of the Board members. Those members who wish to vote and are not certain that they will attend ABA General Meeting at the IVth Asian Conference of Bioethics in Seoul (22-25 November, 2002) should indicate to the secretary that they wish to receive voting papers prior to 1 November, 2002. The previous publication of ABA lists was in July and Sept. 1997 EJAIB. The following list is updated with the Chinese membership list of 2001, and changes from other countries that have been recorded. Please inform the secretary of any corrections to this list.

Persons who want to become a member of the ABA should send their details to the secretary (since Feb. 2002), Darryl Macer, prior to 1 November, 2002 (by Email). Persons who are not registered as a member before 1 November, 2002, may not be able to vote in the elections.

Membership fees will be payable from November, 2002, at the time of renewal to EJAIB, the official journal of ABA. The level of suggested fees will be announced at that stage. Those who say they are not in the position to pay the fees will not be barred from full membership of ABA.

IAB Genetics & Bioethics Network: On-line The complete address list is updated on the Internet. Send all changes to Darryl Macer. Membership of the network is not restricted to members of IAB, but open to all. Those persons who are not paying subscription to EJAIB, or granted a waiver, however, will not receive EJAIB, the official journal of the IAB Genetics Network.

The deadline for letter submission (and news) to the next issue is 4 November, 2002.

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Current conference list

Invitation For Advice and Cooperation - A Cross-cultural Project on Health Literacy - Gesundheitsmuendigkeit

This is an Invitation for Cooperation with a two [plus one] year international interdisciplinary research project on lay health education and the promotion of lay health competence, funded by the German Research Council [DFG grant no. FOR491/1-1]

DFG has funded a major collaboration research project in CROSSCULTURAL BIOETHICS with seven sub-projects [coordinator Heiner Roetz]. Within this framework a special sub-project HEALTH LITERACY will focus on health education, health responsibility, and health care competence of the lay person [chief investigator Hans-Martin Sass]. Other sub-projects deal with bioethical issues in China, Japan, South-Korea, Buddhism, Islamic medical law, informed consent, intra-cultural differences in bioethics and cultural reflections on bioethics. Sub-projects will be interactive and coordinated.

The sub-project HEALTH LITERACY will

1) collect health care rules, action guides, recommendations, and health care principles written for the lay or addressing care for health by individuals and families in various branches of Hippocratic, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hinduist, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian and other cultures and professional traditions,

2) analyze traditional rules and principles within their historical and cultural context,

3) evaluate how far those rules and principles could or should complement rules and principles of professional conduct in contemporary physicians ethics and nursing ethics,

4) develop interactive rules or maxims and corresponding principles for trust-based lay-professional interaction in health care,

5) introduce issues of lay health competence into professional and public debate on health care and health care priorities and allocation.

Leading Questions in the HEALTH LITERACY project include: (1) What can the lay person do for his or her health and health care?- (2) Which traditional health care rules have been developed in different cultures and how to which extend have they been known to individuals and communities?- (3) Which role can or should health literacy play in modern systems of education, communication and health care?

Phase One will collect sources from the history of different cultures and medical traditions. These materials will be made accessible on the internet to advisors, participants and members of the sub-projects for information, comment and discussion. Most material will be available in English, some material also in Chinese or German.

Subsequent Phases will include workshops, evaluative papers, publications.

Please, indicate your interest and let us know, if you would like to contribute or assist us in a most fascinating project. At this time we are most interested in finding material for the soon to be established webpage. We ask for your advice on how to build the webpage and for suggestions on where to find suitable material. Also, we would be interested to know whether you would like to have access to the webpage and be informed on future activities of our project.

Prof. Dr. phil. Hans-Martin Sass <>

Dr. med. Dr. phil. Ilhan Ilkilic <>

Institut of Philosophy, Ruhr-Universitaet

D-44780 Bochum, GERMANY

European Commission has published a prior information notice for a call for tenders for five studies in different fields of ethics:

1. A study on training courses in ethics in research established in scientific faculties across Europe.

2. A study on national, international and professional training material for ethics in research

3. A study on local ethics committees for animal welfare

4. A study on codes of practice for ethics in research

5. A study for producing a European directory of local ethics


The Call for tenders will be published in the Official Journal on September 5, 2002 (deadline October 14). For further information, please contact Att: Mrs Barbara Rhode

(, Fax: (32-2) 298 46 94.

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