Editorial: Bioethics for Informed Citizens across Cultures

-Darryl Macer, Ph.D.
Director, Eubios Ethics Institute
Affiliated Professor, United Nations University
Email: asianbioethics@yahoo.co.nz

Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 14 (2004), 41.

This issue of the journal includes a range of papers from Asia with a variety of medical ethics questions, revealing the breadth of activity in different cultures on considering bioethics. I was recently told that a discussant at an international conference in Europe said that there was no bioethics activity in Asia. As evidenced by the collection of over 1000 papers on bioethics in Asia now published by Eubios in EJAIB and in conference proceedings this is far from the truth. Still more action is needed. Another step towards bioethics education is reached with the publication of a textbook which includes a wide range of authors from different countries. The 16 long chapters and 25 page by page topics in bioethics have been tested in different countries since early 2003, and trials are expanding to more countries this year.

A new book has been published by Eubios Ethics Institute, Macer, DRJ., ed., Bioethics for Informed Citizens across Cultures (160pp.) There is also an on-line version Further copies can be obtained from the Eubios Ethics Institute. For teachers involved in the Bioethics Education Project, this book is free. I can send multiple copies for trials in classes if teachers will send feedback from these trials. The textbook signals the second year of a project on bioethics education teaching, see the site We still welcome further chapters, and translation of materials are being made available as they are sent to me.

Please note that the CD/DVD and teaching resources, and the proceedings of the ABC5 conference are still under preparation for on-line, CD and printed versions. Please monitor the web site as these files will be added. Please note that it is an open project, and anyone who has teaching resources that they would like to share into this open-access resource free of copyright for teachers to download, modify for their particular class needs and culture, and share back into the common resource, is welcome to join. Many languages are desired. There is also a yahoo listserve on bioethicseducation, as well as a students discussion listserve. Please join the project, and the international bioethics education network that had its first meetings in mid-February, 2004 during ABC5/TRT9 conference.

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