Eubios Journal of Asian and International Bioethics 8 (1998), 133.

This issue of EJAIB is the last before the forthcoming World Congress of Bioethics and Tsukuba Bioethics Roundtable. The Programs of both meetings are taking shape, and are updated. This issue includes the TRT4 program, the IAB4 one is on-line and still being revised. Apologies to those who noticed that the Eubios www site was down for more than a week, it should be fixed very soon, and the conferences pages are up on an emergency server...we still have to rely on the printed page. New-comers still welcome!

I have had good response to the books Bioethics is Love of Life, and Bioethics in Asia. Also, the book, Bioethics in India is now available from the Japan office, or Jayapaul Azariah in India.

In August I spent two weeks in Israel and Turkey, with the meetings on Israel in Asian Bioethics 2, and Bioethics Seminars at Ankara University. The papers from both these meetings, in the West of Asia, will be appearing in special issues of EJAIB in the coming months. The meetings developed personal contacts with Yaman Ors and colleagues in Turkey who have in the past written in EJAIB. The Israeli meetings were further in the annual collaboration with Frank Leavitt and Jayapaul Azariah, and we were joined by Shinryo Shinagawa and Sang-yong Song, to add to the East Asian representation. We welcome others to join as we try to build up contacts. After the meetings in Japan, the next meetings will be in India from 4-17 January, 1999, basically in the South of India this time.

This issue sees the appearance of an IUBS Bioethics Survey which I invite all biologists (and those who are scientists in other specialties as well) to copy and distribute. I seek as many responses as possible as soon as possible. The survey is on the www, and please photocopy onto A3 size paper and send many comments!

There are 4 papers on the end of life, and one on the beginning of life. The papers from long-term supporters of Eubios Ethics Institute, Tanida, Asai and Daniels, make good reading and show the quality of bioethics in the Asia-Pacific region. There is also a report filling in bioethics papers from Brazil, South America separated by the pacific ocean and language, but also extending bioethics debate.

I look forward to those who can come to Japan, and it is always with regret that the ABA cannot support so many persons as we would like to come, but it will be a very diverse group and the widest range of Asian representation seen yet in an International Bioethics Congress, so hope we can all learn together.

- Darryl Macer

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